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Joshua's Muse Fae Sutherland College student Alex is entirely out of his element, thrust from his safe circle of tightly knit family and friends into a world where he feels out of place and alone, until he meets the beautiful artist Joshua, who develops a swift and overwhelming obsession for Alex. Still learning to deal with his own sexuality, Alex is confused but intrigueJoshua's Muse Fae Sutherland College student Alex is entirely out of his element, thrust from his safe circle of tightly knit family and friends into a world where he feels out of place and alone, until he meets the beautiful artist Joshua, who develops a swift and overwhelming obsession for Alex. Still learning to deal with his own sexuality, Alex is confused but intrigued by the bold man who calls Alex his muse and finds himself falling under Joshua's spell and into his arms. Alex wants true love without the sacrifice. Joshua wants his muse and everything else Alex has to offer. Can they find their balance and a lasting happiness?...

Title : Joshua's Muse
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Joshua's Muse Reviews

  • Daisiemae
    2019-05-19 21:02

    Alexandro (Alex) Manetas has lived a pretty sheltered life up until now. At 18, Alex has pretty much always done what is expected of him. Now attending College, and being out from under his parents wing, he is hoping to experience new things, and has a positive outlook for his future. He has high hopes of becoming an actor. Alex decides to meet the Drama Professor. As he is looking for him, he becomes lost on the huge campus. When he spots the building he thinks he is looking, for he peaks into one of the windows, and sees a very beautiful man painting on a canvas. It is almost love at first sight for Alex. Time seems to stop for him. He doesn't know how long he stands and admires the captivating man looking through the window. When he snaps out of admiring the young man, fear takes a hold of him and he turns away because of self doubt, inexperience and being buried deep into the closet keeps him from making himself known. Alex determines that he has found the building he is looking for. When he enters it, he stumbles a wrong room were the artist he has been admiring is at. Joshua Hadaway noticed the beautiful man watching him from outside. He is more than pleasantly surprised when the beautiful man comes into the room he is working in, looking for the drama dept. Josh immediately feels a connection with Alex. He senses Alex's nervousnesses about their instant attraction for one another, but he throws caution aside and sets out to get to know Alex and have him in his life.It is love at first sight for Alex and Josh. The intensity of their feelings and desire for one another literally jumped off of the pages. Josh is a very determined young man. He sees the inner as well at the outer beauty in Alex. Josh has more experience and is more worldly than the more sheltered Josh, but his patience and love he has for Alex makes him a very desirable hero. Alex is a very likeable hero, too. I thought he and Josh were very well written and well suited to be together. I found myself hoping that Alex would get past his fear of being outed to his friends and family and build a life with Joshua that both of them deserve. ***the epilogue was WONDERFUL in this book...I LOVED seeing how things turned for Alex and Josh***There is some emotional angst in this book, but it isn't riddled with it. It is a easy, sweet, VERY sexy story that I lost time while reading it, and I read it in one sitting. The author Fae Sutherland is becoming a must buy author for me. I really like her heroes and her writing style. I am looking forward to reading more coming from her. 4.5 stars...but I will bump it up to 5.

  • Brenda (b)
    2019-04-21 20:58

    I enjoyed this story despite having 2 complaints about how it was written. I'm all about characters and HEA (happily ever after) endings. Joshua's Muse provided both of these for me. I liked Alex and Joshua and I thought they were interesting. But here's where the 1st complaint comes in. Even though this is written in 3rd person POV, everything is from Alex's perspective. The author doesn't give any insights into Joshua's thoughts and feelings.Now for the spoiler and the second complaint, don't read anymore if you don't want to know what happened at the end. The whole story was a build up to Alex coming out to his family. And when it finally gets to the last chapter and this is going to happen, the author doesn't show that scene. Suddenly time has jumped forward to Alex and Joshua's car ride back to school. They are commenting that it could have turned out worse and there's a simplified flashback from Alex about his talk with his parents, but no major details. I did like the epilogue. It gave a nice happy future for the couple.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-04-20 20:44

    3.5*This had a bit much teen angst for me, but all in all it was a sweet story.A bit heavy on the sex and having unprotected sex early on, without any conversation was not good! I also wasn't a huge fan of Joshua pushing Alex to come out to is family so early on on their relationship.(view spoiler)[ he promised to come out to them, yes, but because Joshua really pushed and then gave him an ultimatum. I didn't really like that, but it could be because the MC's are 18 and 21.(hide spoiler)]The epilogue was super sweet!

  • Ms. Nikki
    2019-05-08 18:51

    More like a 2 1/2 starsUnprotected sex is a no go. adrienne gallagher's review just about sums it up

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-12 14:34

    In a previous book always by Fae Sutherland for Ellora's Cave, her main character was a boy whom second name could have been "Pollyanna", he was so naive and with a pink glasses perspective of the world that people avoided to wound him to not seeing him cry. One of the character of this story, Alex, is innocent and trusting like that one, but more than a Pollyanna story, this is a naughty version of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.When Alex meets Joshua, he knows that the other boy, even if only 21 years old against his 18, is way more experienced, he also wonders, the first time he finds himself in his bed, how many other innocent boy has lost their virginity in that bed. Yes, since Alex, barely 18 years old and for the first time far from home (even if "far" are only 40 miles) is meeting his fate as soon as he steps out of the safe shelter of his home; he is an easy prey for hungry wolves, and the first to spot him is Joshua. Joshua is an art student who "catches" Alex with the excuse of him being his muse and his absolute need to paint him... strange that, when Alex agrees to come into his lair, all thoughts about paintings disappear and instead Joshua begins the "hard" task to debauch the virgin... Never once in all the book Alex really models for Joshua ;-) Oh, well, it's pretty clear that it's not a paint that Joshua wants from Alex.But now don't think that Joshua is a bad guy who passes from virgin to virgin (also since it's not so easy to find one, and when you manage, it's a good idea to not let him escape...): Joshua is really gentle with Alex, and their only troubles are those little silly thing that always happen between young lovers: why hasn't he called me? should I go to look for him? Almost all the troubles arrive from Alex that is still very young, not out with his family, and a bit self-conscious with his body. Alex is not a "beautiful" man, but above all he is still not a man: he is a boy and he has still all the insecurities of that age. There is maybe a bit of yaoi here (and the author even make a note on it), with Alex playing the blushing uke, unaware of his attributes (that most of all are the fact that he is virgin), and Joshua in the role of the gentle seme... yes, yes, Alex blushes, whimpers, pleases, but well he is cute and tender like a puppy, so I can't not feel a "maternal" instinct towards him... Ahah "maternal"? well, yes, Alex is not exactly the hero that arouses my sexual fantasies, but considers that Joshua, even if a bit more experienced, it's only 21 years old, so not much more adult than Alex.There a little angst, with Alex's incapability to come clear with his family, but truth be told, it's soon resolved and the author even let us have a glimpse on Alex and Joshua's life in the future... another proof that Joshua is not interested in Alex only as his "muse".

  • adrienne
    2019-05-19 21:59

    i usually like sutherland's writing, but got so freaking caught up on this story being about 18 and 21 year old boys that i couldnt totally enjoy it... then the elder of the two essentially forcing the younger to come out to his family- after 4 months of knowing e/o? meh. wasnt totally sold on joshua- mainly b/c i couldnt tell you anything about him. and b/c he was a pushy bitch.

  • Paula Urdaneta
    2019-05-05 19:52

    Y el premio para el libro más aburrido del 2013 va para...