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Volumes I and II of The Black Book take us inside the mind of outwardly unassuming Jonah Black. Faithfully reproduced in the manner of the original diary, they comprise a no-holds-barred, darkly comic tale of one teenager's inner life. Jonah chronicles his shrouded-in-mystery return from boarding school, his reentry into a life he'd left behind, and his struggle to separatVolumes I and II of The Black Book take us inside the mind of outwardly unassuming Jonah Black. Faithfully reproduced in the manner of the original diary, they comprise a no-holds-barred, darkly comic tale of one teenager's inner life. Jonah chronicles his shrouded-in-mystery return from boarding school, his reentry into a life he'd left behind, and his struggle to separate fantasy from reality. His Proustian eye for detail and self-deprecating humor combined with the sexual appetite unique to the seventeen-year-old male make these books compulsively entertaining.Volume I details Jonah's crash-and-burn reentry into the high school society and family he left behind two years before....

Title : Girls, Girls, Girls
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Girls, Girls, Girls Reviews

  • Avery
    2019-02-17 02:07

    Personal Response: The book was amazing. My favorite parts about the book are how Jonah, the main character, goes through every day of his life. I can relate to so much of it making the book even better.Plot Summary: Jonah is a boy from Florida's own Don Shula High. When he was in 10th and 11th grade Jonah had to move to Pennsylvania and attend Mast. Academy where he then had to leave a week before the school year back to Florida to live with his mom. By doing this he missed his final German Exam and has to repeat the 11th grade at Don Shula High. Jonah not getting over the girl of his dreams, daydreams about her. Her name is Sophie and she is in every part of Jonah's day, everywhere he goes she is there. Everyone is always so worried about Jonah , thinking that he is going a little crazy. Jonah sees a shrink, but every question that the psychiatrist brings up Jonah never answers truly because he doesn't want to admit his urge of unwantedness. Jonah also finds that he is in-love with his old best friend, Posie. Jonah is also a master diver on the Don Shula High swim team. In the last chapter Jonah attempted a fatal dive, a two and a half somersault, with a double twist. Jonah's life flashed before his eyes. He has to decide if he is going to chose Sophie or Posie.Character Analysis: Jonah in the beginning of the book was a charming young man that was always looking out for other people and never himself. He had the choice to leave Mast. Academy or have someone else leave. He chose himself. At the end of the book Jonah was always looking out for himself, but not for others. He wanted Posie all to himself, but never ended up getting her in the first place. This put a hard relationship between him and his friends.Recommendation: I personally give this book 5 stars and I feel this book can fill illustrated learning and personal learning satisfaction. The book provides details that only some may feel open too. I would like to recommend this book to anyone that is brave enough to open up.

  • Kai
    2019-03-15 05:29

    This book was very enjoyable, i really liked the note book aspect of the book and the dates dotted down over the time span in the book, a very good read and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Girls, Girls, Girls (The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud) is a story about Jonah Black, whom having to move away from Masthead and leaving the love of his life, Sophie, behind is having a hard time fitting into his old school where he has to repeat 11th grade due to unlucky circumstances due to being kicked out of his school is Masthead, which lead to him moving. He meets back with his old best friend Thorne, and various others such as Posie, and his young nerdy sister. He is shocked when he is told he needs to repeat 11th grade when all of his friends are in the 12th. The story envelops into Jonah getting used to 11th grade and many female peers falling for him (hence the title Diary of a Teenage Stud) where in the end he eventually falls for one of his closest friends in the 12th grade, Posie, whom Thorne also likes and manages to take for himself which leads to a split in their relationship. He manages to get through it, and they become friends again yet the love of Jonah's life Sophie still poisons his mind, and haunts everything he does. Thorne helps him get over her and the book ends on a bad note, where Jonah is sinking to the bottom of the ocean after a surfing accident. The rest is to be unveiled in book 2!

  • Jonathan
    2019-03-14 10:31

    Following the life of Jonah Black after his expulsion from Masthead Academy, The Black Book series is a short, fun look into the mind of a teenager as he copes with school, family, and most importantly, his love life. Though his actions can be extremely frustrating at times, I ultimately enjoyed the book, and found its style a bit refreshing from the usual John Green-esque teen novel.

  • Kelsey
    2019-03-11 08:26

    I remember loving this series when I was younger!

  • Best
    2019-02-23 05:29

    After finishing this book I just continued to lie in my bed (I have a habit of reading really late at night because I can focus better) and ponder for a few minutes about my judgement. This book is written in a journal style. Jonah Black is both the author (that exists) and the fictional character who's writing the journal. I don't know if the character reflects Black himself when he was this age or what, and I really didn't care, but it occurred to me sometimes. This book is pretty hilarious. It's about this Jonah Black who's been away in a boarding school in Pennsylvania for 10th and 11th grade, and comes back to his former school in Florida because he was expelled only to find that he has to repeat 11th grade. That upsets him very much. (view spoiler)[The reason he was expelled was unknown in this book. He keeps saying he doesn't want to talk about it when asked. And people keep making up stories about it. His mom thinks he needs help, so she makes Jonah see a shrink every week. Jonah keeps seeing/describing this Sophie character. I don't know if she's real or just a figment of his teenage imagination. I think she's a real girl whom he knew in that boarding school, but after that she only exists in his imagination because he hasn't spoken to her ever since. It's like she's stuck in his head, and he misses her so much or something that he creates situations in it, or really sees her like before his eyes, but I'm not sure. Anyway.(hide spoiler)]At first I thought I wouldn't like this book much, having read a lot of books written in this journal/diary style. But I guess I like it. It's funny. I swear I've just been reading 3/4 of the book in bed without moving. I love the names his sister, Honey, calls him. I guess they strike me as hilarious because I've never heard them used in conversations before, as English isn't my native language. Seeing these words (such as phlegmball and scrotumface) used just cracked me pretty badly. However, this book doesn't answer any questions. Is Sophie real? How does he really feel about Posie? Who's Northgirl? Who yells out his name at the end of the book? Will he get to be in senior class? Nope. Unanswered. It sucks that my chance of finding out is zero, because I don't have books 2 and 3 and 4. And they're not available in any bookstores in my country. I got this book from a used bookstore for such a cheap price it's almost a steal. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have even heard of this book at all. All that being said, I think this book is quite good for its genre. If you want to turn your brain off for a while, this short book of 233 pages is your thing. But don't expect to get anything from it, 'cause in the end it'll probably leave you wondering and wanting more instead, like me right now.

  • Tiffanee
    2019-03-09 04:32

    Through a John-Green-esque book of young adult, Jonah Black struggled through reality and fantasy. After moving from Masthead Academy with his father, where he was kicked out, back to Florida with his mother and past, he was left with unsettled issues and feelings. His fantasies of his former girlfriend named Sophie leave many questions unanswered about what happened in his past to get him kicked out. Once he returns to school, he finds out he must repeat the eleventh grade when all his old friends stay up in the twelfth grade. He struggles with memories or fantasies of Sophie, unrequited love for his best friend Posie, fighting with Thorne over her. In this journal form Jonah never explains why he was expelled. He repeatedly says he doesn't want to talk about it although his mother makes him see a therapist every week. Jonah seems infatuated with this Sophie character which it is never revealed if she is real or just a figment of his sexual desires. Once Jonah accepts he is going to be in the eleventh grade, the story envelops into Jonah having all of the junior girls fall in love with him, hence the title. Although Jonah accepts his fate, he struggles with his unrequited love for Posie. Thorne also falls for Posie and manages to steal posie for himself. this causes tension in their friendship, although they struggle to get through it. The love of his life still sits in his mind and haunts everything he does. Thorne still helps him get over her although the book ends with a cliffhanger. Jonah is sinking to the bottom of the ocean after he got into a surfing accident. This book leaves me wanting to continue on the entire series since I am still hoping on finding out more about the elusive Sophie and his expulsion of private school. This book seems less like the typical young adult books and I feel like there is something darker at play here. I can't tell if Jonah is the victim of his over imaginative mind or something is actually wrong with him. The book was quite interesting and the journal form helps clarify his true feelings, although a lot was left vague and untold.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-24 07:23

    Seventeen year old Jonah is returning to his home town in Palm Beach Florida after two years at a private school in Pennsylvania. Jonah was expelled from Masthead Academy, but won't reveal the reason to his friends. He simply lets them believe the rumors going around; none of which seem to be true. But coming home creates more problems for Jonah and his senior year is not what he expected.Writing is one of his favorite past times and he has a tendency to lose himself in his work. The novel is structured as a diary, with the chapters delineated by the date and time if he writes more than once in a day. Occasionally, Jonah's writing turns from real life to that of fantasy. One moment he'll be writing about being stuck in class and then drift to a story where the teacher body-slams him for not paying attention.This novel was a little confusing with the way daydreams and reality merge and intertwine, especially in the beginning. The daydreams ebb and flow throughout the novel and although it is very obvious when he is daydreaming, Jonah strikes me as an unreliable narrator. I can't help but wonder if he's telling the truth about seemingly "normal" activities.I often found myself furrowing my eyebrows during Jonah's and his sister's (Honey) conversations. At times they feel like typical brother/sister interactions, but at other times it feels a little strange. Usually I was thinking, "I would never have a conversation like that with my brother." But I do like the various names she calls him; though strange, they are endearing.Jonah's voice occasionally strikes me as odd because some of his fantasies seem more appropriate for a bodice-ripper novel instead of the sexual fantasies of a seventeen year old boy. The other characters fit the bill of typical high schoolers, but manage to do so without falling flat. Each has his or her own distinct personality.Overall, I did like this novel. I know I've been a little nit-picky, but it was a fun read. I think I'm going to hunt down the sequel.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-24 04:33

    Of course I started reading this book because when I was introduced to the series in ninth grade honors English, I was told that this was a series for boys. That year almost every girl I knew was chomping at the bit for a chance to check out this book from our teacher and read it (we do not like being told we cannot have something because we are girls). I remember not being able to put the book down, and being disappointed when I had to wait for the second book to be made available to me when I finished this one. I enjoyed that it was from a boy's point of view, as a large portion of young adult literature features a girl narrator. It has been eight years since I read the series, so I do not remember which details went with which book, but I just bought the entire series and am going to reread them very soon. It is well worth the money to purchase, especially since it seems a lot of libraries do not have copies of this series. Although there were characters I did not like, and sometimes who I rooted for did not come through for me, it was an enjoyable series. There were some extreme situations that probably would not happen to most of us, but the decisions that Jonah made seemed to be what a normal teenage boy would do (this is merely speculation, as I am a girl). This is a definite must read!

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-28 04:21

    (really a 4.5) I am reading this book again because it is one of my favorite ya books and I loved it when I read it the first time. Hopefully I still like it the second time around!Update: Really liked it again! The narrator's voice is great. It is a teenage boy thinking about sex, but in a meaningful and sweet way. He writes this journal but it shifts from reality to daydreams and back and I loved getting lost in Jonah's fantasies. It kind of reminds me of how the Time Traveler's Wife reads, but with an adolescent boy that is not really time traveling, just dreaming, writing instead. This is one lame part with an AIM convo but it does flow with the story. Also, this is the first book of a four book series and is super short so if you don't like it, you only wasted about an hour reading a whole one. I recommended it!

  • Salsabrarian
    2019-03-19 06:04

    Jonah returns home to Pompano Beach, FL, after two years living with his father in PA. An aura of mystery surrounds his return. He was expelled from Masthead Academy for reasons that are unclear other than that a car accident and a girlfriend named Sophie are involved. Jonah himself doesn't make it clear in this first book of the series. He's back in touch with friends who have changed since he left, including his sister Honey, a genius who skipped 10th grade and is now a grade ahead of Jonah. Jonah is seeing a therapist and feeling like a social alien.

  • Katrina
    2019-03-03 09:24

    This book takes 233 pages to go nowhere and answers no questions. I could not relate to any of the characters and Black’s fantasy and reality are so intertwined that I never knew what Black was making up and what was actually happening. If this is suppose to be how a real American teenage boy thinks and acts, then I feel bad for teenage boys. I cannot believe this is the first book in a series!!! I could hardly drag myself through this book, why in the world would I CHOSE to read another one!?!?

  • TheSaint
    2019-03-11 10:20

    Jonah Black, author and main character of the series The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud, finds himself back at his old school after being away for two years, but instead of being a senior, the powers that be make him take junior year over. We know something fairly awful happened while he was living with his dad, but the clues the author gives are just enough to keep you turning the pages. It's a good thing that there are three, going on four, books in this series, because after volume one (Girls, Girls, Girls), you still won't know what to think about the elusive Sophie.

  • Caitlin Simm
    2019-03-11 10:26

    This book was an easy read but a really great read. I really liked how Jennifer Finney Boylan (BTW, She's the real author behind this writing) wrote this, because her writing is just amazing. I really hope Jonah ends up with Posie. I also liked how Posie's younger sister Caitlin was lying on her bed with her earphones on. lol

  • Abbee kenney
    2019-03-17 08:22

    I was surprised how at how good this book actually was. it really didn't have a very high rating and it was being sold in the bottom the 70 percent off pile in a used bookstore. I loved it and I can't wait to read the second one

  • Stefanie
    2019-03-09 04:15

    I read these when I was 15 and I remember really liking them.

  • Karliebug116
    2019-02-24 08:04

    It was very good, the only adult content have some references to sex but overall a good read.

  • Victoria
    2019-03-05 03:17

    Left me very confused. :-\

  • Melanie
    2019-03-05 08:16

    I love this series - it's so hilarious!

  • Janea
    2019-02-17 05:27

    was very interesting

  • Beth
    2019-03-11 06:25

    Why was Jonah kicked out and what is going on with Sophie?

  • Anna
    2019-02-21 06:06

    Over all pretty good book

  • Brittanie
    2019-02-23 05:14

    A quick, interesting teen read.

  • Heather
    2019-03-12 02:24

    this book wasn't what i thought (hoped) it would be. i'm clearly not its target audience. but you do dumb things when you're bored and in the hospital.

  • a408life
    2019-03-01 08:12

    Still good the third time around

  • Amy
    2019-03-09 04:11

    One of the reasons I love this website! I adored these books in early high school and completely forgot they existed. Oh, how fun it is to reminisce...

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-13 08:08

    A decent young adult series.

  • Sara
    2019-03-07 06:32

    I liked this book but i didnt get who shopie was but i think i will learn in the next book .

  • Miles F
    2019-03-05 02:28

    Read the whole series when I was growing up, definitely recommend it to any teenage guys!