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LIVE IT.All Dillon wants is to be a real dancer. And if he wins a summer scholarship at Dance-Splosion, he’s on his way. The problem? His dad wants him to play football. And Dillon’s freestyle crew, the Dizzee Freekz, says that dance studios are for sellouts. His friends want Dillon to kill it at the audition—so he can turn around and tell the studio just how wrong their rLIVE IT.All Dillon wants is to be a real dancer. And if he wins a summer scholarship at Dance-Splosion, he’s on his way. The problem? His dad wants him to play football. And Dillon’s freestyle crew, the Dizzee Freekz, says that dance studios are for sellouts. His friends want Dillon to kill it at the audition—so he can turn around and tell the studio just how wrong their rules and creativity-strangling ways are.WORK IT.At first, Dillon’s willing to go along with his crew’s plan, even convincing one of the snobbiest girls at school to work with him on his technique. But as Dillon’s dancing improves, he wonders: what if studios aren’t the enemy? And what if he actually has a shot at winning the scholarship? BRING IT.Dillon’s life is about to get crazy . . . on and off the dance floor....

Title : my seventh grade life in tights
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my seventh grade life in tights Reviews

  • Victoria Coe
    2019-04-26 02:12

    I received an advance copy of this outrageously fun middle grade read in exchange for an honest review. I immediately fell in love with Dillon, who begins the story by showing the world his dreams and vulnerabilities through a wardrobe malfunction on you tube. Some characters might throw in the towel right there, but Dillon wipes the sweat from his brow and dances on, while trying like crazy to do the right thing. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly hard for him to figure out exactly what the right thing is when his Dad, his friends, and the most popular girl in school keep changing the rules on him. A delightful read from start to finish, full of humor and heart.

  • Brooks Benjamin
    2019-05-11 02:05

    Sometimes I still can't believe that my book is actually going to sit on a bookshelf for people to pick up, read, and (hopefully) buy. It's a surreal feeling. But I'm so grateful that it's happening. Especially for this book. Dillon, the main character in M7GLiT, and I have a lot in common. We love dance. We love telling stories. And we're both capable of making some pretty spectacular mistakes. While I may be the most like him, there's also a bit of myself in every one of the members of the Dizzee Freekz. And my hope is that as you read my book, you'll find a little bit of yourself in each of them, too.

  • Jeff Zentner
    2019-05-18 04:16

    Reading this book will make you feel like you've just won a dance competition. It is so joyous, so buoyant, so celebratory of following that which you love over all of life's hurdles, how could it not feel that way?Pardon the pun, but there's not a single misstep or stumble to be found in this book. The dialogue is witty and sparkling with ample doses of humor and poignance, the prose is excellent, the plot moves along at a clip sure to engage even the most reluctant reader, the cast of characters is vibrant and diverse with personalities that reach from the page and grab you by the lapels. If I were a school librarian or children's bookseller, having many copies of this book on hand would be a no-brainer. That's because I would recommend it unhesitatingly to adults and children, boys and girls, reluctant readers and avid readers, kids from conservative homes and progressive homes, kids who have dreams and passions and kids who don't know yet that they have dreams and passions.This book will make your heart dance.

  • Jen Malone
    2019-04-24 05:10

    I read (and love) a lot of fiction narrated by tween girls, so it was really fun to discover I could fall equally in love with a tween boy. Dillon has so much voice and humor, I feel like we're BFFs. This one is perfect for fans of BETTER NATE THAN EVER- in fact, I'm guessing Nate and Dillon would probably be more natural friends than Dillon and over-the-hill me:) Or maybe I could just adopt them both?!

  • Tara Sim
    2019-04-29 07:05

    This book will charm the pants (or tights) right off you. I loved learning more about Dillon and his struggle between formal dance and free style, and eventually figuring out what's most important. I was smiling the whole way through. If you want a feel-good story, pick this one up!

  • Sarah Ahiers
    2019-05-03 07:02

    I could not put this book down!I was lucky enough to get to read an arc of this book in return for a fair review. And let me tell you, I loved it.Dillon is in middle school and wants more than anything to be a real dancer. But his friends in his dance crew believe that dance studios are the worst, and limit creativity by following dance rules. But when Dillon finds a scholarship opportunity, he can't help applying.His friends think it will be a great opportunity to screw with the studios and the school's mean girl Sarah, but Dillon starts to realize that sometimes you have to do what's right for yourself and make up your own mind about things.Dillon is a great character. He's confident, funny, kind and smart. And all the other characters are well-rounded and complex, with their own goals and motivations, putting them sometimes at odds with Dillon.There were definitely parts where I teared up, empathizing with the predicament Dillon found himself in. And the climax made me want to get up and cheer. It read like a thrilling movie, complete with a great soundtrack.I also really, really loved how Benjamin handled the LGBTQ characters and topics brought up in the book. Highly recommend to anyone who loves upper contemporary middle grade (some light romance) and dancing.

  • Abby Cooper
    2019-05-08 08:17

    I got to read an advanced copy of this book and it was AWESOME! As a person who is still trying to master the sprinkler and several other basic dance moves (or is that an advanced dance move? Either way...) this book left me feeling super inspired and way more confident in my skillz. (Yep, that's 'skillz' with a Z, in honor of the Dizzee Freekz who also like Zs.) This was a fantastic read from beginning to end. The main character, Dillon, is totally lovable, despite his setbacks and mistakes, and I was rooting for him through it all. The book blends major dance dilemmas with a lot of humor and fun. I think ALL kids (even the ones with dance skillz like mine) will find someone/something in this book to relate to. Dizzee Freekz forever!

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-24 01:15

    This was a seriously fun book! I had the chance to read an ARC of MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS. I loved the energy, the dancing (as a huge fan of TV dance shows, this book was right up my alley) and the exploration of what it means to be yourself and have your own chance in the spotlight. What a great group of kids, too! Dizzee Freekz for life!

  • Jenn Bishop
    2019-05-24 07:27

    Seventh grader Dillon is a bench rider on the football team. But he’s okay with that. The thing is, the football team is his dad’s dream for him. It’s not his. What Dillon really wants, though, is to be a dancer. A real one. Right now, he’s a dancer . . . if doing his ninja freestyle in his best friend’s basement counts. Along with two of his closest friends, Dillon is part of Dizzee Freekz. With crush Kassie leading the Dizzee Freakz, they’re pitted against the traditional dance studio Dance-Splosion, which Kassie turned against after her own bad experience.But when Dillon enters a contest to win a Dance-Splosion scholarship, everything changes. He gets one of the snobbiest girls (basically Kassie’s nemesis) to help him train and he discovers something that seems to go against everything Kassie told him about dance. Could part of what makes dance so great, and so beautiful be the rules and the tradition? His friends want him to slay the audition, and then turn around and tell the Dance-Splosion folks he doesn’t even want their scholarship anyway . . . but what if he does want it? And even more, what if he’s actually becoming a better dancer with instruction?Brooks Benjamin‘s debut novel has so much spunk and heart. Dillon is a charismatic narrator to whom readers will instantly relate. (I honestly spent a bit too much time reading aloud from the book to my husband because so many of the lines had me laughing out loud.) I love the way Benjamin explores aspects of dance culture that are sort of fraught right now. As a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, I’ve watched as the show has grappled over the past couple seasons with the disconnect between traditional dance (which is often quite pricy/exclusive to participate in) and the more accessible hip-hop and street styles. With all of the popularity of dance-themed movies and TV shows, I have no doubt that this book will find a large audience with upper elementary aged kids and middle schoolers. The fact that the author is a school teacher should not come as a surprise to readers. This book feels incredibly attuned the experiences of middle school kids today. I’m going to pull a Mary Murphy and put both Dillon AND this book on the hot tamale train.

  • Sarah Glenn Marsh
    2019-05-09 02:28

    I had the privilege of reading an ARC of MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS, and once I put it down, I couldn't stop smiling! My first thought after laughing my way through these heartwarming pages was, "This is a book that will appeal to everyone." And upon reflection, I think that's true. Dillon's vulnerability and his longing to pursue his dream while struggling to keep others (like his friends) happy are things that most everyone can relate to! You'll find a lot of humor and heart in this book--and even an age-appropriate romance! And most importantly, you'll find nuanced, diverse characters that I think the author should be applauded for. Highly recommend this book!

  • Ashley Blake
    2019-05-25 00:18

    This book is so adorable and fun I just want to snuggle it forever. A perfect voice, humor, and a sweet romance that fit this middle grade story so well it made me cry. Such a great read!

  • Jessica Cluess
    2019-05-15 02:10

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is one of the happiest reads of 2016 so far. Dillon is your average seventh grade karate kid who dreams of becoming a dancer. He has a group with his friends, a diverse and wonderful group of kids, but he dreams of the next step. With the possibility of a dance scholarship to a prestigious program, he starts training with one of the school's most popular and exacting girls. Will Dillon get into the program? Will he lose his friends, including the girl he crushes on hard? And will his pants rip at inopportune moments? You have to read to find out.What I loved most about this story was that the goal in the end wasn't about winning. It was about finding your place and your crew, things that every kid (and adult) can relate to. Dillon is a good-hearted, hard working protagonist, and all of the kids are well drawn and relatable. I especially liked Dillon's relationship with his father; you worry for a minute that you're headed to stereotypical 'boys play football and don't dance' territory, but it evolves into something surprising and refreshing. The human relationships at the heart of this story give it its poise and charm. And did I mention it's funny and has a roster of great diverse characters? Basically, it's a wonderful read.Perfect for kids and adults alike.

  • Laura Shovan
    2019-05-14 04:21

    I don't review books, but I do blog about themRead my post about MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS here:

  • Lois Sepahban
    2019-05-25 08:11

    I was lucky to read an advanced copy of MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS. And I loved it!Middle school, dance team, friends, and first crushes: this book has so much heart. It is an exploration of the changing roles we play in the lives of our friends--how a word or a look can be either a victory or a crushing defeat. The characters really make this story, and main character Dillon's way of looking at the world is so funny that I giggled almost nonstop the whole way through the book.My ten-year-old daughter is a dancer, and she loved it, too.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-27 03:14

    Ok, kids. I read an early draft of this manuscript, and even then Dillon's heart absolutely SOARED. Now I just finished this as a read-aloud with my son, and it's EVEN BETTER. Dillon has a fabulous voice, and there's a laugh (or two) on almost every page. Often, I see people asking for happier middle grade that's still got heart, and this story about Dillon finding his place in life and in his dance troupe has humor and heart for miles. GET YOUR DANCE ON!!!

  • Dee
    2019-04-26 00:07

    This story was just plain FUN. And funny! I couldn't wait to turn the pages and dance along with the main character as he struggled between following what he loved and what others expected of him. There are some really great characters in this book and it was certainly entertaining. :)I was lucky enough to read an advanced reader copy of the book.

  • Kathy MacMillan
    2019-05-17 08:25

    DIZZEE FREEKZ 4-EVA!Dillon Parker has the music in him - he loves being part of a dance crew with his friends Kassie and Carson (and videographer Austin), but he longs to learn some real technique, not just the "ninja freestyle" he invented using karate moves. Kassie and Carson, both veterans of years of dance lessons, insist that Dillon's way is more creative, more true, but he's not convinced. When an opportunity comes up to compete for a dance studio scholarship, Kassie wants Dillon to use it to take a stand against the creativity-stifling studios - but Dillon *really* wants those lessons. Torn between loyalty to his crew and his own desires, Dillon has to learn how to be true to himself. Dillon is a winning protagonist, willing to put up with ridicule if necessary to do what he loves, and his honest nature is refreshing. Benjamin populates his whole novel, actually, with fresh, realistic characters whom I'd love to hang out with, from good-guy football player DeMarcus to the strong-willed Kassie to the eternally sunny Carson - heck, even complicated sorta-mean-girl Sarah is winningly drawn. A delightful dance from start to finish.

  • Christian McKay
    2019-05-21 01:23

    Take the coziest friend group you've ever had, add quick dialogue, defiance of cliches, an intense competition, and a believable character arc, and you've got Mr. Brooks Benjamin's singular My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights. After finishing this book, I actually felt like I missed out on quite a bit by not having been in a dance group when I was younger. I loved his descriptions of the dancing, especially the newly invented styles. There were a few moments where I was absolutely certain I knew what was coming . . . and was completely wrong. He has no qualms with putting his characters through the ringer. We certainly need more of that in middle grade. Will there be sequels? I hope so. I'm not done dancing around in my head yet.

  • Mike Grosso
    2019-05-10 05:29

    There is something about "kid with an artistic passion" books that speaks to me. Kids often embrace the passion of close friends and family (in the early years, especially) to the point where it can be hard to spot their own identity when it comes calling.MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS was a fun way to explore the dancer identity. Watching Dillon struggle with his somewhat artificial role as a benchwarming football player, and his Kung Fu Kid VS the dancer learning from his crush's arch nemesis, felt very authentic. He is torn in so many directions, but never loses sight of what makes him feel good about himself.I am a terrible dancer, but if I was a good one, I'd want to be like Dillon.

  • Emily France
    2019-05-03 02:09

    "I stared deep into the world of two-faced backstabbery..." And so begins Brooks Benjamin's dancing tour de force, M7GLIT. As a person who frequently breaks out dancing for no apparent reason and still has VERY poignant memories of middle school dance competitions at slumber parties... I adored this story. Dillon's voice grabbed me from that first line, and his hopes and dreams made my heart all squishy. I felt his pain as those around him defined what was cool and what was not based on their own scars and own histories. Benjamin creates characters you love to love. I rooted for Dillon the entire way and what a joy it was!

  • Janet
    2019-05-16 06:20

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Dillon wants to be a real dancer, but in middle school, nothing is ever that simple. This book brought back all the emotions. I loved Dillon's heart and passion and determination to keep dancing despite every setback. And it wasn't just Dillon. The entire cast had so much voice, and life. But most of all, I loved how the author showed how easy it is to get caught up in pleasing others instead of yourself. Such a fun, crazy story, middle graders can't help but laugh through the whole thing!

  • Andrew Brumbach
    2019-05-12 07:07

    I received an advanced reader copy of this book, and I have to say that MY SEVENTH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS is a tremendous amount of fun, start to finish. The main character, Dylan, is vulnerable and snarky and lovable, and the dialogue a spot on – pitch-perfect middle school banter that made me grin and chuckle out loud on every page. The action builds to a heart-pounding crescendo, and the conclusion pulled it all together with seamless, satisfying panache.

  • Jenny Manzer
    2019-05-15 08:17

    The crew comes first, and football pants can stand in pretty well for dance tights. I read this wonderful debut as part of an ARC tour, and thoroughly enjoyed my ride with the Dizzee Freekz crew. This middle-grade book is warm, witty and funny, with appealing, believable characters. Readers young and old will find themselves rooting for Dillon as he spins, turns, kicks and kung fus his way through the world on his way to discovering his true self as a dancer and as a person.

  • Me, My Shelf and I
    2019-04-24 06:19

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  • Bee {Quite the Novel Idea}
    2019-04-25 08:02

    Quite The Novel Idea ~ Words from the Clouds4.5 starsWell now I'm exhausted. I feel like I've just finished a dance marathon. My condition is the worst too so that makes me even more exhausted. But in a good way. Do I even make sense now? Probably not. Whatever. THIS BOOK WAS GREAT, is what I'm saying. I was kinda scared of starting it, to be honest? Because I've heard nothing but good things and I was pretty hyped for it. And then I won a copy and the author is, like, the nicest guy ever. I felt so much pressure on me, seriously. What if I hated this? What if I didn't like it and had to write a negative review? It'd be the worst. BUT I DIDN'T. I freaking loved it. SO VERY MUCH. I was hooked from the start. The writing was perfect and the story was... I wanna say triumphant? Because that's how I feel now, after finishing it. I was right there with Dillon and the Dizzee Freekz the whole time. Like I was part of them. I was happy when he was happy. I was sad when he was sad. I was synced up to all his emotions and hopes and dreams. It's such a great feeling when you connect with a character 100%. If I had to point out one thing that... irked me, I guess? But not really in a bad way. It's just that sometimes Kassie's reason for her plan seemed really childish at first, but then I got the full story from her side and it didn't anymore. But for a while their actions seemed childish, but then I reminded myself this is middle grade and they are all like, twelve, so of course they're childish sometimes. I tend to forget the age of these kids in middle grade books because SO much happens in their lives and it makes them feel older than they are because really, what did you do when you were twelve? I was at home reading and writing silly poems and playing video games. I never went out there to fight Greek gods or defeat an evil wizard. Real life is annoyingly normal and boring. So it was really strange and refreshing to get a set of characters that actually just acts their age. So it's not really a negative thing in hindsight. I really do need to talk about the characters for a bit too. Because they're always the most important to me and I really, really loved all of them. I loved all the Dizzee Freekz. Kassie, Carson and Austin were all awesome and unique in their own ways. And I loved getting to know them more and more as the story went on. I liked the small romance that bloomed between Kassie and Dillon and it was all very very slow and way in the background and very innocent too. Just like it should be. I also liked Sarah. Not too much at first, but more and more as I got to know her better. I already mentioned how I connected with Dillon, so no need to say that again. He's just a really great character that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know in this book. I kind of want more of him and his ninja freestyle. One thing that stood out to me was this sideplot kind of with one of his teammates from football, DeMarcus. I really liked his story, even though he was just a side character! It brought diversity to the story and I kind of want a companion book or something about him. I really want to get to know him more. Phew, okay. So if you're a fan of middle grade books, this one should be way up there on your TBR. I've read a few MG contemporary books new and I've learned that I need to read more of them because they're all SO amazing. My Seventh Grade Life in Tights was everything I hoped it would be and more. It's an amazing story about friendship and being yourself and, well, to quote the book "find the moves that fit".

  • Bridget Hodder
    2019-05-12 06:24

    Hilarious and relatable, with spectacular highs and lows from cringe-worthy embarrassments to full-body triumphs, this book is ultimate MG satisfaction! It will leave you feeling good about the world and with unexpected deep insights about how to be true to others while staying true to yourself.Dillon is a seventh-grader whose dad wants him to be on the football team, but his heart lies with his dance crew. Unfortunately, Dillon's feet and hands and most of the rest of him aren't really getting with that program. He loves to feel the music and dance, but he doesn't have the training that his dance crew buddies, Kassie and Carson, do. So when the opportunity comes his way to learn some real moves from the best dancer in the school, snobby Sarah, how can Dillon say no?There's only one catch (besides Sarah's obnoxious attitude). Dillon taking lessons from Sarah is part of an elaborate scheme cooked up by Kassie that could hurt a lot of fact, Dillon's guaranteed to hurt someone in this situation no matter what he does. Is it worth losing his friends to pursue his dreams of becoming a "real" dancer? Is it worth humiliating someone just to prove a point? Is a friendship based on Dillon doing what Kassie tells him to do, really a friendship at all? And why exactly has Sarah agreed to give him lessons in the first place?Find out the answers along with Dillon, and enjoy the amazing ride! You'll be cheering at the end, along with everyone else.Highly recommended for ages 9 and up.

  • Traci Chee
    2019-05-06 06:00

    I've been eagerly anticipating MY SEVENTH-GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS, and I'm happy to say that when I finally got my hands on an ARC this book, I was absolutely delighted to find that it was just as exuberant and joyful as I'd hoped!The main character, Dillion, is so full of enthusiasm--for dance, for his crew, for life--and it's wonderful seeing him pursue and almost lose and regain that passion over the course of his journey. The secondary characters are a treat as well, from the Dizzee Freekz to Dillion's caring but sometimes misguided parents, and even the people he considers enemies turn out to be much more than he initially thinks. I think ultimately this is a story being who you are, doing what you love, and doing it surrounded by people who love and support you. A funny, heart-warming read!

  • Jean
    2019-05-08 03:19

    So excited that MY 7TH GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS will be published by Delacorte in spring 2016.12-year old Dillon has the chance to compete for a summer dance scholarship and must decide what's more important: sticking with his crew or freestyling his way into solo greatness.I had the pleasure of reading an early draft of this book and can't wait to put it on my bookshelf. Equal parts funny, cringe-worthy, and heartfelt, you'll want to get up and dance* when you finish this book.*actual dancing talent not required

  • Ronni Arno
    2019-05-07 02:01

    I read an early version of this, and WOW. Brooks Benjamin does humor and heart like nobody else. You'll root for Dillon from the very first (and funny) chapter until the big finale. The supporting characters (the Dizzee Freekz) are just as lovable. A fun, heartfelt read that will have you smiling (and maybe even dancing!) all the way through.

  • S.M. Parker
    2019-05-08 01:04

    I am in love with this book!! And I can't stop smiling!!! Full review to come!!!