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Noah’s getting married after a whirlwind romance to a charming Irishman he met one night in a gay bar. But then he meets his fiancé’s oldest friend and best man—Patrick Walsh. The spark Noah shares with Patrick is impossible to ignore, but he refuses to break his fiancé’s heart…even though it’s looking more like he’ll have to break his own in order to say “I do” and make hNoah’s getting married after a whirlwind romance to a charming Irishman he met one night in a gay bar. But then he meets his fiancé’s oldest friend and best man—Patrick Walsh. The spark Noah shares with Patrick is impossible to ignore, but he refuses to break his fiancé’s heart…even though it’s looking more like he’ll have to break his own in order to say “I do” and make his vows....

Title : the best man
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the best man Reviews

  • Chelsea
    2019-03-04 09:06

    Reread- September 2017 - read this is 3 hours! Loved it and I would loooovveee to get Connors story!!! Trigger warning: Cheating I'm in two minds about cheating in books, generally I really don't like it, especially if it comes out of the blue and if it occurs against the other MC, but if it's a third party and I know it's going to happen, I actually really enjoy it. The sexual tension, tabbooness and angst usually make up a pretty appealing mixture for me.Patrick and Noah were no different, super super hot chemistry and sexual tension, the whole book was pretty much the build up with them getting together at the end and boy or boy.... that was HOT!!! like really really HOTTT!!!!Conner was a sweet and loving character, which was realistic, but it was written well enough that you could see that Patrick was more suited to Noah than Conner.I read this book in one sitting, just couldn't put it down!

  • Bitchie
    2019-03-07 03:18

    This book actually wasn't what I went in thinking it was. I thought it was just going to be one big cheat fest, but it really wasn't. Exactly. There was emotional cheating, and I did think the guys spent too much time together, but I guess I understood it. What I didn't understand was why Noah was marrying Connor in the first place. Sure, Connor was a nice guy, Noah just didn't seem to feel the thing, if you know what I mean. Connor was safe, and I guess Noah was just settling. Soon as he met someone he really liked, he should have ended things with Connor right there. But anyway.I would like to see a sequel and let Connor get his HEA though, I did think he got screwed over here.

  • Lelyana
    2019-02-23 04:31

    One of the MC's is a cheater.Enough to make me lost interest. Read it a while ago and didn't change my mind about this.

  • Lala
    2019-03-06 07:21

    2.5 stars.Just no.Despite the tons of sexual tension and semi-likable characters, this book pissed the hell out of me. Cheating aside, Noah's leading Patrick on was infuriating. He should have manned up way sooner. Ugh.

  • AussieMum
    2019-02-24 08:29

    4.5starsRe-read November 2017This book is made up of a lot of things I normally hate. Insta-love. Lots of telling. Comparatively little dialogue. And cheating. But somehow, it all works. The tension that builds between these two characters is incredible. I absolutely devoured this story. It gave me the feels, had my heart racing until the end.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-23 09:12

    It kind of made me angryI'm giving this two stars, because the writing itself was solid and it seemed well edited. The subject matter though, really annoyed me. The trope has been used many times. The best man and the spouse-to-be falling in love. But the way this story was told made it worse. Almost right away, Noah knows he doesn't feel a lot of passion for Connor. After Connor puts out more money for Noah's friend, he realizes that he has resentment for Connor's wealth. Then as the days go by with Patrick, Noah knows he's having feelings for him. Yet he keeps moving forward with the wedding.I just disliked the whole concept. Noah looked like nothing more than a gold-digger. He was afraid of losing security and ends up hurting a very nice man. It would be slightly better if Connor was a jerk or something. Instead it just felt very wrong on so many levels. If I'd been Patrick, I wouldn't want to be with someone like that.

  • Manuela
    2019-03-01 05:13

    Do you believe in fate, in destiny, in mates? What if you missed the person that you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with by a margin and settle for second best? Would you stick to your decision? Or would you throw all caution in the wind and go for what was meant to be?This book has cheating in it, is m/m and has guys in it that are cute and lickable, eh likable.

  • Elizabetta
    2019-02-19 09:31

    4.5 stars(this review is for all three parts; read 12/30/14)This is the most sublime wallow in unremitting sexual tension that I’ve read in quite some time. All the more because of the wrongness. We’ve all been there. That thing we shouldn’t have done but did anyway. That extra bowl of B&J’s Cherry Garcia ice cream, that extra shot of tequila, that terrible lie or deception that seemed so necessary at the time. That booty call hook-up with someone that couldn’t be denied… until the morning after… Reading this felt like that. Guilt and pleasure entwined.Noah is engaged to be married to Connor… the wedding plans are underway. Noah and Connor are so closely bound to each other and not in all the healthiest of ways. It’s poor man to rich man, younger to older, beholden to generous… everything seems ok on the surface but the foundation is shaky.So when Connor’s best man, the gorgeous and sexy, Patrick, comes on the scene he’s like the flame to Noah’s moth. The attraction is irresistible and dangerous. Noah and Patrick flirt and skirt and circle around and move into this thing between them… so slowly because they know it’s wrong. But it is delicious. For them and for the reader. The wrongness includes the prurient, wicked appeal. This author is deft in coloring the characters, keeping them real (and relatable-- well, mostly, at least for this reader, anyway), winding it up and spinning their dangerous dance. Loved it. If you don’t like cheating, this probably won’t be the read for you. Still, for this reader, the HEA does come with a heavy cost, like most things in life. Someone has to get hurt and that’s no fun at all. I guess what I really liked was the grayness of this, it’s neither right nor wrong. It’s that lovely ambiguity that pushes this up a half-star.

  • Angela
    2019-03-18 03:33

    This book is HOT!!!Holy crap, the sexual tension in this book is off the charts hot!I loved this story and I want to find more with such glorious sexual tension. BLESS YOU LOLA CARSON!!!

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-03-15 03:28

    I liked this story and all the tension within it. I felt bad for one of the characters because he was a truly good guy who didn't deserve the misfortune of the ending. There is also a happy ending with other characters. This book reminds me about Fate and if I believe in it or not.

  • Robin Powers
    2019-03-17 02:04

    I liked the story...3.5 stars. Young guy meets his fiance's best friend for the first time and has instant attraction. Kind of hot.

  • Kimmi
    2019-02-17 02:05

    This is new. You cheated throughout the book and got a fluffy HEA lol