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A brilliant, obsessive mind is the heart of Sebastian Seaver’s genius. It might also be the thing that costs him everything he’s created and everyone he’s ever loved. Consumed with the need to destroy Alexei Stornovich, the Russian mob boss who murdered his fiancé and parents, nothing can turn Bas from his plans of revenge until he’s eradicated every last one of them. By aA brilliant, obsessive mind is the heart of Sebastian Seaver’s genius. It might also be the thing that costs him everything he’s created and everyone he’s ever loved. Consumed with the need to destroy Alexei Stornovich, the Russian mob boss who murdered his fiancé and parents, nothing can turn Bas from his plans of revenge until he’s eradicated every last one of them. By any means necessary, and at any cost.Drew McMann learned early that the key to success is control. Control carried him through law school and helped him keep Seaver Tech together through tragedy. It helped him survive the brutal murder of his sister Amy, his parents’ divorce, and the revelation that the seeds of their destruction had been planted by someone he had considered family. It’s how he’s hidden his love from his best friend Bas for more than half their lives. And now it’s how he’s going save Bas from himself and finally get his family of friends free from Alexei’s clutches. Drew has a plan for everything… Until the kiss.When Drew loses control one reckless, drunken evening and his true feelings for Bas are revealed, he tries desperately to contain the damage and keep their friendship on track, even as decades of lies and half-truths seek to tear them apart. With Alexei targeting them and their friends, Drew and Bas are forced to rely on each other more than ever. But as danger closes in on them, can they sacrifice their needs for logic and control, and recognize that the only RIGHT way to move forward is the one in which they’re together?...

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  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-05-07 16:55

    ~4.25~The Right Way concludes The Way Home series, at least as far as the Seaver/McMann clan is concerned. The epilogue is utterly perfect, so perfect that it might put you into a sugar coma, but I dug it. If best friends to lovers is your thing, you can't miss this book. This is the ULTIMATE falling in love with your best friend story. Drew has been obsessed with Bas for almost two decades. But Bas is straight and was engaged to Drew's sister. As the men work together to investigate the Russian crime syndicate SILA, all kinds of feelings come out that the men have kept buried forever. Bas initially freaks when The Kiss happens, but there really isn't a lot of relationship angst. (Plenty of HEAT though!)I liked seeing the MCs from the first two books, who play a significant role in this story. This might be a good time to mention that this book is NOT a standalone. This series must be read in order. I don't usually like mysteries mingled with romance, but this series is more romantic suspense than anything else. The romance never feels like a side dish, yet the plot allows tension to seep through. I was biting my nails during the last couple chapters. My heart almost stopped for a moment, but never fear: there is definitely a HEA.I love May Archer's writing style and highly recommend this series.

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2019-05-01 16:13

    4 Stars!I think this was the most anticipated couple for me. I'm a sucker for a friends to lovers story and this one was juicy. Falling in love with your best friend is one thing, but it gets tricky when that best friend is straight and was engaged to your sister. Drew has known that he was in love with his bestie Sebastian ever since the tender age of thirteen when he realized he was gay and they shared a small kiss. Drew knows there will never be another man for him when a silly Halloween game has the men sharing another kiss. Although the first kiss they shared was really brought about by Sebastian letting Drew know he will always be his best friend and him being gay wasn't going to change that, this kiss was heated and lasted a lot longer and left both men reeling. Drew is convinced that the kiss proves that his love for Sebastian will never be returned in the way he wants it and that he needs to give up on the hopes his BF will suddenly turn gay and want to be with him. Especially when Bas goes off the grid and ignores Drew's calls and texts. Sebastian works out his freak-out and comes to the conclusion that he has been suppressing his feelings for his best friend and is wanting to give this relationship a go because he loves Drew and can't be without him in his life. Now if only he can convince Drew he is done running. While these men struggle to make sense of their feelings and begin a romantic relationship they are still knee deep in this Russian mess. I enjoyed the suspense and how it evolved and ended. I never felt like the romance was a second thought nor did I feel that way with the suspense part of the story either. I felt they walked hand in hand with this series and was evenly matched out which I love when that happens. This was a great series that I must stress needs to be read in order. Happy reading dolls! xx

  • Anne Boleyn's Ghost
    2019-05-07 16:12

    I wasn’t sure if I would like this. And I didn’t. I LOVED it! 4.5 stars.He shuddered as the absolute rightness of it settled in his stomach. He and Drew were always meant to be this way. A thousand alternate universes, a thousand times Bas had chosen the wrong way, and still, still, this had been as unavoidable as gravity.Count me in among those who adore friends-to-lovers stories. This transcends your average friends-to-lovers story. What I adored most about this particular tale was the potent emotion between lifelong friends, Bas and Drew. Drew, the impeccable and impossibly proper attorney, has burned and yearned for Bas, the reclusive tech genius, through summer camp and sister engagements. And for those readers who worried about Bas and Drew having dated the other's sibling, don't. When it comes to that trope, I'm a VERY tough sell, but Archer handled it well.As their relationship changes, their comfort and ease with one another, their faith and love and trust in one another, clash with doubt and insecurity and vulnerability and jealousy. You positively ache for Drew when you’re in his head, charting his unrequited longing over the years. You sympathize with Bas when you’re in his, following his confusion over his sexuality and his guilt and grief over the loss of his family.Like the other novels in The Way Home series, the humorous banter is on-point. The action keeps you on your toes, but it doesn’t overshadow the familial relationships and friendships. Although some moments veered toward melodramatic and stretched believability, the chemistry and connection between Bas and Drew will keep you engaged. Not to mention the absolutely delicious steam!The series’ overarching suspense arc concludes, and heart-warming happily-ever afters are secured. Archer introduces some new faces here, and I can’t wait to see who and what is next!

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2019-05-13 22:13

    Well now. I am not sure if May just hit her stride with this one or if it is because I am a sucker for the besties to lovers theme. Whatever it was, it worked and this easily became my favorite of the Trilogy Series. My guess is she is not done with these boys yet, but you know, that is just my opinion.So, I didn’t love the first two books. I read them and of course I didn’t hate them or I wouldn’t be here now, but I didn’t love them. They were just enough that I wanted to keep going and I needed to know what happened but they didn’t knock me over.I’m glad I stuck it out.So, this had a lot going for it. The brilliant but socially awkward millionaire/billionaire and his super put together, not a hair out of place, attorney bestie. That right there is a huge hook. But this was so much more than who these boys were and who they were to each other. I think their story made a bit more sense to me than the previous books and this just read a lot easier and better to me.So, I’m a happy girl. I enjoyed all the bits of this story. It was funny, sweet, a tad frustrating, edge of the seat exciting and the perfect amount of heat.Good stuff.**ARC courtesy of the Author in exchange for an honest review**

  • Catherine
    2019-05-02 22:06

    Hands down the best book in the series.

  • haletostilinski
    2019-05-10 21:20

    I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK! I dunno if I love it as much or maybe even more than the first one...but damn I loved Cort and Cam's story too...but also Bas and Drew were so...*happy sigh*They just...the chemistry between these two, for me, was off the charts. That first kiss...*fansself* woahhh And their interactions whether they were laughing together or fighting, were so engaging and riveting and I just had to keep going with this story.Also, we were getting an end to the overarching plot in this, and it was not quite predictable so it kept me on my toes - I was suspicious at times, and my suspicions ended up being basically right, but I was never sure they were going to happen, so that was exciting to read. Bas...oh Bas, I loved him, even when he frustrated me, but Drew did the same as well, although not as much as Bas lol. But ultimately these were good men, who were crazy in love with each other, and could be a bit stupid sometimes when it came to each other, but of course they figure it out eventually and when they do it is wonderful. I loved it, and the sexy times *wink wink*Maybe...although the sexy times were super hot, maybe they were a tad rushed in that Bas had never been with a man before - and he seemed to become comfortable with it fairly quickly, and ready for it all - but in the end I just didn't care, because in the end Bas was love with Drew, and in a way...of course he would want it all with Drew, would be ready. It wasn't like he wasn't nervous, just...a tad too ready for it. But was pretty freaking great, so I ultimately loved it. I just love when the two MC's just have that connection, that something in the writing that makes me love them together, that makes their interactions the best thing about the book, that makes me smile like crazy when they do sweet things together. I thought that overall the romance and the plot were handled really well, and it was never too much plot at once or all romance with no plot at once, it was all fairly balanced, giving the plot proper attention when it needed it but also not letting the romance fall by the wayside at any point. This was primarily about Bas and Drew's love story as much as it was about the plot, about them ending what has been going on once and for all. Archer plays a dirty trick at the end for a few pages, and I was like "really???" even though I KNEW, I knew it wasn't real, so it was a little unnecessary, but thankfully we weren't held in suspense for more than a few pages. The ending was so sweet and *happy sigh* and I just loved this. A perfect ending to a great series, and I officially love this new author, and I seriously cannot wait for more from her. I'm excited!

  • Lelyana
    2019-04-30 19:10

    I knew it! That there's something 'burning' inside my Bas and Drew!Two of my favorite names , one book, a long time hidden love and a long time frustration of loving someone without he's knowing it.Gosh, my poor Drew. I enjoyed Bas and Drew's earlier relationship, I was kinda wanted to yell at Sebastian, 'Oh, come on Bas, look at him! He loves you!'Sometimes, 'labels' makes people cannot see what they're seeing in front of them, and Bas is no exception. He didn't 'see' Drew, he didn't see how much he cannot live without Drew beside him. He loves Drew, but 'he's straight, right?.Denial? Probably.But I'm glad Sebastian had finally realized that 'his love for Drew' is not a brotherhood or friendship love.It's love, 'love'. Pure and simple. And he embraced it. This is the kind of love that will last forever.I enjoyed Drew and Bas so much, complete with their 'adventure', and the cameos!Bas and Drew are sexy together. So far, they're easily become my favorite couple of this series.I recommend to read this book in order, to get to know about Cam, Cort, Damon and Cain.Recommended!

  • Meep
    2019-05-09 19:09

    I hung in grimly until 70% then couldn't take any more overwrought emotions.These men cry, whimper, snicker and navel gaze.The story in a nutshell:Kiss - Run - Pine - Kiss - Run - Pine - Kiss - Make-out - Dodge-Whine - Possessive - TogetherOh and somewhere in there throw in a vague threat from a Russian Mobster whose Mobster father was actually a pretty decent guy...for a mobster!It's all very high-school complete with cheerleaders and drinking games, yet we're expected to believe one is the genius chairman of a multi-million company and the other a high powered corporate lawyer. Which suggests some intelligence and hard-headiness. The series story arc is lost in the muddle of kiss-run and reads more like w/e hobby than actual threat or concern.Bas reads as someone unable to function independently. Can only surmise he's intended to be autistic; the man looses days to his projects, not eating, can't handle changes to his order, hiding from social situations and has the emotional maturity of a damp lettuce leaf. The possessive petulance is not attractive. There was nothing on page to make him likeable. In previous books he appeared to be grieving heavily, in this his obsession for justice (heaping blame on first viable target) seemed more about the disruption of his life, those lost don't seem real or cared for (the mother is never mentioned?). I pitied the lost fiancée, Drew's sister how she was discussed did not endear me.But looking at him now, no one would recognize him as a tech genius, or one of the richest men in Boston. With that sulky look on his face, he seemed more like a pissed off teenager who hadn’t had enough sugar recently. EXACTLY.Drew, not sure what to say. Just didn't buy into him.The timing of them getting together did not sit comfortably with me (view spoiler)[Drew had just been DRUGGED. He'd thrown up so it was to proceed?!?!?!?!?!?! (hide spoiler)]For me the previous books weren't the greatest but held enough interest for me to continue, this book was a battle to get through and exhausted me. There's a sex scene that goes on for pages and pages including through a chapter cut, it's so over-talked and over-thought that I (and possibly they) forgot they were having sex! I quit.

  • Courtney
    2019-05-08 17:04

    Fun read with laughs and action.I knew I was in for a treat right at the beginning of the book when we got to see normally put-together Drew drunkenly ask Bas if his teeth or tongue were missing, because he couldn’t feel them. There were several laugh-out-loud moments throughout the book, and the snark was great. Once Bas and Drew got over their respective issues, their chemistry was amazing, and Bas was especially caveman-like in his possessiveness, which I kinda adore.There was a good balance between overall plot/action and the growing of their relationship. It was well worth the read, and I’m looking forward to more by this author.

  • Kyuteepie
    2019-05-12 14:16

    3.5 - 4 stars

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-14 20:06

    Ok so this is the one, the best one for me. This book wraps up the series and in my opinion is the best one of the series. Friends to Lovers done really well. Drew and Bas awwwww! Bas and Drew were my favorite throughout the series and there were hints in the previous books that this is where things were going but this book satisfied me soooooo much. I loved them together. This was a true friends falling in love story. Falling in love with your best friend can be very confusing and difficult and this is portrayed spectacularly in the book. I enjoyed the mystery/crime wrap up as well but the meat and potato's of this book is the relationship and Bas coming to terms with his feelings for Drew. Really great read, I'm glad I picked this series up.

  • Megan
    2019-04-20 16:14

    One moment. One kiss. One momentous change. Bas and Drew have been friends their entire lives and are closer than siblings. Brooding genius Bas often becomes lost in logic and the only one to break him from his obsession is Drew with his concern, easy banter, meals, and soothing voice. Drew finds comfort in control and being a mother hen to Bas. That care comes from more than friendship, though he'd never admit that to his best friend. Until one moment of cinnamon red-hot flavored bliss reveals Drew's biggest secret and drives a wedge between the two friends. With a dangerous Russian coming closer and closer to hurting all of them they'll have to work together to stop him before he succeeds in silencing them all forever.There's been a ton of angst between these two characters who can't imagine life without one another but changes between them confuse and frustrate them in equal measure. Bas promises not to run from Drew but by retreating into his logic and his computers he does it anyway. Obsessed with discovering everything he can about Alexei he spends days sifting through code and information all to find out more about who they're dealing with and what could possibly bring him down.He avoids Drew to the point that the rest of their little adopted family conscripts Drew to break the silence between them. Drew misses his friend like he misses a limb but he's also very hurt. Halloween wasn't supposed to turn out like this. One time. That was all it took to both break his heart and renew his resolve to get over his feelings for Bas. With the threat that Bas will do something risky for all of them because he can't find the balance Drew usually gives to him, he makes a date with a rando and then goes to Bas' basement office with Pad Thai.With danger close on their heels they become distracted and circumstances mean they have to deal with everything all at once. Drew's dictating to Bas what he's feeling, Bas is jealous and lashes out, their feelings are all over the place and their friends are trying to keep things focused on SILA's threat. Once both of them decide to talk about their relationship and actually listen to one another things come together rather quickly.The steamy moments were fueled by the years and years of emotional involvement, selfless love, and so much yearning. There was forgiveness, healing, and passion. And then a knock on the door...That knock changed the game for everyone. For Alexei and their little family as well. It was dramatic and the reckoning that came was a bit unexpected and more traumatic than I had expected as well. It certainly wrapped up all the craziness from Alexei's vendetta they were dealing with.Wrapping up the happiness, however, was a little different. The epilogue didn't match the rest of the story, or even the entire series, in fact. The point of view was kind of outside but kind of not either. Like it was the guys' voice but then not, as if I were reading from Bas' perspective and then hearing the crowd's whispers and then he was a bit sappy for Bas and then I thought maybe it wasn't him since we were getting all the "static" from everywhere else too. Overall, it wasn't the best epilogue because some really amazing moments were glossed over and were included as a catch-all type of epilogue rather than really closing out the story with the strength and determination that ran throughout the series. I'm hoping for bonus content to be on the author's website to make up for the tantalizing glimpses we got into their future and for a bit more closure than was included in the story.Read and very willingly read an ARC from the author.Full review:http://whatireadandwhatiwatch.blogspo...

  • Amanda Viecelli
    2019-04-23 21:06

    Where do I even start?! The first two books in this series were some of my favorite reads of 2017 and I have been absolutely dying for this final book in the trilogy. After finishing, I can say with the utmost confidence that I already know this best-friends-to-lovers story will be ranked as a favorite of mine in 2018 as well. "Sometimes you need to make your own right path - one that's true to who you are. And trying to love people, to forgive them for being blind and stupid, is generally always the right way." - BasDrew and Bas have been best friends since they were in diapers. Bas has always believed he is straight, and had in fact been engaged to Drew's sister before she died. Drew, on the other hand, is gay but has been secretly in love with Bas for more than half his life. In The Long Way, we saw excruciatingly thick tension between the two that had not been there before, and we finally find out in the first chapters of this book what caused it. And what a way to start... I was immediately immersed in their story and did not come up for air until I finished it. I just could not stop and read it all in one sitting. Drew and Sebastian do not have an easy road - especially with some wrong turns along the way as both held back at times due to their own fears - but they are truly meant for each other and the journey is so worth it. "A thousand alternate universes, a thousand times Bas had chosen the wrong way, and still, still, this had been as unavoidable as gravity." *swoony sigh*I had my issues with both Drew and Bas as individuals in prior books, but I somehow ended up falling in love with Drew by the end of the prologue in this book. Bas took a little longer simply because STUBBORN, but I adore him too. Their relationship, as it finally evolves into something more, is all at once playful and snarky, sweet and reverent, sexy and just plain HOT. The love these two men share is beautiful and undeniable, even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds. I also enjoyed seeing more of Cam, Cort, Damon, and Cain. And the epilogue? So. Satisfying. Seriously, if you have not read this series you are missing out.The Right Way also has a compelling suspense aspect as it wraps up an intricate plot that May Archer has executed beautifully over the course of this trilogy. There may have even been a moment where my heart felt like it actually stopped for a second.. can you feel me side-eyeing you from here Ms. Archer (:P)?? I also enjoyed the Boston setting along with all the Patriots references and that one Bruins ref.. I was born and raised in Boston so I hold these books a little closer to my heart for the feeling of home I get while reading them. I am so sad the series is over.I highly recommend this entire series, and suggest reading the first two books before The Right Way to fully understand the events leading up to this book. I have become a huge fan of May Archer and absolutely cannot wait to see what she brings us in the future!

  • MaryAnne
    2019-04-19 18:00

    4.5 starsMy heart is happy. I couldn't have asked for a better story for Bas and Drew. They are the cutest!!! I love me a couple that can banter with each other. I like that even though the whole Russian mobster theme was going on, it didn't take center stage of the story. That being said, there was quite a buildup for the ending to be so quick and anticlimactic. I have questions. Where did Sean go? Where were the other officers? What took the cavalry so long if the female cop watching over them knew where they were going?I've always struggled with the whole "I loved you all along, I just didn't know it" concept, because it often feels too fairytale-ish for my liking (#CantRelate), but it's obvious Bas is someone who has always struggled with dealing with his emotions, and if he doesn't want to think about something, he obsessively dwells in something else entirely.I'm really digging the name Ilya for some reason! Très sexy. But I digress. I hate it when authors let the readers think one of the characters is dead. Not cool, May Archer! Although some perverse part of me wonders if there's an author who'd be daring enough to kill off an MC...I'm gonna take a wild guess that Gary and Dmitri are next. Bring it on, I think I like this author.

  • Badh
    2019-04-26 15:57

    May Archer's genius has given us the third book in her The Way Home series, and this one may actually be the best one of the series. Bas and Drew are my new favorites, not only of this series, but one of my favorite book couples, definitely in the top 10. When you read their story, you will get totally get why. Sebastian has spent his life thinking that he is straight, but when he kisses his life-long best friend Drew, he gets a whole lot of confusing feelings. To top it off, he's also trying to get the Russians who want to get ahold of the family business. An obsessive genius, he keeps trying to logic himself out of everything. Drew has spent the majority of his life standing by Bas, being the only one who really, truly connects with him. He's also madly, deeply, and truly in love with Bas. He knows that it's hopeless, right up until Bas kisses him and truly confuses everything. I so identify with Bas's struggle to figure out who he is and what he's doing when it comes to the rest of his life. It's such a real struggle and the road to his discovery and his truth isn't easy, which is what it's like for a lot of people. That kind of thing draws me into this story and makes me love it so hard. I've loved the three foundational couples, and I hope that we continue to get more from this world. I would like to see a Gary story to see how that expands the world.

  • Light
    2019-05-14 21:13

    4.5 / 5 StarsWho hasn't been waiting for Sebastian and Drew's story? And it's finally here! I'm not much into friends to lovers trope but this one was nicely done, with some cute, funny and intriguing moments, and I couldn't put it down.Drew and Bas complete each other, they know what the other may need or want like an open book but they are so completely oblivious to the other's feelings, added to that their long frienship and the fear to lose it if they go for more. But when they finally get it together... hot damn! The ups and downs of their relationship plus the search for proof against the real killer of Bas' parents and fiancée with some action included, make this a really engaging book. And I hope we get Gary's book, he's a very interesting character that has helped the others more than once. He needs his HEA.

  • Rhonda
    2019-04-26 18:08

    The emotions in this book hit me in the gut! I loved everything about the relationship between Bas and Drew. The highs, the lows, the in-betweens, just everything. I've loved following the story from the first book and while I was kind of on the fence about Bas at first, this book totally turned me into loving him. His pain at losing his family, his confusion at his feelings for Drew, it all made him a very loveable character. If you love reading MM books, then I HIGHLY suggested this one. It's my favorite out of the three in this series so far. I'm hoping that Gary will get a story also as I would love to see how that plays out! Count me as a reader who will eagerly be waiting for the next book!

  • Annette
    2019-05-04 14:15

    Ms. Archer saved the best for last in this book series! Sebastian (Bas) and Drew have been best friends forever. The sexual tension between these two jumps off the pages as they try to define what their new relationship will be after the death of Bas' parents and fiancé, Drew's sister. Will they remain best friends? Boss/employee? Lovers? Or will any relationship be lost?I loved the evolution of Bas from book one! This writer has managed to take a deeply depressed, not likeable loner in book one to a funny, quirky, lovable boyfriend in book three. Bas has grown to become my favourite of all the guys.I highly recommend this book to all that enjoy MM romance. It has humour, intrigue, romance and enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the very end. It is not only Sebastian and Drew's story, but all the characters are back from the previous books.

  • Elle
    2019-04-27 17:22

    I have loved this series from the beginning, Ms Archer's writing has just got better and better as the books have progressed. I've become a real fan of this lady's work, the plot in this series has been amazing, and I've eagerly awaited each book. I've fallen in love with all of the couples featured, but I think Bas and Drew have just edged ahead. Who would've thought, that under that cold hearted and insensitive persona, that Drew would be so vulnerable? And Bas, well he's just adorable, I loved that his incredible intellect also made him so open to the change of direction in his and Drew's relationship, and the way in which he embraced it and was all in was perfect.The storyline is fast moving, full of unexpected developments and lots of twists and turns. It was everything I love in an action series; a decent story, hot men with personality, some conflict, suspense and quite nerve wracking in parts. If you've not read the previous books, The Easy Way and The Long Way, you're missing out big time. I'm hoping that there'll be more books, if not in the series, at least related to it. Please, Ms Archer we need Gary's story stat. Hope you're writing as we speak 😉

  • Aki | nose buried in books | ❤️|
    2019-05-08 17:57

    3/4 starsThird book in the series. It was a nice reading, better than the second one but the first book it's still my favourite. I couldn't wait to read Bas and Drew story, but this time the book was more focused on the action plot rather than the romance. I hope I could have had read a little bit more about Bas and Drew romance and I would have really enjoyed more couple moments. Apart from that, I enjoyed the reading. The only thing I haven't liked is the epilogue, too much vague, too much short to be a worthy conclusion.

  • mrs sarah frost
    2019-05-19 18:53

    The Right WayBas & Drew have always been best friend with Drew desperately in love with Bas, but he's straight, he was go into marry Drew's sister Amy before the plane crash. Drew agrees to go to a Halloween party with Bas but a game of truth and dare threatens to break them apart forever.Bas has been ignoring Drew, why the hell did he kiss him and enjoy it so much. He realises his feelings have moved on from friendship love into something so much more!In between Bas & Drew falling in love, with the help from Cort, Cam, Damon, Cain and Cort's FBI friends they carry on to clear their Dad's names and bring down Alexei and the Russians. They reach out to Gary North, the news reporter. Will he help or doublecross them? I love love love this series. This book will get your heart racing in more ways than one 😜 definitely FIVE stars even more!

  • JenMcJ
    2019-04-30 16:15

    A good way to wrap up the main core characters. I still like the ambiguity of wrong / right and who gets to determine it and how you try and balance your wrongs with other rights...It looked like May Archer was leaving this open for some anithero/hero spin off with Gary and Dominick... that might be interesting if it's gritty and realistic. Journalist in love with a mob boss...interesting if done right without beating dead horses. Or maybe Sean is up next?

  • alis
    2019-05-10 16:06

    way way better than the previous books, definitely love this book. the romance was superb, i mean jealousy, possessive and super cute and adorable. i reread my favorite scenes twice! even tho i don't really care with the russian mobsters or whatever, i still enjoyed it

  • Leyanis
    2019-05-04 16:59

    I have been waiting for Bas and Drew's story forever so when I saw the book I had to get it! I had to admit tho, it didn't invoke the same feelings as the first two books. I thought Bas was quick to jump, afraid of being labeled as gay and of falling into the cliche of loving his best friend. But, his feelings for Drew where there sometimes in silence but huge. Drew, controlling and so afraid of saying what he had been hiding forever. I loved Drew and his control, patience and love for Bas - and his nonsense attitude when it came to call on Bas' bullshit attitude. And while the process of this romance wasn't as the other ones, I did enjoy their time together. I also liked the small action, seeing Damon, Cain, Cort, and Cam again.

  • WhiteWitch
    2019-05-14 15:23

    Book #3 in The Way Home series. This is a stunning story that will have you on the edge of your seat right up to the last page!SPOILER ALERT: THIS IS BOOK #3 IN THE WAY HOME SERIES. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE EASY WAY AND THE LONG WAY (BOOKS #1 AND #2, RESPECTIVELY), THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.When your parents and fiancée are deliberately murdered, what do you do? How do you handle it when you know exactly who's behind it? For Sebastian Seaver, brilliant, obsessive, and single-minded CEO of Seaver Tech, you focus every thought and feeling plotting your revenge. He's a man on a mission, focused solely on vengeance, even if it consumes him and ravages everything and everyone in his life. Andrew McCann is Sebastian's former fiancée's brother. He's also Sebastian's best friend. The aftermath of the plane crash has destroyed Drew's life too. But Drew, head of Seaver Tech's legal department, is control incarnate. It's what's gotten him through everything in his life, including the crash, his parents' subsequent divorce, and Sebastian's withdrawal into revenge. Bas and Drew are two halves of a whole. While Bas is impulsive and brilliant, Drew's the calm control freak. But their differences are what have made the two best friends since childhood. As Drew tries to pull Bas out of his self-imposed exile, little does he know he may be about to make the biggest mistake of his life. A drunken episode at a Halloween party reveals a closely-held secret that Drew's kept nearly his entire life, a secret that threatens to implode his friendship with Bas. Bas can't process this. He pushes Drew away hard and fast. But as the two friends push past that uncomfortable revelation, they focus on taking down the organization responsible for the devastation in their lives. When the plans Bas has so carefully crafted fail, it's Drew, Cam, Cort, Cain, Damon, and their contacts that come up with a plan. But that plan comes with great risk. It could destroy them all. Can Bas and Drew finally accept what's nearly broken their friendship...maybe for good? Is it possible this insane plan will work? If it does, just who will pay? Absolutely nothing is certain. All you can possibly know is somehow, some way, everyone involved is going to pay in some way. Just exactly what will each be willing to sacrifice?May Archer is brilliant! She's a consummate storyteller. There's mystery, constant uncertainty, wide-ranging emotions, and the ever-changing relationship between Bas and Drew. While both Bas and Drew appear in relatively minor roles in the previous two books, Ms. Archer has put them front and center in The Right Way, and WOW! Their story is electric, charismatic, and stunning! Of course, they're the absolute focus of this story. But May Archer has outdone herself in so many ways. The back and forth between Bas and Drew are magnetic. These two fight, push each other away, find common ground, and fight for family and friends right up to the last word of the book. Ms. Archer evokes emotions that run the gamut: sorrow, desperation, frustration, resignation, terror, joy, laughter, wonder, and acceptance. Drew and Bas are irresistible. There were times when I wanted to take Bas and Drew and knock their heads together. Stubborn and pigheaded don't begin to describe them. To say I was all in from the first page would be an understatement. The ending came far too soon. I can't get enough of Ms. Archer's books, and I eagerly await the next one. Her writing just keeps getting better and better. Thank you, May Archer, for such a stunning and captivating story. This story doesn't deserve anything less than five stars! Congratulations, Ms. Archer, on yet another winner!One final note. Please be an informed reader! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this book may not be for you. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. Use these resources. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. It's not fair to the author! She works very hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice.Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

  • Anisha Kanwar
    2019-05-07 14:12

    Hands down 5 star.I have waited for this 3rd installment in this series impatiently. When I say impatiently, I mean stalking author page on Amazon to see the release date or if it's published before its tentative release date. I mean hello, who wouldn’t. The characters are so great, you'll do anything to know their story. We’ve met Drew in “The Easy Way”, then we saw some serious drama and chemistry between Sebastian and Drew in “The Long Way”. I mean who wouldn’t want to know their story and drama that’ll take place. I was very curious to know how their story will conclude and I’m wasn’t disappointed. I loved it and enjoyed reading this story so much.This is a friends to lover themed story. Drew and Sebastian have been best friends since before they were born. Drew has always been in love with Sebastian as more than friends and had hoped to someday be with him and spend his time as lovers. Sebastian Seaver, is a genius. He’s brilliant at what he does but with a touch obsessive and reclusive mind. He’s consumed with the need to take revenge and destroy Alexie Stornovich, A Russian mob boss of a gang named SILAS, who murdered Sebastian’s parents and his fiancée. He’ll do anything and everything to achieve that goal. By any means necessary.Drew likes control. The same Control carried him through law school. Control is the one thing that lend him a hand to keep the Seaver Tech together and running when Sebastian checked out after the accident. It also helped him to cope and survive the murder of his sisters death, his parents divorce and that the spark that ignited the fire in their otherwise calm life and the murder of his sister and family friends is someone they thought of as family.Drew and Sebastian are forced to work together and rely on each other when Alexie targets their family and friends. As they are exposed to harm and risks to their lives, drew and Sebastians trust in each other also moves mountains. They both will do anything to keep each other and their friends and family safe, even if it means sacrificing their own life.This story can be read as a stand-alone, but it helps to the story of other characters in their involvement in this book if you’ve read the previous two book in this series. We’ve been introduced some new characters in the passing in this book and I’m very curious and eager to to know what their story will be like.This books has everything. Romance, drama, angst, humor, action and some blood shed with a happily ever after. I hope the author writes a novella length epilogue where it focuses on their life 10 years from the gala incident. I want to know how their lives have turned out. What can I say, I'm just not ready to say goodbye to these characters.I Loved reading this book and definitely recommend others to try this book, you'll love it.“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Readers copy of this book.”

  • Neta
    2019-04-23 20:53

    I have been waiting for this book ever since I had the pleasure of reading The Long Way, which is still my favorite book in the series! Bas and Drew have been dancing around each other for so long, I truly feel like their story was well over due. In the 2nd book that tension was really palatable and I have been anxiously anticipating it.I would say I felt that the first 2/3 of the book were a bit too slow for my taste, it created anticipation but for me it was more frustrating than suspenseful. And I feel like the time it took Bas and Drew to finally get their act together and acknowledge what they felt was better suited for them exploring the new aspects of the relationship that has moved from friends to lovers. I wish some of that time could detail how they get to know each other's bodies in the sexual way. Because Bas identified as straight up to this point I would have like the physical parts to be a bit bumpy at first, to feel like it's not as easy as it seemed. That being said, the romance is off the charts smoking hot!!! And they are so much in love it's heartwarming to read! Friends-to-Lover's is by far my favorite sub-genre in Romance, and Bas and Drew have this amazing connection that you can feel throughout all the books, but particularly this one. As a reader I felt like I know them, every word had the weight of 30 years of friendship in it and it was fantastically sweet and complex. Its clear Archer is exceptionally familiar with all her characters to the finest detail, and I LOVED it. Archer's writing is great, smooth and flowing, the dialogs funny and endearing. This book referenced family a lot, the new family the three couples (one from each book) created for themselves, and you can truly feel the friendship and love between them. You can feel it as the series progresses from book 1 to 3, the closeness they share. It’s a beautiful this to be able to read a series of book and see it evolve in front of your eyes- as well as the author's writing as the first book was a debuted novel. The last 30% of the book were the most interesting and the action was great. It was very thrilling and at one point left me shocked and on the verge of tears! But the HEA was well worth the wait! I look forward to more book by May Archer (maybe telling the story of Gary North and a secretin wounded individual…pretty please?).

  • Misty M
    2019-04-29 22:04

    Highly Recommend this series!!The Right Way by May ArcherI love this series, and have been anxiously, impatiently waiting for Bas and Drew’s story. They have been friends most of their lives, but based on the previous book you just know something happened. Oh man did MA deliver on it! The tension, the internal conflicts, and the longing all made for a great romance. Poor Drew with all his angst, the delicious pining that you know is going to make for an explosive coming together. Bas having a life changing realization, and while he overthinks it in his typical way, it’s fleshed out in a believable way. I love these two together, and even though it’s technically friends to lovers, it has a lot of my favorite aspects from enemies to lovers.The overall plotting was really well done. This book had to go back to moments in the first two, and that could get really confusing or mixed up. But not in this one, it was nearly seamless. I don't recommend this as a standalone, the first two really need to be read to understand the series conflict.I'm a little disappointed in the conclusion of the series story arc. The final conflict was just a bit too coincidental for me regarding the timing, and made it feel a bit implausible. But I'm primarily a suspense/thriller fan, and nearly impossible to please. All of the C names still bother me. I know most of the time it’s accidental, and names are hard. But it makes for difficult and sometimes stilted reading, when you have to think too hard to remember which C-name is who. But by this book is much easier to follow. Little side notes: I was hooked from the costumes! Even if I hadn’t been eager for this book, that hooked me. I’m a sucker for nerd references, and especially those! (no I’m not telling you what they were lol) Also, Peter the assistant is such a dynamic character, so interesting. It’s a shame he’s already in a relationship, because I think his story would make for a great book. Even as little on page time as he had, I was still watching for mentions because he’s captivating.

  • Annie E
    2019-05-05 14:09

    This is the third book in the The Way Home series and I recommend that you read the previous ones before this.I actually didn't like either Bas or Drew very much in the first book. With Drews controlling personality and the way Bas becomes so obsessed over things they didn't give a first good impression, but that really changed when reading this one and I can now say that I love Bas and Drew. There's been hints that Drew has had feelings for Bas and here we find out that it's deeper than that, he's been in love with Bas since they were kids but knows that he can never have him since Bas is straight. What changes everything is a drunk Halloween and a dare to kiss each other. Drunk Drew is hilarious and he really can't keep his feelings hidden. What Bas wasn't prepared for was what the kiss would do to him and the way he starts to obsess over Drews lips, body and what kind of men Drew likes. He also wasn't prepared to feel jealous over every guy that looks at Drew and if he wants to keep Drew in his life he's got to decide if he only wants him as his best friend or if they can be more.We also get closer to resolving the side story with the threats from SILA and mafia boss Alexei and I do hope I saw something in reporter Gages reaction to former boss Ilyas nephew Dmitri.I really loved this book and can't wait toread more from this author. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • Tanja
    2019-04-19 19:54

    This book was so good. A perfect addition to a fabulous series. It is one of those books that grabs you from the moment you start reading. I caught myself reading faster and faster, but then I had to slow down because I didn’t want to miss a single word. I wanted to savor the book as much as I wanted to know the ending.Filled with expected and unexpected turn of events, the story is thrilling and exciting to read. The story that began in The Easy Way continues and has a rather explosive, but very satisfying finish.The action-packed pages are perfectly balanced with the blossoming romance between Sebastian and Drew. Best friends since forever, they love each other. No doubt about that, but what it means for Drew doesn’t mean the same thing for Sebastian. Yet. It was equally thrilling to read how Bas and Drew finally get together. Tentatively at first, not trusting their feelings, but then full-on with so much love. And so much humor. Their banter and back and forth are hilarious. Even during their smoking-hot sex, they keep teasing each other. And of course, all the other guys are back. It wouldn’t be half as good without them. As said this is the third book in the series, and I highly recommend you to read them in order. There are recurring characters and a continuing story.