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Since moving to beautiful Cedar Tree, Colorado, Emma Young, mother of one adult daughter, has worked from home doing some online bookkeeping and baking for her best friend's diner to supplement her disability pension. Life has been pretty good, that is until she received a strange phone call that starts an alarming chain of events. Investigator Gus Flemming is hot on the tSince moving to beautiful Cedar Tree, Colorado, Emma Young, mother of one adult daughter, has worked from home doing some online bookkeeping and baking for her best friend's diner to supplement her disability pension. Life has been pretty good, that is until she received a strange phone call that starts an alarming chain of events. Investigator Gus Flemming is hot on the trail of a bail skip with organized crime connections that bring him to Cedar Tree. Once there, the focus of his investigation lands squarely on the gently rounded shoulders of a vivacious red haired Emma, whose physical limitations have done nothing to damped her zest for life. When it becomes clear that Emma is at risk, Gus does't hesitate to step in and protect her. Call it a job with some very hot benefits...... **Due to content of a sexually explicit nature, this book is recommended for a mature audience only.**...

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Slim To None Reviews

  • SamJ ★Needs a HEA★
    2019-05-10 07:58

    Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest★Book Basics★ Genre: - Contemporary Romance Series: - Book 1 in the seriesLove triangle? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - YesRating - 3.5 stars★Review★Whilst I enjoyed this book, I did have some issues that stopped me loving it.What I DID like, the older characters, with some health issues. I liked both the hero and the heroine. And I liked their connection and the pacing of their relationship.However, certain things for me were left unanswered, such as the heroines history, did her husband leave her due to health issues etc? For some other reason?Also, the book relied rather heavily on some pretty big coincidences to get the story going. Such as the original phone call, then him fancying her when he does not know who she is, the Deputy and Brother etc.And 3 times, 3 TIMES, the heroine was knocked unconscious and everything "faded to black". Then it happened to her friend twice too!But, as I say, I did enjoy it, and was intrigued enough by the character that is to be the hero in the next book to at some point get that. Just not right away.Free 07/10/15Amazon UK Link - Slim To None (Cedar Tree Series Book 1)Amazon US Link -["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Victoria
    2019-04-29 10:59

    3.25-3.50 RATING-I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately. Maybe it's because I've been reading a lot of debuts and books from newer indie writers...I liked this story, but didn't love it. There was a lot of potential but it fell short a bit of my expectations. It wasn't bad but could have used some polishing and had some editing issues. Room for improvement but still enjoyable. I did like that the heroine was older (47) and disabled (used a walker). Parts of the writing, mainly the hero, reminded me a bit of a Kristen Ashley character. I was intriqued enough to download a sample of the second book which focuses on Arlene. I didn't love Arlene in Slim To None. While the loud mouth, caring, best friend is a common character to read, sometimes I find them grating, and Arlene was. Still, the tatted up hottie featured in book two almost lured me in. Unfortunately, I noticed two spelling errors in the downloaded sample which was a bit of a turn off. I'm not a big stickler for things like that but repeated errors just makes for a sloppy read. Since I was already on the fence about reading it, I decided to put this to the side for now. I may come back to this one, especially if I can borrow or get through Kindle Unlimited (not eligible at this time).Overall, I think both the series and author have potential, just need a bit more development. Readers that like older heroines and like alpha, protective hero's, should enjoy this one if they can overlook some imperfections.Note: At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out the Subscription Addiction group

  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    2019-04-30 02:46

    Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ FacebookSizling Pages on TSU Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: [email protected] glad to have discovered this series and this author. I adore finding books with characters aged 40 plus. Strong heroine and alpha as hell hero. Gus stole my heart right away. Never seeing Emma as anything but a whole and sexy but fierce strong woman. The sizzling banter between these two quickly and intensely captivated my attention and I didn't want to put it down. So much suspense that never took away from on beautiful love story. This totally hooked me for the entire series. 100% Safe Zone Approved. Loyal Perfect Alpha Hero

  • Rachel Regina
    2019-05-12 03:05

    Overall rating: 4.5 "Peaches" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No, but in the prologue, the hero THINKS he is calling his "hook up friend" (I say it like that because it doesn't even seem like it's something he does very often) but he is working on a case, so he calls the first number on his mind, who happens to be the contact in his case. He realizes right away, of course, and doesn't care because he thinks this woman sounds sexy. I won't say any more about it from there, BUT just for my friend's peace of mind, this girl DOES show up later on, but she is a non-issue. She doesn't make any stupid drama, she is actually very nice to the heroine and they become friends sort of. Anyways, in that beginning scene is the ONLY scene whatsoever pertaining to another woman in this book (hide spoiler)]Intimacy with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ Yes, and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series!(hide spoiler)]My review:Let me just say this - by no means was the timing of how long it took me to read this book related to how much I liked or didn't like it. Real life sometimes gets in the way of my reading, and it totally did in this case :).Gus and Emma were too cute in this story. Sometimes it's nice to read a romance between two people over 40 because you don't have to deal with the angsty issues that the younger generation books contain. There is no other woman drama, no man whore drama - nothing like that at all. Gus is a grown man and KNOWS what he wants when he sees it and goes after it. Emma is an older woman as well, also with a disability. I LOVED how Gus reacted to the site of her and how he took care of her without a second thought. Basically what I loved is just that - her disability was more in her mind then his. (view spoiler)[ When he bought her a purple walker, I about died. HOW FREAKING SWEET WAS THAT(hide spoiler)] "Love you, Peach. I do. Never expected it, but you make it so fucking easy. I never stood a chance." I also appreciated that there was no hatefulness in this book at all - not from the hero and not from the heroine. This author will most definitely be a go-to author for me if her next book was as good as this one was for me :)

  • R.B. Hilliard
    2019-04-29 07:03

    Loved this book! Don't want to give anything away....because you MUST read, but I will say this: For a debut novel, Freya hit this one out of the park! Normally when I hear disabled heroine, I think helpless and needy. Freya writes Emma so brilliantly that you hardly know she has a disability at all. She is strong and empowered and I simply love her! Then there's Gus. Holy hades upside down, THERE'S GUS. Hot, yummy, delicious Gus....Not to mention a little mystery and suspense! Well done Freya Barker! Can't wait for more!!!!!

  • Nancy Huddleston
    2019-05-07 09:37

    Freya Barker is sensational. She delivers a wonderful and refreshing story of love. This is an amazing cast of characters that you will fall in love with. I adore Emma and her kickass attitude. She is a strong, feisty woman with a heart of gold. She shows us that no matter what life throws at us, we can handle it with good friends and family.She finds the courage to embrace happiness with Gus. Gus is an amazing character. He is what a real man should be.Slim to None is a brilliant, funny, laugh until you cry, feel good book. I highly recommend it to everyone

  • Erika
    2019-05-08 10:05

    Skimmed book so i would know what was happening for next book Hundred to One. I didn't want to read because I didn't like the hero's ex f*** buddy being involved in the story.

  • CC
    2019-05-07 03:38

    I liked the story and the characters, but I do not feel like I really got to know them and something was just missing. I barely know anything about their what happened to her daughter's father? The action was ok, but unbelievable and he pulled a majorly stupid move in introducing the h to his current "friend with benefits". What a MORON!

  • D.M. Earl
    2019-04-26 07:40

    This is such an inspiring book that will slowly work into your heart and emotions. Was very refreshing to have two lead characters who weren't twenty and still hot and sexy. Loved the storyline and characters and how the book flowed effortlessly. Can't wait for Book 2. Great job Freya.

  • DJ Sakata
    2019-04-28 05:55

    Favorite Quotes:“Finally! You get some action, and it has had to be from a stranger on the phone? I’m dying here…”“Hells bells, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you were trying to give each other an endoscopy by tongue.” “If I could, I would stop time, - right here in this moment.”“He never had known this kind of feeling before, but he was sure this had to be it. A moment in time where everything could stop, just as it was and never change, and it would be absolute perfection. This was it. Happiness. Who’d have thought?”My Review:I have a new favorite author, Freya Barker is the bomb! This is my first time perusing her work and I am hooked and rejoicing in the knowledge that I have 5 more of her books already loaded on my beloved kindle. I adored the characters in this book – they were delightful to read with their free flowing expletives and naughty banter, something not usually seen written for ladies in their forties. These gals were feisty, fun, witty, and more than surviving under duress. Being on the other side of 40… um – okay 50… reading books about 20 year olds becomes more than a bit tiresome. So I absolutely reveled in this story and gobbled up Ms. Barker’s crisp, descriptive, and humorous writing style. The writing was engrossing yet comfortable, easy to follow, intriguing, and sizzling with sensuality. I was entertained from the first to the last page. More!

  • Ava Manello
    2019-05-21 02:58

    Reviewed under Helen Stothard.I've just finished this book as a beta read and I loved it. Not only is the heroine a decent age, she's stubborn, independent and disabled, not that she lets this get in the way.It starts off with a hot phone call that left me wishing my phone would ring with a wrong number. No such luck.It's a suspense filled story with interesting twists, and as someone who's done online bookkeeping I found it a believable plot line as well. I'm just grateful I never had clients like that.Gus is a great character, he's carrying a burden on his shoulders that isn't his.Arlene and Emma's friendship is great, it's full of banter and witticisms and feels real. Emma is a great character, her body may be broken but her spirit sure as hell isn't. It was a refreshing change not to read about young vibrant college girls, but about a female lead who isn't perfect, isn't happy in her own body, but yet still hasn't given up on life. I enjoyed reading about how awkward she felt in certain situations, it felt genuine. Very enjoyable read with an interesting plot line that kept me turning the page.

  • L.J (Lisa Jane)
    2019-05-01 03:37

    *ARR (Advance Reader Review) - copy provided as a gift in exchange for an honest review...Wow - I wasn't expecting that!The hot girl isn't toothpick slim and Baywatch hot but don't get me wrong...she is hot!The guy isn't right and he doesn't run a business but he is smokin!They don't meet on the street and jump into bondage sex after 2 words....but there is sex lolThis story is amazing! Realistic (well kind of hahaha), dramatic and exciting. I can't wait to finish this series!Read the rest of my review on my blog:

  • Shanda
    2019-05-12 08:38

    This was a pretty good read. I liked that is had a Kristen Ashley feel to it and I like an older H/h. The steamy parts were really well done. My only dislikes were the switch from POV's didn't flow very well and it was a bit corny in parts. I really didn't care for Gus referring to Emma as "ripe" but thankfully that died down a bit. I am interested in the other characters so I will continue on to book two. :)

  • Darcy
    2019-05-12 06:37

    I was intrigued by this one for many reason, but the biggest was because the couple weren't young, but firmly in their 40's. As I read I liked that Emma had a bit of a disability, wanted to know more about that. However at 20% I'm giving this book up. Part of it was I didn't care for the voice that the author had and didn't buy into the romance between the couple. In the end this one wasn't for me.

  • Aimee Shannon
    2019-05-09 05:00

    What a great debut book!! I love a strong heroine and a strong hero. Both bring so much to the table. There's a mystery to solve and love to find, can't ask for more. I enjoyed every moment and the twist blew me away, honestly didn't see it coming! I'm not done with you yet, Freya Barker!! Looking forward to the next book!

  • Deb Blake
    2019-04-24 08:53

    Loved it, Emma is a feisty woman, and doesn't give up. Great job by Freya Barker.

  • Barbara➰
    2019-05-17 06:58

    4.5 Stars...."I'm not done with you." Wow! This book took me by surprise. I'm not much of a contemporary romance reader. I tend to stick to PNR because of the whole "Mine" mentality and since they are mates, there can be no others. Needless to say, this book has caused me to become a fan. Freya Barker took real life people and made a romance. Emma has some limitations due to a disability, one many people struggle with every day. She doesn't let it get her down. I found her to be a very strong character. It took a lot of guts to move across country and away from "safe." But she found her refuge, her safe place again, Gus. I can't say enough about this man. He was almost the perfect man, I say almost because he did have one stupid man moment I'll get to later. His care and concern for Emma was phenomenal. He didn't see her as disabled. He saw her as the perfect woman. He was constantly looking to make her comfortable and put her at ease. (view spoiler)[I loved the purple walker and the special pillow wedges for her comfort and because he knew her, her personality. (hide spoiler)]I took off half a star, because he did have a stupid moment that I personally wish he hadn't. It made for a couple of awkward moments that Emma worked through like a champ(view spoiler)[Gus has his sometimes "f**K buddy", Katie, come to help to guard Emma. Emma knows about Katie but is caught off guard when she realizes she will be there. Katie, apparently, had more feelings for Gus than he did for her. Just like a man to not realize any of this lol. But, in Gus' defense, he just wanted the best to guard Emma and that included Katie. He did not think about how awkward it could get. Both Emma and Katie handle it beautifully and I am looking forward to Katie's story. (hide spoiler)]I did get a little bit bored around 80% when the climax hit with the drama but that is just me and my preferences in reading. I want the romance and HEA already!I can tell you, I'm not done with this series!

  • A. Freya
    2019-04-29 10:02

    Slim to None is original, mysterious, sexy and absolutely amazing!!The most amazing thing about it is its characters. Every character is strong, persistent, loyal, protective and so damn feisty! The writing is indeed wonderful and the story is really good, but the the book’s highlight is the characters!The absolutely amazing characters!Emma is an exemplary woman who has fought for her daughter and for herself. She has faced awful situations with unrelenting strength and she just shows an outstanding character throughout the book! Emma is what every woman should see when they look to the mirror. A strong, independent woman! Of course, just like any other woman, she has her umm issues, but that’s what makes her real. She’s not perfect, but she is outstanding! And that’s what I loved the most about her and this book. Outstanding but real characters!Gus is a great guy, smart and charming, sexy, funny and understanding!! He is the whole freaking package!! I loved how he treated Emma. He wasn’t just delicate; he was what she needed him to be and he did that effortlessly! This is one of those characters that are meant to be with each other like they were born to be with each other!The story took unexpected turns; some of them were great, some of them were little confusing. But I will leave it as vague as it is now..Because.. I loved these characters very much and I admire them very much so I am not willing to give you any spoilers! But, a remark is still a remark!This is a story with brilliant and outstanding characters that you all should read!!So, 4 Gorgeous Stars go to Slim to None!! Great Job, Freya!!

  • Lilian Flesher
    2019-05-01 03:45

    Well I expected this to be a great book after reading For Dust by the same author, and believe me it was great. I loved the characters and how things developed between them.The main character Emma Young has disabilities which make her mobility an issue and she uses a walking frame, she is a very loving mother of 1 adult child who has been left behind when Emma moved away for a new start. You have to love the fact that we have an older heroine in this book, instead of some young bimbo who always gets the guy and makes you sick. Emma loves to bake and she has found a great outlet for that, baking for her best friends cafe, she gets a little boost of income and she adores helping her friend.A normal life as best as she could expect until one day this handsome hunk of a man appears and her life becomes complicated/ He is FBI and on a case, but little does she realise he is the mystery caller she had a bit of phone sex with recently. Gus the FBI agent is chasing information and he is there to track down someone but little does he realise when he is hitting on Emma that she is that person, nor that she is the phone sex lady.Well not to go into too much detail this story is not all about romance and sex, it is a romance thriller I would say with plenty twists and turns, plenty ups and downs, and poor Emma endures more than her fair share of troubles. This is an amazing read that you will not forget in a hurry.

  • Pam
    2019-05-21 06:56

    4.5 STARSSlim to None is an intriguing, sexy, fast paced suspenseful story.Emma is a real woman with real life issues. Like many women, she is not feeling like she is up to par as a result of her disabilities and her current stage in life. That being said she decided to put herself first and moved to her dream spot to be with a soul friend leaving her daughter Kara behind to live her own life. Emma does not take instructions well and can be a little feisty. Without knowing it Emma finds herself in the thick of things and that is where she meets Gus. Handsome, strong, sexy, protective, take charge Gus. Emma and Gus have a fast connection but Emma is reluctant to put herself out there. Gus does not come solely he brings a team full of wonderful people who are completely enveloped in the story. With many twists and turns throughout the book it causes that, one more chapter reading. Before you know it you have finished and are in love with all the characters.This is a well written descriptive book. Great Job Freya! I look forward to seeing what might happen next in Cedar Tree.

  • Amy
    2019-04-28 05:51

    To be honest, I was a bit turned off to learn that the characters were older than your average romance novel cast but once I got a page in, I was totally hooked. It was a breath of fresh air to read about people who know what they want and can communicate like adults. Let’s just skip the angst and the relationship nail biting and tell it like it is. Freya Barker creates these wonderful real world characters that you want to befriend and know more about. Emma’s strength is empowering and her snarky friendship with Arlene is hilarious. But most of all, I love Gus. He has more grit than the biggest alpha male and a heart of freaking gold. I can’t wait to jump into the next book in the Cedar Tree series.

  • KimBrewing
    2019-04-28 07:58

    So refreshing to read about a mature couple. This is a fairly fast moving story with action scenes.Gus and Emma "meet" in the most unusual circumstances. LOVED it. What cracked me up was when Gus put his team just proved that men think (or don't think) so differently than women.I look forward to meeting more of the characters introduced in the story.

  • Jalare
    2019-04-25 06:39

    Something different and I loved it!Gus and Emma are not what I expected. I love these two together. Emma, strong, feisty, and not a woe is me person. Gus, strong, attentive, and gentle, which makes him very sexy. Thank you for something different Freya!

  • Kristen
    2019-05-07 08:51

    I loved this book! It has believable characters and a smoothly flowing story. I loved that the characters were not perfect. Characters had flaws and imperfections that were shown and celebrated. I can't wait for the next book!

  • Angie H.
    2019-05-14 04:47

    I really enjoyed this book.

  • Mandy
    2019-05-22 06:48

    I really enjoyed this story! I love that it was about an older couple and was kind of unique. This was hot but also a really sweet love story. Looking forward to reading more by this author.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-03 07:04

    Where the fuck do I start this review???Because wow. Just. Fucking. WOW.The Cedar Tree series which I have just read back to back is outstanding. Freya Barker is just crazy ass talented and I’m totally fucking overexcited with my discovery and wanting the world to know, this means in my usual fashion the profanity when excited goes into overdrive, leaving me swearing like a sailor with tourettes, however as her writing is so flawless and overwhelmingly real – whilst also being hot as fuck (see I told you, profanity and excitement go hand in hand!) – I also want to wax lyrical and eloquent.So where does that leave me?A motherfucker of a poem?Possibly.Because I want to shout, put it on billboards, skywrite it and advertise far and wide, share with the world albeit in a colourful fashion that Freya Barker has a gift, writes real, heart-warming and emotional, funny, hot books with characters whose banter, friendships and stories will have you rooting for them, getting serious feels for them, purchasing new batteries for toys because oh boy did I mention HOT as FUCK, and all while effortlessly throwing in suspense, intrigue, fabulous funny sarcasm and humour. She dares to go where few authors will risk, writing older characters with health issues, disabilities, the reality and the fantasy seamlessly intertwined and breathtakingly beautiful. I remember when I finished my first Kristen Ashley immediately downloading the rest of the series, devouring them one after the other while the family took care of themselves because I was on a mission, déjà vu for Freya Barker. I have no clue why she is not more well-known or why this series, especially Slim to None, is not a huge bestseller because for me they were a special read, the author an awesome discovery and I had a real ‘oh my fucking god’ moment when I finished the fourth book Clean Lines because, apart from KA, not many have written a series where I literally could not choose my favourite, where every single book boyfriend was ‘The One’ and every single heroine I wanted to be or wanted as a bestie, all abso-fucking-lutely fabulous, the fantasy escape we read romance for but so bloody real. And yeah I’m gushing, I’m also stalking and pimping her crazy talented ass out, much as my blog partner-in-crime has done for some time, because she needs that one tiny little touch of luck to put these books where they belong………………………………………So let’s start with Slim to None, with my gorgeous Gus and sassy Emma whose start is the amazingly steamy “porn” phone call (I say “porn” firmly tongue in cheek by the way, check out the one star “porm” review!!) which personally I thought was hilarious, hot and worked for me!“Sure thing. We’ve only known each other for what? Three, four days?” Forcing out a chuckle, she finished. “Just fun and games, right?” She could feel his growl behind her. “Fuck no, woman.” He bit out. “You know it, and I know it. We’ll sort it, but now is not the time. You’re exhausted and I have a team to set up. So, when I say ‘sort it’, I mean I’ll have myself up in your face, and under your skin and into your body so deep, you won’t be able to doubt my intentions.”Oh Lordy I’m having a flush just reading that quote! Gus is all man, alpha male written with a vulnerability, warmth and humour that you will fall into a puddle at his feet, worshipping at the dream that is Gus. Emma is so strong and sassy, refusing to let life get her down, choosing to live and enjoy even with health limitations, without giving spoilers let’s just say the thoughtfulness shown by Gus for making Emma comfortable while still being sexually adventurous was all kinds of hot I wasn’t expecting. The chemistry between these two when it does explode is so well done that it’s seamless, the physical and emotional so well intertwined with sassy humour and banter that you almost miss, through the sheer panty melting hot scenes, the friendship and emotional attachment that is developing between them. This introduction to the Cedar Tree series is totally addictive because while being captivated by Gus and Emma, their intimacy and relationship and the friendships of the secondary cast all merges together to create a world I didn’t want to end.The overwhelming factor for me that makes all of these such an enjoyable read is the amazing banter between all the characters, primary and secondary. The affection, humour and love shines through, the teasing, flirting, arguing, dirty sexy talk and insults flung around through these books make them a pleasure to experience. Like every family, whether blood or choice, they will frustrate and exasperate you – you will be rooting for them while screaming at them!Kindle and the indie writing world gave me Kristen Ashley and Madeline Sheehan, I now add Freya Barker to the “I don’t need the cover or blurb because it’s an automatic one click on the strength of the author alone” list. There is no better compliment I can give to Ms Barker other than Thank You, you have created characters that will remain in my heart and memories for a long time to come, an outstanding series.And oh yeah, dibs on Clint. Just saying!!!!!~ R xx

  • Kara
    2019-05-13 07:58

    AWESOME. my first read by this author - loved it.

  • Tracy
    2019-04-24 07:03

    When I discovered that this book was being released by someone I really liked but had no idea was a writer I was delighted for her while at the same time quite intrigued. I have to admit, before I read the book I had some trepidation, what if I didn't like it... How could I possibly tell her and hopefully not upset her? Well... I have to say that my worry was totally unnecessary, I honestly loved Slim to None. Freya's writing and storytelling had me pulled me in from the start.... As I was reading I could clearly picture the people, the places and the things that were happening.Being a not so young gal myself, I do love a book with an older H/h and that's what we got with Gus and Emma. Our heroine was a feisty, determined, strong-willed woman who had a lot of issues to deal with but didn't let them get her down. I felt for her at times when she experienced confidence blips, for me, this and and a few other things made her feel like a very real character... She wasn't a slinky, skinny, constantly glammed up slip of a girl as we often encounter in a romance novel and I could relate to her because of that.Gus, ahhhh Gus.... Hot, sexy, knows what he likes and what he wants. He's a guy with a good heart, he's thoughtful, patient, protective and loving but has his own demons to deal with!! I liked this pair together, they worked for me - from their initial encounter, to their developing relationship, I could see it happening..... I enjoyed the intimacy between them - the sex scenes were hot but, best of all, they were believable!!The storyline was good and kept me engaged. There was mystery, suspense, some twists and turns and a fair bit of action! The supporting characters were likeable - from Emma's friends and family, Arlene, Kara and Seb to Gus's team, Dana, Caleb, Neil and Katie, they gelled and bounced off each other well.I'd definitely recommend that you give Slim to None a try. It gets a solid 4.5* and I can't wait for more in this series!

  • Karen.
    2019-05-23 05:00

    Considering it's got 'Cedar Tree Series Book 1' attached to the name tag, I'm hoping that there'll be more of these books.I followed Gina Sorelle's FB link to this book and I'm delighted. I'm not giving 5 stars because for a first time novel as I think honesty is necessary and there were one or two small things that stole that 5th star. While the general editing was very good in my humble and inexperienced opinion, there were one or two places that things * small things* needed a little sprucing. However, for me the wining points were that the couple were NOT hot 23 year olds with a crew of hangers on equally as beautiful and perfect. They were a maturing couple, ( I wont say older, because Emma is my age and I'm refusing to describe the character as older when I refuse to describe myself as 'older' to anyone) she with her health problems and softer figure and he while a hunk, he also has his own story to support the kind of man he is.This is my review also.I loved the book. It's a gentle read, a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon read where you won't need Wiki to figure out what's happening or a memory like an elephant to remember all the characters. There was enough to keep the interest sharp, feed the imagination and feel a little warmth when the H was being delicious to her in his support of her. Then the heat was upped when she proved a woman who wasn't 23 could be as sexy as one...despite her limitations. This kind of romance is right up my alley. Yes I love my bikers and even my occasional vampire, but my favorite are the ordinary Jo/Josephine Soaps who are falling in love, having a great mystery in their lives to add substance to their stories and a nice tasteful smattering of creasing those bed sheets and the eventual happy ever after..Well done to the author, and I hope she continues to hone her skills as this book was enjoyed, and I will be watching out for more of her work.