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Cristiano Ronaldo - The Rise of a Winner is the gripping life story of a boy who rose from the streets of Madeira to become one of the greatest soccer players ever. A heartfelt, startling tale of his journey to glory and what made him the man he is....

Title : cristiano ronaldo the rise of a winner
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cristiano ronaldo the rise of a winner Reviews

  • Javier Garcia
    2019-03-22 20:32

    Review of CR7 I as foreshadow in the story this book is about Cristiano childhood and talks about the things he went through. He started out as a poor infant waiting for his dad. Then after he discover a round object with weird patterns that you kick around. He grew a passion for the beautiful game. Everything in his life involves fútbol. He wakes up and practices from the morning until to the night. He kicks the ball to the wall and then practice his dribbling. After winning and also being a crybaby he had to make the biggest decision on joining a two second division but later he started to grow up very early which made the author bring in the greatest moment. Where he talks about Cristiano Ronaldo how he has to leave at such young age. Then the authors describe every event with such detail I can imagine it very well as if it is a TV in my head that has high definition. He does not use lots of educated words because it was design for children of ages eight and older. For example he uses the word passion which is a very good word with just one pronunciation. He uses it to help explain how much Cristiano show his love for the game is past every human beings limit and you can rarely see any other person match it. In the book it talks about Cristiano heading out to Sporting Libsion. He says that he could not pack his parents. Who he really loves that they could not stay with him because they do not have the money to move all the way over there and help Cristiano but they were to poor. I love he used that to help represent other children who have to do the same exact thing as him. So I rate this book about the almighty great Cristiano Ronaldo a five out of five because for a children's book it was amazing. But as a high school student it was pretty good and the vocabulary has great vocab for children to learn and pick up new words that can help them improve their vocabulary to show that they were getting a very good amount of education. It can also be used to give people hope that if they work with intensity and heart they can bear anything that gets in their way and conquer to be the best that is why I rated this book very high. Also the bad thing about this book it is mostly talks about all his goods and some sentences sounds like he just made it up. He needs to add the more bad situations and bring up some of the darkness out of his past and once he does that this book will be amazing. This book relates to me because it reminds me how great it was to play soccer as a child where all you do is have fun with other kids and try hard to win.”Give the toy car to my brother..all I want is a soccer ball” that stood the most out because for me it stands for something like hopes and dreams. If you focus all on one things put your heart to it you can get very far. So as I said this book is great and I recommend for anyone under 14.

  • Dawd shemsu
    2019-03-06 21:19

    The book was pretty good, the book was about a soccer player who start acting in the street and end up playing for England team first and then he moved to Spain to play for the best team in the world Real Madrid, because he was practicing a lot to get better, also I liked the book because it's about my best soccer player.

  • Alberto Avalos
    2019-03-20 14:27

    This book was one of the best books i ever read because i really like soccer and it talk alot about ronaldo's life and how he grew up playing soccer in a small city to a big stadium . i recommend this book to people who like soccer to learn a little about Ronaldo .

  • Joshua Ramirez
    2019-02-20 16:22

    I think this book had a lot of things I could connect for example when Ronaldo dreams of playing for Madrid I also want to play for them when I am older

  • Max
    2019-03-15 15:20

    Ronaldo: The Rise of a WinnerFor this month I read the book Ronaldo: The Rise of a Winner. The main characters in this book is Ronaldo, Ronaldo’s mom Maria Dolores, his dad Jose Dinis. and his brothers and sisters. Also Ronaldo’s godfather played a big role in the beginning of the book. Ronaldo was fast, tall and always loved soccer, but he was never good at school. He never payed attention and hated school. His family was very poor. This story takes place mostly in Portugal and England.This book starts of when Ronaldo got baptized, but his father and godfather were late due to a soccer game. His dad helped out with the jerseys and his godfather is the coach of the U12 twelve team Andorinha. He always was not aloud to play with the kids in his neighborhood because he was to poor and too little. So he practiced every day until he became good enough to play with the older kids but still he was too little. One day though Ronaldo’s cousin noticed how good he is and asked him if he wanted to play for Andorinha. So Ronaldo asked his parents and they said yes. Once he started to play famous coaches noticed him and within a year he got signed to a new club. That team was Sporting S.P., but it was located in the inlands of Portugal which means that he had to live away from his parents and family. He was super sad. Later on when he was about 15 years old while he was still playing for Sporting he was told that he needed open heart laser surgery, because his heart wasn’t working right. If he didn’t have the surgery he would die within a year. He was super scared, but he knew that he would be alright. Although he was super scared because his brother got in a car accident and his dad was an alcohol person. He knew that they both were on the verge of dying. One day his mom was supposed to visit him, but she couldn’t because his dad wasn’t doing well. She said that she would be there when he plays against Manchester United, because she knew that if he played well he could actually get a contract to Man United. That would be a huge thing for his family, because they were very poor. When the day came that he had to play Man U. he played very well scoring one goal and getting three assists. That was huge for him because that impressed the Man U. coaches a lot. A few weeks later he got a flight to England to sign a contract. He was super excited knowing that he would soon be playing for Manchester United. After that things just to roll down the hill. He was playing super well and he even got invited to play for his national team.For one his first games he had to fly out early to the hotel because said that there was a call for him. He didn’t know what the call was about but he was worried knowing that his brother was in a car accident a couple years earlier and that his dad wasn’t doing well. When he got the phone he was brokenhearted to find out that his dad had died a few hours earlier. He just couldn’t imagine what life would be like without him. He was the one who gave him his best and only Christmas present and he was the one who taught him how to play soccer. He ended up not being able to play in that game and he was flown back to Portugal for the Funeral.After that he played more seasons for Man U. before being traded of to Real Madrid his dream club. I really liked this book because I am a big fan of Ronaldo and his life story is really touching and sad. I would totally recommend this book to anyone even if they don’t like soccer, but if you do like soccer I would recommend this book especially.

  • Helena
    2019-03-18 19:32

    Suomeksi nimellä Christiano Ronaldo - Kasvu voittajaksi. Tämähän oli ihan hyvä! Jalkapalloa, dramaattisia käänteitä, joukkuepelin tärkeyttä, köyhistä oloista tähtiin ponnistamista. Uskon, että uppoaa jalkapallolapsiin hyvin.Ja nythän tätä voi sitten alkaa vinkata saman kirjailijan Lionel Messi -kirjan parina Messi vs. Ronaldo -teemalla.

  • Mahya
    2019-03-04 16:21

    what a story! what a character! what a good book. I mean, I cried on the pages about Christmas bulbs on the marina. Great descriptions. the book is alive. the story is engaging. should be taught in schools to project why some become legends and stay as legends.

  • Arja
    2019-03-01 18:37

    Ei mikään kirjallisuuden jättiläinen mutta aihe! Tarpeeseen tulee. Hiukan saisi olla helpompi luettava vielä, aika paljon hankalia sanoja, vieraskielisiä nimiä, joiden kanssa on vaikea pysyä mukana. Mutta silti erittäin tarpeellinen kirja.

  • Hana.S Rashid
    2019-03-18 18:15

    a short book which talks about the most important times that Chris gone through it in his life, it is a very nice book and helped me to know him better.

  • Erick Montoya
    2019-02-22 17:19

    Title: The rise of a winner By: Michael partIs the story about the life of the worlds best soccer player from childhood to professional soccer player.The rise of a winner takes place in the early 1990's in the streets of Portugal, Madeira and the story starts with the main character Cristiano Ronaldo. Where as a kid he would never have friends, he would get bullied by the older kids. And he tried to prove them wrong that he was better than what they thought. Ronaldo was always the shortest one and the youngest kid. he was a loner, it was only him and a sock full of beans that he would play with because of their poorness. His parents couldn't afford a new soccer ball.This book got me to know more about Cristiano. he is my idol and there was things I didn't know about his personal life, like his father passing away when he was only 20 years old. what I liked about this book was that the author wrote it as if it was Ronaldo talking about himself. like if the author knew him like the palm of his hand. There was only one thing about the book that I didn't like, that it never mentioned how Ronaldo felt about being a professional soccer player after proving his bullies that he was way better than them.This book was pretty interesting, and was not that long it was only 90 pages long it explained a lot for it to be 90 pages long.I would recommend this book to all the Cristiano Ronaldo fans out there, all the people who wants to know a little more about him.this book has no negative language or sex or drugs its a pretty book, why don't you read it and tell me what you think?

  • Brian
    2019-03-14 18:36

    Cristiano Ronaldo was a fun and outgoing little kid. He was very poor and he was always there for his family. He would love to hang out and have fun and he was always playing soccer in the streets of Portgual. Cristiano was very noticed out in the streets for his soccer skills, he was always playing everyday.. he wasn't the best student ever, he once threw a desk at a teacher.Cristiano was a very hard worker.. till this day he works very hard at what he does. Cristiano was once playing soccer and he got noticed he was playing semi pro for a team. One day Jorge Mendez found out about him and he made him big really big.Jorge took cristiano to England in 2003 where he played for Manchester United and he loved it there playing against great players. In 2009 he got transfer to Real Madrid one of the biggest teams in Spain. He is there currently and is one of the best in the world he has such great talent. He also won a champions league title there witch is one of the biggest tournaments in the world.

  • Daniel Echa
    2019-03-04 16:26

    It's such a very informative book about Cristiano.It helped me understand most of the arguments going on in the world about Messi and Ronaldomostly learned about Cristiano and how he started his career. it's easy to understand and the diction in here is just great, what made it even better was the Spanish words involved in it. This Portuguese star is now the top player and just won a Ballon d'hor prize. I gave this book a 4 stars because it's missing Cristiano Ronaldo's education because some young players might want to know more about how much education they need or personally I just wanted to know because Cristiano is such a smart person.

  • Michael
    2019-03-11 17:29

  • Michael
    2019-03-06 19:43