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Title : Jacob: A Fatherless Generation
Author :
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ISBN : 9781903725177
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 364 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Jacob: A Fatherless Generation Reviews

  • Ruth Serwaah
    2019-02-19 05:40

    In this Book, i have learn't that parents must not love or consentrate on only one of their child but they have to love all the childrens they are having. And also, we must Worship God in all our situation. because we can see that, because he He worshiped God well and also Loved God, he became sucessfull in life and all his family was under Him. The story of Jacob is so interesting anyway.

  • Adrian
    2019-02-26 06:47

    Well as I wrote it what do you expect me to say

  • Maria
    2019-03-07 09:37

    I won this book in a giveaway. I entered the giveaway because from reading the blurb this book sounded like it would be very insightful, perhaps inspirational. Unfortunately I was disappointed. Along with the book, the author kindly sent me copies of newsletters from Phoenix Community Care, a project he is associated with in North London which helps disadvantaged people in the UK and worldwide. I am very impressed by the work undertaken by Adrian Hawkes from reading the newsletters, and have admiration for him and the work he does. If I was reviewing the newsletters I would give him 5 stars, but here I am reviewing the book 'Jacob, A fatherless Generation.' I feel that the book will not achieve what the author would like it to, and that it is a missed opportunity to get an important message across. It is clear from the charitable work that Adrian Hawkes does that he is a person keen to improve our world and to inspire people to make a change in their own lives to bring about change in the world in general. Unfortunately, I feel that any young people reading the book may be put off by the condescending tone in which the book is written. At times it reads as though you are listening to a lecture by someone's dad complaining about the youth of today and how they are unwittingly building an unhappy future for themselves. There are a couple of contradictions in the book which I could not get around. Firstly, on the one hand the author is telling us that the 'post-modern' generation i.e. young people today, are only interested in the here and now and being happy and that they should be looking more to history to see how we got here, but then he later goes on to congratulate the young for living in the present rather than doing what his generation did, and missing out on being happy in the present because they were worried about the future. Also, I didn't really like the way the church is being criticised in the book. The idea is to get young people more involved in religion and in believing in Jesus and God, but he has found many things wrong with the fundamental basis of the church. I don't think we can set a good example to people as Christians where we are saying that the bible and the church as it stands is not working. I believe that the problem we face is that there are many people in today's world who are not aware of the importance of religion and faith in God, which then causes the problems. Also, he states that this 'post modern' generation are the most fatherless generation ever, not only fatherless in that they don't believe in God as the father, but that there are more one-parent families without fathers etc. and he seems to be laying the blame for their behaviour e.g. promiscuity, on them, rather than looking back and blaming generations before them who in fact led to this current 'fatherless' generation. This seems hypocritical.I read the book before I read the newsletters and didn't like it at all, but then when I read the newsletters I decided to read the book again. In doing so, I found that because I knew where the author was coming from (i.e. from reading his newsletters) I could appreciate his views. This tells me that not enough effort was put into writing the book in order to get his very important message across i.e. that every small change we make in our own lives can in some way change the world for the better. Perhaps with a rewrite, with a good editor this could become an important book and could inspire the next generation, but as it stands I'm afraid it's more likely to scare them away.

  • Louise Crowley
    2019-03-12 07:36

    Courtesy of Goodreads giveaway!When I first saw this book on the site, I was incredibly curious about what Adrian Hawkes had to say but, strangely for me, I did not have any expectations about the message the book would deliver or the way in which it would portray contemporary society. I usually know what I want out of a book before I sit down and read it but I am glad this was the exception to the rule because it left me open to the many posibilities it had to offer.I actualy really enjoyed the book and the focus on society in the UK right now. Although not a religous person, Hawkes made me examine social roles and cultural stereotypes through teachings and perspectives that had never occurred to me before. The media is so down on young people right now that it seems the world is going badly wrong. However, by searching for the good in young people and offering a litle hope for the future, Hawkes certainly gave me a sense of optimism that seems to be missing from society right now.I have read other reviews on this particular book and want to offer an explanation as to why some have not been moved by the material within the book. Many of the references are related to the culture within London and thus perhaps appeal more to people that have extensive knowledge of the city and UK culture. When you understand the fundamental meaning behind the words, the impact of the book will hit you head on.Well done Mr Hawkes! I'll certainly be reading more of your work in the future.

  • Amelia
    2019-03-04 03:38

    I loved the book. I won it in a giveaway and I couldn't read it before, for lots of personal reasons, but as soon as I started reading again, it was my first choice!It's an original story, nicely told. I definitely recommend it :)

  • Sandra
    2019-03-03 03:56

    Yay! I just won this book - thank you! Really look forward to reading it.