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It's a love story gone horribly, horribly wrong as the Joker's partner in crime takes the spotlight in this lushly illustrated hardcover volume featuring art by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson (WONDER WOMAN). There's never a dull moment as Harley bounces from botched schemes to close encounters with Gotham City's kingpins of crime, all the while making wisecracks and actingIt's a love story gone horribly, horribly wrong as the Joker's partner in crime takes the spotlight in this lushly illustrated hardcover volume featuring art by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson (WONDER WOMAN). There's never a dull moment as Harley bounces from botched schemes to close encounters with Gotham City's kingpins of crime, all the while making wisecracks and acting in the spirit of inspired lunacy. This volume includes appearances by Batman, Two-Face, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Penguin and more....

Title : Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock-Knock Jokes
Author :
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ISBN : 9781401216283
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock-Knock Jokes Reviews

  • Logan
    2019-03-31 16:39

    A bit of a mix bag for me! So This book saw Harley in her own solo series, a few years before The New 52, back in the days when she wore her jester outfit and not her new designs(Which I like either way!). So this is 7 issues, each kind of being its own self contained story, and that's kind of where it falls flat, the stories are either hit or miss for the most part! Their is one pretty cool issue where she has a slumber party and invites a variety of different female villains such as: Catwoman & Poison Ivy(The Obvious ones), The Body Doubles(Who are the highlight of that issue) and a few others! Artwork is another mix bag, on the one hand, Harley looks like something out of Jim Lee's sketch book as well as some other characters, but then their other characters who just look choppy. In the end, while their were some good moments, overall this was okay at best!

  • Sarah Rosenberger
    2019-04-07 19:50

    I don't know why I keep thinking if a comic has a girl as the main character, it won't be sexist. You'd think I'd have learned by now.

  • Christopher
    2019-04-08 13:05

    I actually have no idea who this is for, except that it's probably not for any of my GR friends. Though I did laugh out loud at this bit of stupid.

  • Allie
    2019-04-07 15:49

    Finally, finally, a Harley Quinn graphic novel that I, not only liked, loved. It had humour, good illustrations, and an actual storyline. Success!! ('Bout damn time that my 80 cent library holding fee was worth it!)This is the fourth book I've read with Harley in it, but only the first one I'd recommend. And how!

  • Dana
    2019-03-29 11:47

    This seems like it was a Batman comic that was supposed to be geared towards girls (because, you know, there's a ton of female characters in it so of course girls will like it or some sort of bullshit explanation like that) and it hit all the teenage cliche's it could. This comic is bad. Simply bad. Everything that makes Harley Quinn an interesting and intriguing character is somehow just not talked about and instead, it is all about her going and getting together with all the "girls" and having some parties and gossiping in between maybe fighting a villain or two. I tried to find a redeeming trait of this comic but lets just face it, Karl Kesel failed at writing an interesting plot line and holding a voice of a character. This seemed more like a ploy to entice women into the comic genera and if anything, it's keeping them away. Have faith that your readers have a little more intelligence, comic book author. A good story is a good story. Male or female, a reader is going to understand that.

  • Diana
    2019-04-10 12:47

    Harley decides to leave the Joker after he tries to kill her (way to thank her for getting his ass outta prision), and begins a new life looking for new employers. She even ends up working for Two-Face!! But this kind of employment ends when she discovers that Two Face doesn't understand love is a two way street.Then Harley celebrates a prty to inaugurat4e her own new place, and tells everyone she is going solo! Solo but funding the "Quinntets", formed by her and the people who want to follow her. Their first mission: to rescate Harley's two hiennas! And then... to Wayne's Mannor to rob a millonaire! Never mind she had the police on her heels before that, she knows how to keep on making crazy decisions hahahaWith a good plot and a good drawing, we see lots of old faces, as there is an array of people to accompany Harley, such as Ivy, Catwoman, Oracle, Bruce Wayne, Two Face, Barda, The Riddler...This is a fun read, I really recommend it :)

  • Emma Lauren
    2019-03-29 11:37

    Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock Knock Jokes by Karl Kesel, is the story of everyone's favorite sidekick, Harley Quinn, and how she is trying to make a name for herself as an actual supervillain, rather than just a lackey to the Joker. With the hilarity of a breakup between the world's most famous comic book duo, and a slumber party for the ages, this was a clever story with insight to a character that may not have been realized before. The only reason that this didn't get a five, is simply because it felt too straightforward most of the time. This is good for if you want a happy comic book read, but if you are looking for a really good story, I would probably recommend something else.

  • Abby
    2019-04-16 14:58

    This is my favorite Harley story to date. From hanging with the Joker to build a rollercoaster to having a slumber party with the baddest girls in Gotham, this comic was everything I could want and expect from a Harley comic. It was so humorous and fun and yet so action packed and deep down had some great themes present. I also loved the art style and how sometimes it changed to integrate the more animated style of Harley into the story. I would highly recommend this to any Harley fan, as this is her first solo ongoing series. I think there are better starting points than this, but you could definitely start here if you wanted to. I loved this and can't wait until I can get my hands on volume 2!

  • Nerdish Mum
    2019-04-02 11:56

    I really don't know how to feel about this book. I love the character of Harley Quinn but I found the stories lacking. The artwork however was good throughout and I did like how everything looked and the use of colour. Overall though, I'm kind of disappointed.

  • harlequin {Stephanie}
    2019-03-28 19:55

    so many painful puns.

  • Ithil
    2019-04-13 17:36

    Aunque el personaje de Harley Quinn me generaba curiosidad, también me generaba cierto rechazo porque, hasta este tebeo, siempre la había visto representada como un personaje ligado al Jocker en un sentido muy dependiente de este. Como si no tuviera persona en sí misma, sino que fuera básicamente un personaje que hace de herramienta o recurso para ayudar a conducir la historia del Jocker, que es el "personaje chachi e importante del que todo el mundo quiere leer". En este tebeo Harley es la clara protagonista, y no en un caso supeditado al Jocker, sino por si misma. Y así sí. Harley es clara señora de su destino, acciones y trama. Creo que se puede ver un contraste entre los casos en que la historia es narrada por el narrador externo, o cuando es narrada por algunos de los personajes masculinos dentro de la misma historia. No quiero meterme mucho en esto para no haceros spoilers, pero me ha gustado mucho esa dualidad de "lo que todos piensan que Harley está haciendo" contra "lo que Harley realmente está haciendo". Como el narrador influencia en sí lo que cuenta, y como la historia cambia en función del punto de vista que la cuenta. La trama de las grapas en sí es bastante cortita, pero son muy amenas y ágiles de leer. Están recopiladas en un arco global, muy bien construido y llevado que, aunque también tiene una trama global, hace que se pueda ir leyendo poco a poco, disfrutando de cada grapa; o del tirón, como yo, si la historia te ha cautiva y necesitas leer más hasta que se acaba.Tiene puntos de humor, sobre todo cínico, muy divertidos. Un enfoque muy global al personaje para que novatos como yo puedan entenderlo, con otros personajes haciendo apariciones para las que no se necesita un contexto previo y en general muy disfrutable y completo. Si Harley os llama la atención, este es un buen sitio por el que empezar, desde mi punto de vista.

  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    2019-04-11 15:42

    4 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Despite Harley being my second favorite DC character her comics are so hit or miss. This one was good though. I liked the artwork a lot and Harley's characterization was great. She wasn't too ditzy or stupid as most comics tend to make her which was great. She was loveable and slightly ditzy and just as funny. While I enjoyed this entire comic as a whole my favorite part was the party that Harley threw with the other female villains. It was hilarious and such a joy to read, plus I'm always here for Ivy and Harley together. Overall, I would definitely recommend this comic even if you're not a Harley Quinn because I think it'd be a great place to start.

  • Gustavo
    2019-04-11 13:52

    Tiene sus partes divertidas, pero me molestó el hecho de que Harley Quinn y todas las mujeres de este comic tienen que estar es una pose sexy en cada cuadro en el que aparecen, pobres mujeres deben tener la columna a la miseria de como arquean la espalda. ¿Se les cansaran los pies de tanto estar en puntillas para levantar el culo?Más allá de ese tema, a excepción de uno o dos, todos los personajes son idiotas. Hasta los personajes que generalmente son presentados como inteligentes, incisivos y/o caóticos (Dos Caras, el Joker, hasta el Acertijo), son reducidos a hacer idioteces.Le pongo dos estrellas, una por los dos o tres chistes que me hicieron reir y otra porque a pesar de todo, las ilustraciones son muy buenas.

  • Mariana
    2019-04-07 15:57


  • Sarah Kowalke
    2019-04-03 12:00

    Second comic book I've read. Very funny, but I think I'm more into novels than comics.

  • Ondra Král
    2019-03-24 14:57

    Zoufale nudné

  • Audrey Greathouse
    2019-04-17 19:36

    So I've got a bad habit of adding things to my currently reading list and never taking them down and writing reviews. I love all the old Harley Quinn comics, and it is high time I wrote this review.Suicide Squad had Harley all sexed up, and there is no denying that's an aspect of her personality. She slept her way through university psychiatry and defines herself by her (impression of her) relationship to the Joker. Even still, there is something more underneath the clownish cat suit that speaks to the fundamental ego of someone who perpetually clings to bad relationships. While the comics are as goofy and full of POW! KABANG! SPLAT! as most superhero monthlies, but it feels like it fits Harley Quinn's perspective of the world, and that there is another layer of psychological reality here.I really love Lewis, and Harley's henchmen as a whole. It is neat to see Harely on her own and in a position of power and respect that has nothing to do with her sexuality. Poison Ivy is a great foil to Harley Quinn, and the comics know to use her sparingly and make her appearances count.I'm probably reading way too much into these comics, but I really appreciate the picture they paint, even if it is under a heavy coating of traditional superhero action and the writers are going for most puns per line of dialogue.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-23 12:00

    Why so sexist? 😕

  • Kirsty
    2019-04-10 14:47

    Erm well this was disappointing. I think this is the first graphic novel I have struggled to finish. I normally find the artwork to be the savior of a bad story line and although the art in this is admirable the story was just so dire nothing could rescue it. The dialogue was all over the place and fragmented to the extent that I was a bit unsure of what was happening at the best of times. It was supposed to be a Harley Quinn story but they crammed just about every DC character they could think of into it and failed to make Quinn a likable character. I get that she's a bad guy but if they have their own 'one shot'comic I expect there to be some understanding of the characters actions and there isn't. There is some kind of investigation into her motives that in the end isn't even resolved which is ridiculously disappointing. There was a chance here to introduce a genuine hard ass female villain into the Gotham fold but instead they made her a weepy womb face, heartbroken over her male counterpart the Joker who is portrayed as a superior villain even in her freaking comic! Why even make a Harley Quinn one shot? I don't get what the intention of this comic even was?Boo Hiss! I am so over this sexism shit!

  • Michael
    2019-03-24 14:49

    Die Liebe zu Mr J. hat Harley Quinn buchstäblich in den Wahnsinn getrieben, und was tut frau nicht aus alles aus Liebe? Mehrfach hat die psychopathische Psychiaterin den Joker aus dem Arkham Asylum befreit, so blind vor Liebe, dass sie nicht einmal wahrhaben will, dass der Joker ihrer überdrüssig ist und sie beseitigen will.PRELUDES AND KNOCK-KNOCK JOKES versammelt Harley Quinn 1-7 aus den Jahren 2000 / 01 und ist der ideale Einstieg für alle, die Harley lieben - und wer täte das nicht? Schließlich ist sie die skurrilste, durchgeknallteste, wortwitzigste, schrillste und liebenswerteste Bösewichtin in Gotham (und sie ist sexy!).Die PRELUDES sind äußerst unterhaltsam und kurzweilig zu lesen, und Harleys Wortspiele, ihre Mimik und die Filme, die nur in ihrem Kopf ablaufen, sorgen für einen Lacher nach dem anderen. Terry Dodsons Artwork, die hier oft sehr cartoonhaft daher kommt, orchestriert Karl Kesels Handlung und Wortwitz perfekt.

  • Boots
    2019-04-10 19:40

    let's face it: this is a character who was defined by her relationship to the joker. you take mister j out of the equation and really, what do you have left? gymnast dingbat in a silly clown suit.terry dodson is the best artist for this series. the figures, the facial expressions, and the environments are all larger than life and let's face it, harley belongs in the animated series from whence she came. kesel manages fun storylines, but overall it's just too goofy ~ she's not credible in this world; she's a walking toon. i would really like to see an honest crack at making her work in comic book gotham (i'm just pretending the suicide squad thing isn't happening right now). while this outing is good for a few laughs, in the end it's just cheap, weirdly oversexualized, and if it's going to be silly, it lacks the appealing punch & judy horror/hilarity of her and the joker trading punches ~ which is what made her a hot commodity in the first place.

  • Brooke
    2019-04-15 20:05

    5.0I have never in my life read a Harley Quinn comic until now. I've always been a fan of comics, but usually when I need to learn a huge arc (such as A Death in the Family), I look up videos online instead of reading the comics. I've also always been a huge fan of Harley Quinn, ever since I sat down and watched the animated series. Harley is a delightful character in this comic, and makes it an easy and quick read. She has a certain charm to her that can't be beat.This comic not only reminds me of my love for the animated series, but also my love for Harley as a character. This is a great pick up if you're just beginning to look at Harley Quinn's comics.

  • Trish
    2019-03-28 14:05

    I didn't realize how much I was going to like Harley Quinn!This graphic novel starts off with Harley breaking out Mister J and the escapades only escalate from there, in the first book. I loved the brutality of both, Harley and Joker, and the disintegration of the relationship. The rest of the stories gave more insight into Harley, yet the continuing story did taper.She is cruel and really doesn't care about the Havok she reaps. Humor was well-paced, but some characters felt out of place. Riddler felt like a token Batman villain thrown in for the sake of it. And I wasn't a fan for most of the 'slumber party'. I also love the naivity and silliness of her first "groupy".I would happily read more about Miss Quinn. And, my heart goes out to her and her doomed life-like.

  • Mari Julieboe
    2019-04-02 19:43

    I was hoping for more Harley/Ivy, but I guess I got my share in the beginning... It was nice to see some of Harley's vulnerability in the beginning, but as it went on it got more action-focused which isn't always my cup of tea. And I know she used to do gymnastics, but some of those poses are a bit too much (ass). Hoping for more Poison Ivy in the next one!

  • Kassandra
    2019-04-03 12:56

    So the old continuity Harley, bcak in the days when she was just learning to be independent.I do like these books even if they changed some major Harley points (like her backstory and how she and The Joker got aquainted) I still think that they did a good job expressing who Harley is as a character and of course keeping the story light and funny to stick with the Harley vibe.

  • Jenna
    2019-04-08 16:44

    Funny and light-hearted Harley Quinn with more of the gags than manic episodes. Nice to see her go out on her own and seeing her with her own henchmen was entertaining.

  • Jess
    2019-03-30 11:51

    This was a fun Harley Quinn book. I will say having read the newer Harley solo series and this one I see some similarities. Most people complain that in her new 52 series she "started making pop culture references and puns all the time" There's pop culture references in this book and tons of puns. At one point Harley literally says "Hot Patootie bless my soul" which is a Rocky Horror reference. So I feel like anyone making complaints about the new series and calling harley a deadpool rip off clearly hasn't read this book. Harley's been making puns and references for years. Maybe not as many as she does in the new 52 series but this isn't something new. This was a fun read. I really liked the writing and the art but it's not my favorite Harley series. I kind of prefer her solo series in the new 52, Harley and Ivy, and Gotham City Sirens to this one so far. I kind of thought it was shitty of Catwoman to steal from Harley and since they are friends I feel like she wouldn't have done that in universe. I feel like the writers had her steal from Harley to move the plot forward. I think my favorite part of the book was the caper at Wayne Manor and the issue with Big Barda. It was hilarious. I liked that they started to go into Harley's backstory a little in this and I really cant wait to see where that goes.All in all it's a great read.

  • Tomas
    2019-03-25 13:53

    Originally I wanted to review this book with only one word : "Horrible". But then I decided that this word might not fully explain why I hated it so much. First of all I promised myself that I would not bother with Harley Quinn anymore but I had to buy this one because it is part of DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection. And I am sure that I will never open it again. Jokes in this book are for people who never heard a joke before. When Harley works for Joker everything must be a joke, when it is Two-Face every single dialogue must contain at least couple of two-puns. Story was supposed to show the progress in Harley how she get from dependent in-love Joker hench-woman to independent gang leader. It is there but everything is dumb and unsubtle. Dialogues are on the porn level complexity. Well actually I do not know if I am not offending porn too much.Art varies from page to page drastically. There is a character who gets hit by Harley with a baseball bat and on one page you see this person in the cartoon-style with birds around her head and on the other panel she is realistically drawn with blood everywhere. Quite disturbing.

  • Jenny Clark
    2019-03-25 17:39

    Loosing a star for the art going from decent to chibi style cartoonish, and the really bad puns throughout. Other than that, it was good. The puns are part of Harley so I can half forgive them, but they are just all so bad. I do love how Ivy has been there since the beginning for Harley, and how she is getting a backbone. I'm not sure when exactly this was published, but it is a good showing of Harley changing. I do like the fact that she realizes Joker is bad for her, but yet she still loves him and cries over him, and then decides to prove herself by herself since she had always been a sidekick.Her rescuing the hyenas was also sweet as anything. I also like how most of this will be pulled into the New 52 and Rebirth, with her loosing her first love at a young age starting the whole spiral, and with her not crying over Joker then, since she did here. I feel like her character could be a whole lot darker, but for a first book, this is a solid start, and had they left her a playful crazy rather than a dark crazy in Suicide Squad, the fact that she is not dark would not bother me at all.

  • João Batista
    2019-03-28 15:40

    Para início de conversa, foram lidos em português...só que na versão da 'querida' EaglemossBr, que, além de não cadastrar ISBN corretamente, logo na página 1 da coleção de 1-7 e não de 4 livros, como mostrado aqui nestes em inglês, traz 'caidaça' e 'cês' (para vocês). Pelo menos, o humor está bem dosado. E, para quem ainda não sabe, aqui há de tudo o que as mulheres que lutam pelos seus direitos (Hera Venenosa também?) não querem ver. Um pouco de carreira solo de Harley e logo depois, entre amigas. Uma busca por capangas e nada de aparecer o Morcego.Se for para ficar contando as 'brasileirices' desta edição com "tradutores/editores" e uma revisora... "Duca", "Sussa", "o fato DELE ter...", "ela pode TÁ certa", "taqui" e outros jeitinhos brasileiros de 'traduzir'.