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Libertino. Devasso. Debochado. Três adjetivos que podiam descrever Michael Stirling na perfeição. Bem conhecido nas festas londrinas, quer desempenhasse o papel de sedutor ou o papel de seduzido, uma coisa era certa: nunca entregava o coração. Ele teria até acrescentado a palavra “pecador” ao seu cartão de visita se não achasse que isso mataria a pobre mãe.Mas ninguém é imLibertino. Devasso. Debochado. Três adjetivos que podiam descrever Michael Stirling na perfeição. Bem conhecido nas festas londrinas, quer desempenhasse o papel de sedutor ou o papel de seduzido, uma coisa era certa: nunca entregava o coração. Ele teria até acrescentado a palavra “pecador” ao seu cartão de visita se não achasse que isso mataria a pobre mãe.Mas ninguém é imune ao amor. Quando a seta de cupido atinge Michael, dá início a uma longa e tortuosa paixão – pois o alvo dos seus afetos, Francesca Bridgerton, tem casamento marcado com o seu primo. Mas isso foi antes. Agora, Francesca está novamente livre. Infelizmente, ela vê Michael apenas como um ombro amigo – até à fatídica noite em que lhe cai inocentemente nos braços, e a paixão se revela mais poderosa e intensa do que o mais perverso dos segredos…...

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A Bela e o Vilão Reviews

  • Shawna
    2019-04-19 15:28

    5 stars – Historical/Regency RomanceI’ll be honest, this is the book that attracted me to Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons to begin with and the story that I was most looking forward to reading in the series. I mean, with a title like “When He Was Wicked”? Well, I knew I simply couldn’t pass it up. Although I really liked this, surprisingly, it’s not my favorite of the series. That honor is still tied between the breathtaking, fairy tale romance An Offer From a Gentleman and the sweet, whimsical Romancing Mister Bridgerton, both of which I loved immensely. The main reason I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as I’d hoped is because I found the heroine, Francesca, rather frustrating. Of course I felt sorry for her being widowed young and for the pain and grief she endured, but her wishy-washy attitude toward Michael really annoyed me at times. It seemed as if she sensed his hidden feelings and deep yearning all along and that she liked having him at her emotional and sensual beck and call. I honestly didn’t feel like she gave him much in return with her companionship, other than managing his estate, until towards the end that is, and there were times that I really wondered why the heck he was so completely enamored of her. But then who can possibly predict what attracts one person to another or claims to know the great, elusive mystery that is love, anyway? It is certainly not I, my friends.Michael is such a loyal, caring, to die for, wickedly sexy, dirty talkin’ (oh my, yes!) hero, and his unrequited love for Francesca broke my heart several times over. And the love scenes? WOWZA! Let’s just say that the title is absolutely fitting. It has an endearingly sweet, deeply touching, and achingly romantic ending that brought some serious tears to my eyes, soothed my irritation with Francesca, and improved my overall enjoyment and rating. And I highly recommend reading the second epilogue, When He Was Wicked: The Epilogue II, which gives a beautiful glimpse into their future and solidifies that they truly belong together. 5 stars!Oh, and one final thought. If I had a nickel for every time Francesca uttered the phrase “I don’t know” in this, I’d be able to buy a book! That drove me crazy!

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-04-02 16:43

    My Review:This, the 6th installment of the Bridgerton series, is so different from the rest of the stories that it took me by surprise – a pleasant surprise. Having read and found the previous books lighter, funnier reads, I hadn’t expected to find this one much different. If there was ever any question as to Ms. Quinn’s ability to write a more intense, deeper story, When He Was Wicked has answered it with a resounding yes! When He Was Wicked is the story of Michael Stirling, Rake Extraordinaire, who has finally met the one woman who makes him want to give up his wicked ways for a life filled with love and family. It’s the story of Francesca Bridgerton, beautiful, sophisticated…everything Michael could want… except, there’s a small problem; she’s in love with and married to Michael’s cousin John, and while that keeps Michael from acting on his feelings, it doesn’t stop him from wanting her. Francesca loves Michael as a cousin, dear friend and confidant, but nothing more.And then one tragic night, without any warning at all, Francesca finds herself widowed and devastated and needing Michael’s friendship more than ever, but because his feelings run so much deeper and he feels horribly guilty because of it, he won’t allow himself to become any more vulnerable to her than he already is…But one night, when loneliness and desire can no longer be denied, they find themselves being swept away by a kiss that holds more passion, more pleasure and more fulfillment than anything either of them had ever felt before. This one kiss, they both knew, had changed their lives forever. Feeling that she was somehow betraying John’s memory by caring for Michael this way, Francesca runs away to Scotland to gather her thoughts. Michael is having none of that now that his feelings are finally out in the open, and decides to pursue her and win her however it takes. He tries reasoning with her, wooing her, all to no avail. So, what’s a reformed rake to do? Seduce her, of course! And seduce her, he does. Pulling out all the stops he does whatever he has to do to make her give into her feelings and see that what they have is not something to feel guilty or ashamed of, rather something to be cherished.While I love all of the books in the Bridgerton series, When He Was Wicked had something…more. The sexual tension in this book is amazing, as are the intimate scenes themselves. If you’re looking for a romance novel with depth, conflict, passion, and a happily ever after ending, this is the book for you. Though it is part of the series, this story is separate enough from the rest of the Bridgerton’s lives to easily be read as a stand-alone novel. I hope to find more stories of this caliber amongst Ms. Quinn’s writings.

  • Khanh (the meanie)
    2019-04-08 18:30

    This book recounts the age-old tale of falling in love with your best friend's girl...but what happens when you get your chance at her hand, albeit at the loss of your best friend through his untimely death?This is a beautiful Regency romance on grief, loss, and moving on. I've read and mostly loved all the books featuring the Bridgerton family, and this is the book I return to time after time because I think it is the best in the series. It is written in your typical inestimable Julia Quinn style, so expect to burst out in giggles every so often, but it is one of her more serious and well-written novels. The topic is not touched on lightly, the pain, the guilt, the resignation and denial are all there; you want stages of grief, you got it. It's a 5-hanky book. Possibly more, depending on the quality of your handkerchiefs (lace won't hold up here). The characters are intricate and well described, complex in their thoughts and believable in how they mature. It's not a perfect book; I had some problems with the characters and plot, but overall, it is very well-written and remains one of my favorites in the Regency genre. The writing. THE WRITING. Did I mention the writing? It flows so naturally, so eloquently without being flowery and prosaic. Julia Quinn's earlier works have the ability to make me laugh, cry, swoon, and this ranks among her best.Michael has been in love with Francesca since he saw her, which ordinarily wouldn't be a bad thing since he's a very eligible bachelor...but they met at Francesca's engagement party. To Michael's cousin and best friend. What makes it worse for him is that they are so compatible; unlike his other conquests, he truly enjoys her company; Francesca and Michael end up liking each other immensely. They wind up becoming good friends after her marriage to his cousin; he hides his pain and feelings for her through his usual light-hearted debauchery. They laugh together, tease each other, have fun together, all the while with Francesca blissfully happy in her marriage with her Lord John and blithely oblivious at the pain Michael is suffering despite his outwardly vivacious facade.His love for her is confounding, love at first sight, as clichéd as it may sound...but unlike the usual story when the hero/heroine falls inexplicably in love, Julia Quinn has a lovely way of putting his abstract and inexplicable attraction to Francesca in words:"It wasn’t her hair, that rich, lush wave of chestnut that he was rarely so privileged as to see down. And it wasn’t even her eyes, so radiantly blue that men had been moved to write poetry—much, Michael recalled, to John’s everlasting amusement. It wasn’t even in the shape of her face or the structure of her bones; if that were the case, he’d have been obsessed with the loveliness of all the Bridgerton girls; such peas in a pod they were, at least on the outside.It was something in the way she moved.Something in the way she breathed.Something in the way she merely was."Tell me you don't get a lump in your throat after reading that.And Michael would never dream of betraying his cousin, his best friend. He loves John as much as he loves Francesca, and betraying either of them would be an unimaginably atrocious act. Michael is willing to and is determined to spend his life devoted to maintaining the happiness of the two people he loves most in life. So imagine how torn he feels when his chance inevitably come in a way he never would have dreamed of or wished for: John dies (NOT A SPOILER). He now has the chance to make Francesca his? Dare he take it? No. He flees all the way to India because he couldn't find a way to deal with his grief, much less with Francesca's, on top of his conflicting emotions for her, and doesn't return until he felt "he could be with Francesca in friendship, without feeling as if he were a thief, plotting to steal what he’d coveted for so long," which only took him several years. Michael is not a perfect character, lest I make him sound like too much of a martyr. He's a coward at times, running away from his feelings and his responsibilities when he inherits the earldom upon his cousin's death, and to be honest, I wanted to smack him repeatedly, particularly towards the end of the book, when he starts acting like a patronizing asshole towards Francesca. However, his love for Franesca remains constant, and I can't find it in my heart to dislike him much.Francesca is a wonderful character. Spirited and bright, having grown up in the loud and lively Bridgerton bosom. She likes Michael, she loves John. Lest the reader believes her relationship with John was terrible, in a book setting her up to inevitably be with Michael in the end, it's not. She loves her marriage and her husband. "He was her kindred spirit, so like her in so many ways. But it had, in a strange sort of fashion, been a relief to exit her mother’s home, to escape to a more serene existence with John, whose sense of humor was precisely like hers.He understood her, he anticipated her.He completed her."Obviously, she suffers upon her husband's death, but it comes as a double loss when she miscarries his child. Within a short time, she lost her husband, her unborn child, then her friend Michael through his flight to India, but she survives and comes to terms with the loss. What is harder for her to come to terms with is her growing feelings for Michael, whom she has always seen as akin to a brother. Until one day when she, in turn looks at him."But suddenly… But now…She’d looked at him, and she’d seen something entirely new.She’d seen a man.And it scared the very devil out of her."...then she, too, runs away.Here are two people trying to move on with their life, trying to get past their grief, trying to ignore their growing attraction for each other. Trying not to fall in love, trying not to forget the man they both loved so much, the one who will always be a part of them. Both of them have so much to deal with in reconciling that their love is not a betrayal of memory or trust or friendship, and the book does a tremendous job of portraying that.I also loved the presence of Violet Bridgerton in this novel. She is the matriarch of the Bridgerton clan, mother to eight young children, and it is she in whom Francesca turns to for advice and comfort at her own loss. Violet knows only too well what Francesca went through, having been widowed herself at a young age. Even if she does not get much screen time, I so enjoyed seeing her reveal a little bit of herself and her own grief. We have only ever seen Violet as the steel-cored matriarch who has raised eight young children on her own, and given not much thought to what she must have been suffering all these years. I loved seeing her through the veneer of perfection, giving her own advice to Francesca here.Some latter parts of the book were weak; Michael and Francesca spent as much time fighting with each other as with themselves, and I grew frustrated with both. However, this book remains one of the best Regency romances on my shelf, and I highly recommend it.

  • Didi
    2019-03-27 19:46

    4.5 STARSI loved this. I haven't read this series in order, I think I've read Sophie's story, but that's it. I've been told that the Bridgertons are entwined throughout the series so it's best read in order. But I gotta tell you, I loved this anyways and never felt I was lost or not privy to previous developments. I do plan on reading the rest of the series and only wish they're as good as this one.So, Michael Stirling. The man had my attention from the first page. His forbidden love and acutely desperate longing for Francesca was so tangible, I felt every bit of his anguish. I also loved him to pieces. He played the rogue, the ever-unattainable rake, but his heart was locked for someone else. There were times I found it difficult to support Francesca in her time of indecisiveness. She could be so obtuse, so out of her mind sometimes that I wanted to scream. I especially felt that way towards the end when things finally got to a head. By then I was yelling internally! I never didn't like her though, because I won't even attempt to understand how guilty she felt. But I do believe she felt that way because the depth of her feelings for Michael was so deep, subconsciously so. But Michael, oh, the poor man! His pain was the perfectly orchestrated emotional angst I love. HR is among my fave sub-genres because I love reading and experiencing that time. It was so different, so pure yet constrictive. The fashion, food, emotional's all so interesting to read. But comedic HR, or low angst HR isn't really my thing. But this, the angst, depth of emotion, this is the HR I love. And Michael Stirling was the epitome of restrained desire. He reminded me of Sebastian St. Vincent from LK's, A Devil in Winter. They were very similar with their rakish behaviour and the subsequent helpless falling for a woman they wanted above all else. However, St. Vincent takes the cake for a man completely at a loss for how he feels. Anyways, this was beautiful, touching, very sensual and moving. I loved how time couldn't change Michael's heart, and how Francesca finally admitted to herself, yet Michael and we the readers already knew, that she loved him more than she ever thought possible, more than I dare say, John. Highly recommend this fantastic book, loved it.

  • Rane
    2019-04-17 12:58

    After four long years of mourning her beloved husband Francesca Bridgerton Stirling is finally going back into society. Still young, she feels the longing to be a mother, and has decided to find herself a husband. But when her husband’s cousin and once her close friend returns, her simple plan seems to fly out the window.Michael Stirling has been in love with Francesca for many years, and after the sudden death of his cousin, his life was turned upside down. Feeling he was betraying his cousin’s memory by loving Francesca, ran away to India for four years. Now that he has return, his mind has finally settle into his new role of Earl and his grief has passed, he’s not surprised he’s still deeply in love with Francesca, but when he finds out she wants to remarry he’s shocked, but when a plan starts to form in his head, he decides to finally risk it all on love and marry Francesca himself!When he was Wicked has a tragic tone throughout the book, starting with the sudden death of John Stirling, Francesca’s husband and Michael’s cousin. The tone and pace never faulted but did run into a few bumps in the road.Francesca is the lead whom changed the most, stuck in limbo after John’s death, she’s having to deal with life after a love one’s death. Turning to Michael the only other person whom loved John as much as she, was hurt when he just up and left. Not understanding that her words cut him deeply as he was to take over the role of his cousin whom he loved and seeing the woman he loved and now being to help her.. Through the book Francesca comes out from the shadows and starts to see life, but sees Michael as a man not as a friend but more. Francesca was said to be more of the loner from the Bridgerton’s with a cool head and calm persona. Sadly, she came across as more wishy-washy, always assuming she knew Michael and what he was thinking, then being hurt when she figured out she truly didn’t know the Michael now. I can fully understand her grief toward her husband, but I didn’t understand sometimes why she come across as spiteful, although she did eat crow a few times, I thought it was out of character. She did grow a see she her second chance at love with Michael and grabbed it with both hands.Michael was scared, thrown into a role, he always saw his cousin in, then having to deal with lost and feeling he was hurting his cousin’s memory by loving Francesca. It took a long time for Michael to come to terms with all the changes in his life. But when he returned, he was more stable, more mature and ready for the role he now held. Michael could be a butthead, but he was still trying to hide his love for Francesca, but when a idea is given to him, he can’t let it go and goes out to win Francesca hand in marriage. Michael was at times more open minded to things around him then Francesca, maybe because he loved her but I felt he moved on, where Francesca still needed that push in the right direction I liked Michael and how he kept that love close to his heart for so many years and was happy he finally was able to give that love and be loved in returned.If read as a stand alone, this book made great sense, but reading it in a series and order was kinda strange. In the time line this book takes place at the same time as Romancing Mister Bridgerton and To Sir Phillip, With Love. Luckily, they don’t dwell to much on those books, but it did feel odd to see a single Colin in the start (and half way through) the book then a sudden marriage from Eloise.The love scenes were pretty steamy for JQ, with a almost frenzy feel to them as Michael ignites the passion and love in Francesca, whom never felt that way before. It did take a little while for Francesca to see her love for Michael, but when she does it brings a tear to your eye as they exchange “I Love You.”Overall: a beautifully written story of second chances at love that don’t come everyday and to everybody, but when they do, one should grab them with both hands and hold them close to your heart.

  • Eastofoz
    2019-04-10 12:36

    Ahh Julia Quinn, the best comfort read out there. Not only is this an excellent comfort read but it’s comfort with a surprising twist. I had to check more than once that I was reading a Juia Quinn and not Lisa Kleypas whose steam scenes can be a whole lot steamier than Quinn’s. This book was fantastic!Filled with emotion that starts out simmering and ends up ready to firecracker high in the sky, here’s the story of Francesca Bridgerton and Michael Stirling friends/cousins through Francesca’s husband. It’s an unrequieted love story for Michael but he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the friendship he has with the two. Well “things” happen and Francesca finds herself a free woman. Michael tries to help her overcome her profound sadness and slowly their relationship becomes something more than just friends all the while having the reader's heart wrench with emotion. Quinn packs a wallop when it comes to the intimacy these two share as well as what some of the secondary characters say. Cry-o-rama kleenex-fest!Both the h/h were exceptionally well-drawn characters. Their uncertainty as to whether they should fight the attraction is heart breaking and never feels like here-we-go-again filler. Some of the steam scenes are waaayy steamier than typical Julia Quinn fare which made the characters come to life even more. It’s a much more risqué novel than any of the others in the series. This story takes place at the same time as To Sir Phillip, With Love so you hear about some of the previous characters but they aren’t actually present which was a nice change.The story itself just keeps you turning those pages well into the night saying "ohhh just one more chapters it's only 2am" ;-), the ending is totally be-still-my-heart killer and if this isn’t keeper shelf material I don’t know what is :D

  • Linds
    2019-03-24 12:31

    This is definitely the most intense of the Bridgerton series that I've read so far. Francesca Bridgerton is Michael's ultimate "Jessie's Girl." He has been completely in love with her since the first time he met her. She is his cousin's (who is like a brother to him) wife. He never tries to win her, or even wish for her, but has resigned himself to bitter acceptance and self hatred for secretly wanting his cousin's wife. He tamps all his feelings down and is ashamed of himself.Well, the cousin dies in the first chapter, and Michael inherits the title. He freaks out a bit about gaining incredible wealth and property only through his cousin's death (who he truly loved.) So he runs away to India for four years.When he comes back he realizes that he still loves Francesca more than ever, only now she is available. He's taken his cousin's house and all his money, is he supposed to take his wife too? So there is lots and lots of angst and guilt and unrequited love.Michael is a great hero and is really the draw of this book. Francesca is not a bad heroine but she really does put Michael through the wringer with her indecisiveness. It gets a bit irritating.So far this is my favorite in the series. If you liked the other ones, you'll like this too.

  • Susanna Herrero
    2019-04-10 13:28

    Muy bonito, aunque el final quizás algo precipitado, y me hubiera gustado un epílogo de ellos dos y que ella reaccionara antes.

  • Iliada
    2019-04-17 15:49

    This one is one of the very best in the series, surpassed only by Colin and Penelope's story in my opinion.Francesca has always been strangely absent in this series. It's been four years since I read the first books but if I'm not mistaken she's only been mentioned but is never actually there until her own book. I see now that there is a reason for that. Francesca doesn't really fit in with the rest of the Bridgertons. Her personality is different, I would say she's more serious or at least more reserved than her siblings. Because I didn't know Francesca at all before her own book, I didn't know what to expect from this one.Francesca may not be my favourite Bridgerton - or heroine in this series in general - but she can hold her own and she stands out for different reasons.Apart from the shallow reasons to like this book: the "I've loved you for years" and the "friends-to-lovers" tropes, two of my favourite tropes combined in this book, Michael's unfailing and all-consuming love for Francesca renders this a devastating read.This is not the typical JQ, but, may I say, possibly even better.

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-04-14 14:36

    3.5 stars I really loved the first part of the book and I absolutely adored the hero, Michael. I did like Francensca in the beginning as well; it was the last pages that changed my opinion of hers. Phrases like "I don't know what I want", "I don't want to think about it", "I don't want to decide on that now" were her train of thought for much longer than I was willing to accept and forgive. Like an ostrich, she hid her head in the ground and willfully refused to see or think about the truth. I can accept such immature behavior for a small time but not for too long; Francesca clearly passed my limit. And poor Michael, besotted that he was, didn't press her for more or leave her on her own until she did at last make her own mind, which seemed the logical thing to do in my mind.So is it 3 or 4 stars for me? The first 280 pages, were certainly deserving a 4; it was a passionate and deeply emotional love story, between two people who'd been through a lot. The ending however let me down, first with Francesca's silly behavior and secondly, because I realised that in the end I didn't know her very well. Besides her loyalty and good looks, what else do we know of her? Does she have any humor at all? Does she like reading? Poetry? Music? Walking in the park? Riding? Is she impetuous? Clever? Cunning? Witty? Lazy? Hard working? There is absolutely no interaction with the rest of her siblings to see more aspects of her character besides the loyal wife in her. There is also the fact that there's no mention of what happens with Michael's illness or if they got any children at all in the end, which was another loose thread for me. So in the end, I'll settle for a 3, but I do recommend it to those readers who've already read the previous Bridgerton books. It's a nice addition to the series, even if it could use some fine tuning.

  • Jasmin
    2019-03-28 13:44

    Preparations necessary when reading When He Was Wicked:Materials needed:bucket of ice -to douse the heathandkerchief -to wipe off the sweatblood pressure cuff and heart rate monitor -to monitor if your BP and pulse are still in safe levelsguardian angel -to prevent infection of wickednessoptional:handcuffs -to prevent being wickedsedative -to reduce excitementPreferential reading temperature:20° or lower -things can get hotPrecautions:(1) Breathe slowly. (Especially when approaching Chapter 17)(2) Stay away from coffee. (to minimize levels of stress)(3) Don't forget to breathe. (I must put emphasis on breathing)(4) Don't forget it is Julia Quinn who created WHWW(5) At this point, a sedative might come in handy.Alternative titles for the book(1)When Julia Quinn Was Wicked(2)Read If You Want to Get WickedAdditional words of advice:Get your hands on this book now and witness how Julia Quinn becomes wicked. Also, wickedness is infectious, so caution is needed to not catch it.

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-04-18 12:50

    *Fanning myself*Goodness. This book should get two stars from me, but here's an interesting fact; Michael Stirling rates an entire star on his own. I found myself frustrated with Francesca's behavior. It's not that I couldn't understand it, just that it dragged on for far too long. I've noticed that a propensity to draw out a story is one of the weaknesses in Quinn's writing. This isn't the only book of hers I've read that had me heaving a sigh, rolling my eyes, and uttering -But if you can get past the drawn out melodrama, Michael Stirling is quite a hunk o' man meat, and reading about him is certainly no chore.

  • Caz
    2019-04-17 19:34

    One of - if not THE - best of the Bridgerton series, this is a bit darker in tone than most of the others. I listened to the audiobook version, narrated by Simon Prebble, who does an absolutely wonderful job. I don't have time to write a full review at the moment, but perhaps one day...

  • Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    2019-03-29 17:38

    2.5 starsThis book...was slow.I didn't really find it as exciting as the rest of the Bridgerton series (n i've read them all.)Even though it did have the family's trilling flavour, the book lacked JQ's usual sarcastic humour and chemistry...though I guess the treasure hunting was supposed to make up for it.All in all an OK READ.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-03 15:47

    This is the ninth Quinn I've read, and always after finishing one of her books I've thought, well, that was quite nice and clever and well-written. There have been some books of hers I've rated two stars. There were quite a few I thought were good, solid three star reads, and then there wasRomancing Mister Bridgerton, which had many elements I loved. I consider it a favorite but not a five star read. All in all, while I've liked and enjoyed Julia Quinn's books, I never really got the hype until today.You guys, I'm about to board the love train for this book. Are you ready?I guess you could say Francesca, the heroine of this novel, was always the "mystery Bridgerton." The Bridgerton kids mentioned her in other novels, but did she ever have a speaking part before this one? I think she was always just "our poor widowed sister in Scotland." I think that definitely worked in the author's favor. She got to build Francesca from scratch, so to speak, and the result was a character who was much different from the rest of the Bridgerton clan, all of whom are kind of bubbly and social in their own way. Apart from maybe Anthony Bridgerton, they had all known lovely existences and expected life to be wonderful and kind to them as they'd known almost nothing else but wealth, popularity, and love. Francesca was kind of the black sheep of the family, both in personality (she was definitely an introvert) and in that her husband, who she loved a great deal, died when she was only 22. The story focuses on the romance that eventually follows with Michael, her husband's cousin, and one of her best friends. Michael was a womanizer who was basically her project during her short first marriage: she was desperate to get him married off, yet had rather a fascination with his sordid stories about the things he got up to when he wasn't spending time with her. Michael, on the other hand, was always in love with Francesca, beat himself up about it constantly, and made a promise to himself never to show it. I liked that Francesca and Michael's problems weren't surface level ones! They were real grown-ups with real problems and their love story felt very genuine, in part because it lacked the sort of fairytale quality the other books had. Nothing extraordinary happened; the characters and plot were very grounded. But beyond that, this story felt genuine because it was subtle. Not to be a hater, but I didn't realize before this book that Quinn could do subtle. She's not shoving the couple in this book down your throat; indeed, they don't even kiss until the 60% mark of the novel, and everything before that is about the six years the hero and heroine have known each other--the times when their "friendship" was good, when it was strained, and the times when they couldn't even bear to be around each other. It was basically 200 pages of angst (not for every reader, but that is certainly my jam) that was romantic only because of the things I had to infer as a reader based on what we got in the text. And I loved it!I loved the heroine in this, particularly that she was so repressed yet also so sexually assertive, once she resigned herself to the fact that she wanted Michael. And, how remarkable was he? I mean, it may have taken six years for him and Francesca to finally kiss, but homeboy brought it hard after that! I don't think I've ever come across a book where the sex scenes genuinely advanced the story and character development as much as they did in this one, but beyond that I pretty much needed a cigarette after reading them.I think the thing I liked most about this book, however, was just how much the hero and heroine respected each other. They'd known each other for so much of their adult lives; they'd grieved together, managed an estate together, and they knew when to push and when to give each other their space. They deserved their happily ever after--this quiet, realistic one that wasn't corny, that didn't magically resolve all of their worries and fears, even at the very end.A solid 5 star read and a more-than-deserved spot on my favorites shelf.

  • KatieV
    2019-04-04 15:45

    hmmmm.... I'm very torn on the rating.This is my first JQ novel and not sure if it was the novel I picked or JQ that is not my style.Don't get me wrong I'm not saying she's a bad writer. She has legions of fans. I'm just not quite sure she's for me. Perhaps I should try one of her more humorous novels before giving up.The setup here was quite realistic in many ways and I was drawn into the first half. The loss of the heroine's first husband and hero's best friend/cousin was dealt with well. The first husband was not a monster or someone the heroine did not love as we so often see.I could completely understand why the hero was so tortured with survivor's guilt. He'd coveted his cousin John's wife and then the cousin dies leaving him the title of Earl and the heroine a widow. The hero, Michael, had loved the cousin like a brother since they were raised together. He did not wish him dead by any means. He never intended to act upon his love for the heroine. But, when John dies, Michael does something many of us do. He wonders if somehow his secret love for the heroine put bad vibes in the universe that resulted in John's death. It's irrational, but typical of human nature.Michael makes it a matter of honor to not pursue Francesca now that she is widowed. His guilt won't allow it for several years and he leaves for India.Finally he returns to England and this is where it began to fall apart for me. I just felt there was far too much dancing around the issue of will they/won't they. I understood the issues involved, but felt it was a bit belabored. If they had one more awkward conversation over tea I was going to scream. I wanted more excitement.I was also not real comfortable with all the comparison to Francesca's first husband going on in the bedroom and well... constantly. I realize John was a big part of both of their lives and would always be loved by both, but it's so not romantic (to me) to constantly have the specter of the dead ex hanging over everything.And for some reason, I never really connected with the heroine. We were told Michael loved her desperately and she was wonderful, but I never quite felt it. I realize she was in grief for a large part of the book and that had to put a damper on her fabulousness, but still...

  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    2019-04-13 15:45

    This book!!! Absolutely amazing! My fave Julia Quinn.

  • Cassandra Dexter Colby
    2019-04-02 16:57

    A ver cómo me explico... Estaba entre tres y cuatro estrellas. Desde luego, no parece de la serie Bridgerton porque apenas hay toques de humor, salvo cuando aparece Colinalsdkjfñalskjdgañsldkfas o la madre. Pero el tema me ha parecido interesante. Yo, que soy más rancia que las protagonistas de estas novelas y no me dejaría comer el tetamen así de buenas a primeras, me he puesto muy en la piel de Francesca. Puede cansar su actitud, es cierto, sobre todo SPOILER una vez que hay tema (y qué tema, qué calores cuando ella es perversa) con Michael FIN DE SPOILER. Pero yo no paraba de pensar en que a mí me sucediera algo tan dramático, la idea de "traicionar" al amor de tu vida con otra persona al volver a enamorarte, y más de un amigo, al que conoces como eso, como amigo, y no tienes en mente que pueda ser tu amante. Michael es un gran protagonista masculino, un adorafollable enagüil casi de manual. A Francesca hay que entenderla y yo creo que la entiendo hasta cierto punto, aunque algo ahostiable es a veces. Pero lo mismo era más ahostiable yo en su situación XDDDD

  • Grecia Robles
    2019-03-28 12:50

    ***3.5 ¿Francesca eres una Bridgerton? Stars***Mi libro favorito de esta serie sigue siendo el de Daphne y Simon y mi pareja favorita la de Colin y Penélope y mi amor de la vida Colin.Reconozco que es un libro diferente a los demás es más emocional a la pobre Francesca le pasó de todo perdió a su marido a los dos años de estar casada y también su embarazo, pero no sé porque no pude conectar con ella, tal vez será porque casi no salió en los anteriores libros por ser tan diferente a su familia no sé pero simplemente ella no me agradó la mayor parte de la historia no la soporté y su amor que nació de la nada no me la creí.En cambio a Michael lo adoré y en todo el libro me partió el corazón su sufrimiento de su amor no correspondido por parte de Francesca saber que es el amor de su vida y que no puede tenerla porque es la esposa de su primo y ahora viuda. Su personalidad me encantó aunque lo quisieron poner al nivel de Colin hasta más acechado pero naaah no le llega todavía al nivel.Las partes que más me gustaron again sigue siendo donde sale Colin y ahora la hizo de cupido ay me enamoré más de él.La historia no me convenció del todo por Francesca pero sin duda es mucho mejor que la anterior y el protagonista o sea Michael infinitamente mejor así que todas la estrellas se las doy a él

  • Claudia
    2019-04-18 18:56

    He disfrutado mucho de esta relectura; creo que más incluso que la primera vez que leí la novela, que fue hace tanto que guardaba un recuerdo un poco difuso; ni siquiera tenía claro quién era Francesca más allá de ser "la Bridgerton menos Bridgerton". Pero ahora me he reencontrado con ella y con Michael y su preciosa y original historia y me ha encantado hacerlo ♥

  • Teresa
    2019-04-16 15:43

    This was by far my favorite book of this series, and it's not even close. Honestly, when I started these books, I was looking forward to this one so much...just based on the title. Yep. Because oh I do love the wicked ones. But, confession, I have yet to truly love and connect to any book in this series. There is something about the writing (the over use of certain words) and the pacing that has made these books ones I can set down for days before getting back to. And I can't read them back to back. So it was surprising to me that I did so after finish the just ok previous book. Probably, again, because of the title. I made the mistake of reading the prologue before bed, and I couldn't put it down. The entire story felt like a different type of book from any in this series, and I loved it for it. It was more angst, more emotions, more depth, more more more. I loved Michael. I loved Francesca and how different she was from her family (more reserved). I loved their emotional turmoil. I devoured this book and wanted even more (thank goodness I have a second epilogue in the future)! I think the things that sometimes bog me down with the writing were still there, but I was so engrossed in the story, I hardly noticed.

  • Naty Levin
    2019-03-30 13:45

    El único comentario que voy a hacer es: Michel es escocés, y los protagonistas escoceses no decepcionan. A Francesca un sacudon le daba yo para que se avive un poco. En fin, poca conexión con esta Bridgerton, pero todo mi cariño para el señor Stirling.

  • R.
    2019-04-08 15:45

    I had two primary concerns going into When He Was Wicked: 1) I was curious to see what Quinn would do with a heroine who GASP isn't a virgin!!1 and 2) I was pretty sure she'd never given more than like five minutes thought to Francesca until it was time to write this book.Francesca was (prior to this book and following it, honestly) the Invisible Bridgerton. I'm fairly certain that she's only ever present in a scene once in the previous five books, and that's a scene wherein Simon Bassett can't tell her and Eloise apart, so it's entirely possible (and likely since the dialogue in the scene was very, very Eloise) that she literally never had a single line of dialogue before her own book. On top of that she's rarely, if ever, mentioned except in the most casual passing fashion, and the only specific reference to her goings-on that I can recall is when Penelope Featherington reflects on the fact that Francesca was married and soon after widowed at some point in the rather large time gap between An Offer from a Gentleman and Romancing Mr. Bridgerton.Quinn's solution for Concern #2 was simple: she immediately establishes Francesca as an independent and reserved soul who, while she loves her massive, boisterous family, generally prefers being off and away from them doing her own thing. How convenient!While that's a perfectly fine personality archetype and Francesca is, indeed, a perfectly fine character, the disconnection from the rest of the Bridgertons necessitated by it means that a huge draw of the series -- the interplay between the Bridgerton family -- is almost wholly absent from the book. Julia Quinn pretty obviously struggles a bit around the middle of the novel attempting to make up for this deficiency by inserting Colin into Michael's half of the narrative essentially for no other reason than to troll him and, I imagine, add some interest by including an appearance from a beloved character. And while it did predictably, delight me, Colin doesn't really belong in this narrative. Indeed, the contrast between how forced his appearance is in this book and how perfectly it fit in To Sir Phillip, with Love is stark. Colin, Eloise, and Francesca's stories all take place concurrently, but while Colin and Eloise's complement each other narratively, structurally, and emotionally, Francesca's, much like Francesca herself, is clearly an afterthought.Which isn't to say that Francesca is in any way unbearable, again, she's perfectly fine! Or that the book itself is. It's not. Now, Michael isn't all that exciting given how many ~rakes~ we've seen at this point -- almost all of them more interesting than him -- and while his pining for Francesca surprisingly never turns the corner to gross, let's not pretend anyone really cares all that much about his manpain. However, his interactions with Francesca are passably charming -- though, honestly, actually moreso before they become involved. But the book as a whole is just... flat. Francesca's closed off nature (and, again, Quinn's obvious lack of interest in her) makes her almost inscrutable as a character at times, and even though she's the lead, you never quite feel like you've gotten into her head. The emotion in the early portion of the book, when she's with John and immediately following his death, is strong and affecting, but after that it just sort of flounders and never really picks up again. Likely because it skips ahead to when she's pretty much over it (or as over it as anyone can be).Then the book just dives into her and Michael and their attraction, which is when we finally get to Concern #1. As a widow, Francesca is the only female romantic lead in the Bridgerton series who is not virginal upon her first encounter with the male lead, and I was extremely excited to see how Julia Quinn handled a woman who isn't just learning and stands hopelessly ignorant about the needs and desires of her own body (not that there's anything wrong with that, nor to say that Quinn doesn't actually do pretty well with regard to portraying the various ladies' sexual awakenings, as I think that she does). It turns out, Quinn pretty much just dives in. But much like I actually liked Francesca and Michael's banter more before they became involved, I mostly found them much sexier before... they actually had sex. Whereas the other heroines in the series are, as mentioned, blushing virgins finding out what this and this and that does, Quinn pretty much takes Francesca straight to dominatrix porn star, which cool. And yet! Not doing much for me, personally, alas.But points for trying. I guess that's my feeling on this book as a whole actually. Points for trying, but ehhh.I'd probably have to count this the weakest in the series.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-08 15:36

    “You have to say it,” he said. “If you feel it, then you have to say it. I’m a greedy bastard and I want it all.”She looked up at him, her eyes bright. “I love you.”Michael touched her cheek. “I have no idea what I did to deserve you,” he said.“You didn’t have to do anything,” she whispered. “You just had to be.”*whimpers* Sorry. My heart needs a moment to deal with the sudden onslaught of feels.When He Was Wicked was without a doubt the most emotionally draining of the Bridgerton books, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Quite the contrary in fact. Call me weak when it comes to pining heroes, complex heroines and smartly written romances that make me sigh AND cry because I loved this.One of the best things about the book was finally getting the opportunity to know Francesca since she was the one Bridgerton I was most curious of, yet knew the least about apart from her being widowed young and living in Scotland. The reasons why soon became quite clear when Francesca’s personality was revealed. Unlike most of her like minded, boisterous siblings, Francesca was much more reserved in manner and chose her words carefully all while maintaining a definite air of good humor. I loved her immediately.And then there was Michael. Oh, Michael. He absolutely broke my heart by the way he really and truly knew and loved Francesca. Even when he convinced himself he could never have her and fled the country to put much needed distance between them, he could never let her go, not completely anyway. Michael was her best friend first and foremost and I appreciated that because it made his being in love with her more believable and genuine. He did make me really sad when he thought that marrying Francesca would be enough and that her loving him wasn’t necessary but still, I understood him.Michael dealt with a lot of guilt as a result of his love for Francesca, both before and after John’s death and Francesca soon followed suit. I loved how feelings of attraction and more crept up on Francesca, almost entirely without her permission, it felt more realistic that way. It was terrifying and confusing for her to feel so strongly for someone who wasn’t her beloved late husband, let alone her best friend and John’s cousin, Michael. Francesca had to muddle her way through her many mixed emotions on her own, much as she did after John died and Michael left. And while it felt like it took ages for these two to sort everything out, and I admit to becoming more than a little frustrated with the both of them towards the end, I didn’t mind the slow burn pace because neither Michael or Francesca were the type of people to dive head first into anything without thinking, especially in a situation as complicated as theirs was. So it made perfect sense for them to be cautious and reluctant to act upon what they were feeling. And even after they did consummate their shared passion physically again, and again, AND AGAIN (whoo!), sex didn’t magically solve everything because it never does.But once Francesca and Michael finally did reconcile with the fact that John would have more than likely approved of and been happy about their union, they were able to find some semblance of peace and acceptance that they did love each other and it was okay to do so. The scene at John’s grave in particular was all kinds of beautiful and heart wrenching. I cried. A LOT.Something else that I really loved about about Francesca and Michael’s romance was how their four-year separation actually made them better able to eventually fall in love. Michael gained perspective and purpose in life, while Francesca grew more independent and was given the time she needed to grieve and heal. Then when they reunited, they were different people; strong and able and open and ready to live again. And they found that they in fact became stronger together. It didn’t hurt that they had (arguably?) THE BEST love scenes of the series so far. This has become my favorite Bridgerton book, with Anthony and Colin’s books in a close 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

  • *Book-Lover*
    2019-03-22 12:35

    LOVED IT!!!This one definitely had a different feel than the previous books in the series. It's a bit darker, deals with the lovely Francesca Bridgerton and her newly wed husband, John KilMartin of only 2 years, when he complains of a headache, goes to take a sleep, and never wakes up...The surprising thing about this story was that Francesca and John are happily passionately in love with each other, when tradegy strikes, so your heart really breaks for her. Shockingly, your heart breaks for Micheal also, because the moment he first met Frannie was so monumental, that it forever changed his life...for this was the moment that Micheal fell head-over-heel, uncontrollably,unexpectedly in love with his cousin's(John) wife.I know right? Major NO-NO! Micheal has honor and respect of course, so he keeps his feelings hidden...shoved away in a box, constantly fighting to keep his feelings hidden when they're in the same room together.Fast-forward four years later, this story really takes shape(started off a bit slow). Frannie is coming out of mourning, gripped with the desire to have a child, and is considering re-marrying. Micheal finds himself still 100% in love with Frannie, after being gone for the past four years.I adored the internal struggle both the Hero and heroine had while they were reluctantly(Frannie) growing closer. It helped to build their relationship on a deeper emotional level, and Julia Quinn made it very believable to see the heroine fall in love with her deceased husband's cousin.I know; scandalous Surprising tid-bit, the steam factor seemed to skyrocket in this book, than in the previous books in the series!!!While the appearance of the Bridgertons was quite little(only Eloise, Hyacinth, Colin, Violet), it was still funny and wonderful!The Epilogue; I certainly wasn't expecting that letter, but when John's mom writes a letter to Micheal and ends it with; "And I hope you will not think me foolish when i also extend my thanks.Thank you, Micheal, for letting my son love her first."I did clutch my heart and get teary-eyed.Wonderful book in the series, if you're an HR fan, get into this series!

  • ♥Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness
    2019-04-07 17:53

    ....'Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Cousins Wife'....Straight away with this chapter of the Bridgerton series you notice how different it is from the prior. Firstly there is the very noticble lack of Bridgerton family presence. Also, there has never been any real mention of Francesca in the past books. I dont even remember her being married but apparently that happened also. Thinking back over the Brigerton Series to write these reviews I realised this was one of my favourites.Francesca (Frannue) is happily married to her first husband, John, Earl of Kilmartin, she has a great friendship with his cousin and best friend Michael,who in turn has been in love with her since he first laid eyes on her, but has kept his feelings to himself.At the start of the book John complains of a headache and goes to have a lie down. John dies leaving Francesca devastated. We learn later in the book that John suffered from an Anerism. While Michael inherits John's title ,land and wealth. While Francesca feels that her and Michael should be grieving together, Michael cannot be around Frannie becuase of his feeling. He flee's the country to India where he spends the next four years. Eventually arriving back in London, he finds upon seeing Frannie again that his feeling have never changed.This is a story of dealing with death ,unrequited love and trying to move on. I know the above description sounds very sad and morbid but have no fear for it has its usual wittiness and has oodles of sexual tension.

  • Zairobe25
    2019-03-30 19:46

    Tristemente esta serie esta decayendo, aquí leí más del 70% en diagonal, ya para el final es que se pone un poquito más interesante, me faltan las historias de dos hermanos, no estoy muy animada para leerlas.

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-04-17 18:32

    This is a beautiful and touching book. Michael and Francesca's story was not as lighthearted as the other Bridgerton sibling's books. While I did get frustrated with Francesca at times, overall, I was so engaged in both characters that any frustration was overshadowed by the delight of seeing their relationship develop. This is how lovers should begin, by building on a friendship, and letting the rest come naturally. Although this was a heartbreaking story at times, I do want to mention that the love scenes are some of the hottest that I've read in historical romance in awhile. Whew! I think some authors tend to downplay passion, especially in the regency time period, but these pages were smokin'!Overall, I loved this book! One of my faves of the series so far.

  • Yolanda
    2019-04-02 14:40

    me ha encantado. Michael y Francesca me han encantado y, como no, la aparición de Colin es LOVE. He tenido unos ratos de risa.. (view spoiler)[ cuando Colin habla con Michael en el club, me moría de risa. Y el momento en la biblioteca con Francesca.. me partía de risa con los dos (hide spoiler)]Los Bridgerton son encantadores

  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    2019-04-16 11:38

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