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A 12th century Irish woman sets out on the legendary voyage to America of Prince Madog of Wales. Part of the Celtic Knot SeriesAisling, despite her best efforts has failed to become the seer her mother desired, so when her mother dies leaving her alone, she departs Ireland for Wales to be with her brother, Cormac, at the royal court at Gwynedd. There she finds he is joininA 12th century Irish woman sets out on the legendary voyage to America of Prince Madog of Wales. Part of the Celtic Knot SeriesAisling, despite her best efforts has failed to become the seer her mother desired, so when her mother dies leaving her alone, she departs Ireland for Wales to be with her brother, Cormac, at the royal court at Gwynedd. There she finds he is joining Prince Madog’s voyage to the western lands in order to escape the threatening war. After Madog refuses to let her come with them she stows away, desperate to remain with her brother. A terrible storm arises and she is tossed overboard by a resentful Welshman and washes up on the shores of the Gulf Coast. Caxna, a Tlingit trader and former shaman, finds her and reluctantly agrees to let her join him on a trading journey to the Mayan city of Xicallanca, and later Etowah (in modern day Georgia) in the hopes she might find Madog and her brother. Caxna must succeed in this trading journey in order to free his clan but with Aisling along everything changes. ….Gleeson leaves us with a memorable and poignant love story and a vision of a wonderful culture, unique in my experience of literature.Karen Charlton, author of The Heiress of Linn Hagh and Catching the EagleThe underlying sexual tension is all the more powerful for the beautifully restrained writing, which makes the slightest touch electric; a medicinal massage becomes a moment of physical communion…. This is what Kristin Gleeson does best; portraying different cultures and showing how humanity can cross them.Jean Gill, author of Song at Dawn...

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along the far shores Reviews

  • Cynthia Neale
    2019-05-08 08:41

    A riveting page turner, I did not wish for this book to end and hope there is another one about Aisling, the 12th century Irishwoman who goes on a voyage from Ireland to Wales and eventually ends up in the Gulf Coast. Using the setting of a legendary voyage to America by Prince Madog of Wales, the author weaves a story of adventure, survival, and a slowly blossoming love between two unlikely people. The depictions and images of the Tlingit people and the Mayan city of Xicallanca are fascinating, as well. I entered into a different culture and could see the colors, hear the music of the sea, and even experience the fears of superstition. The evolving relationship between Aisling and Caxna, the Tligit trader and former shaman, is beautifully and sweetly rendered and revelatory that love can overcome impossible boundaries. Kristin Gleeson's writing is mellow and unobtrusive, even comforting in the midst of gripping scenes and terror. It is the kind of writing that instills the feeling that we can ride out the storms of life with grace and thrill. And as Aisling doubted her gift as a seer, but learned it required her belief, perhaps we, too, can be seers.

  • Patricia
    2019-05-21 08:51

    Alas, sometimes when I try a new author, I stumble a book with content I don't want to read. I like my books squeaky clean. I say alas because it was an otherwise interesting story. However, I am not going to finish it.

  • jodi m white
    2019-05-18 08:05

    Adventure in a time of discoveryFast paced and interesting adventure of a young Irish women in new and strange land. I enjoyed it very much

  • Betty Hansford
    2019-05-03 06:45

    An Interesting BookI chose this rating because although the story is good, it simply is not as good as "Praise For The Bees", also by Kristin Gleeson.

  • Roland Clarke
    2019-05-19 04:45

    Full review follows. For now: engrossing with good plot and characters

  • Leonide Martin
    2019-05-14 09:03

    Aisling, a young Celtic woman in 12th century Ireland and Wales, stows away on a ship to be with her brother and escape an untenable situation at home. The Welsh ship is sailing to unknown Western lands far across the seas, reputed to have treasures and rich trade. In a storm, a sailor who hates Aisling pushes her overboard and she washes up on a strange shore, where an older woman rescues her and revives her in a simple hut. Gradually Aisling picks up the language. A young man shows up, the old woman's friend and a trader, and Aisling persuades Caxna to take her on his travels so she can search for her brother's ship. It's unclear where this happens, but the people appear to be coastal Native American. The story follows Aisling and Caxna (a Tlingit) through many adventures, with interesting details of canoe navigation along the coasts and the lives and customs of the native people they encounter. Both protagonists have issues around their missions and spiritual powers, and although attracted to each other, they stay apart. They go to Xicallanca, a once great city with towering stone buildings now deteriorating, but still a large trade center, a pre-Toltec culture of the Veracruz region. Aisling rediscovers her shamanic powers there and saves them from being imprisoned. The story moves to Etowah, major city of the mound-builder culture, probably Cahokia in present-day Illinois. Intrigues get them in trouble leading to Caxna rescuing Aisling who was given to wed a local noble, and an escape to where her brother and his crew are staying. As this group quickly departs to restore their ship and evade Cahokian warriors, Aisling and Caxna must make choices about their future. This story explores the idea that cross-Atlantic travel occurred much earlier than Columbus' voyages, and that western hemisphere peoples traded and interacted extensively. It doesn't make completely clear where action is taking place, and the pace is often slow. Aisling is an appealing heroine, with great resilience and determination. Caxna is also admirable in his kindness, restraint and dedication to his people. Their love story is an underlying theme with a sweet ending.

  • Billy Buttons
    2019-05-10 05:55

    This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:Title: Along the Far ShoresAuthor: Kristin GleesonStar Rating: 5 StarsNumber of Readers: 23StatsEditing: 9/10Style: 9/10Content: 9/10Cover: 10/10Of the 23 readers:22 would read another book by this author.23 thought the cover was good or excellent.12 felt the blurb was enticing.2 felt the blurb was a little over-descriptive and gave away too much.9 thought the well-developed characters were the best part of the book.20 felt the author’s no. 1 skill was balancing historical/cultural knowledge with a strong plot.Readers’ Comments‘The cover is fab! For me, it was a finalist even before I read it. The best cover in this year’s awards.’ Female reader, aged 55‘There’s so many interesting titbits in here relating to Celtic history and the 12th century. And, best of all, it’s all wrapped up in a wonderfully plotted story and rich language. Very enjoyable.’ Female reader, aged 47‘By far the best part of this novel is the setting. The author works hard to described America hundreds of years ago. I thought it was fascinating. But, thankfully, she never allows her historical knowledge to stand in the way of plot. So there are plenty of scoundrels, twists and turns and even romance to keep the reader enthralled.’ Male reader, (editor) aged 51‘I know very little of Madog and the legend but I still very much enjoyed this warm novel.’ Female reader, aged 44‘Marvellous!’ Male reader, aged 39‘A totally engrossing, powerfully written historical novel. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards