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Every day of your life, you make a thousand choices. You may go right, you may go left. Eat the salad, eat the burger. Each choice you make is only one of a number of possible choices. You know that the choice that you make is an integral part of your universe. What you may not know is that you make all possible choices. If you choose the Burger, there is an universe in whEvery day of your life, you make a thousand choices. You may go right, you may go left. Eat the salad, eat the burger. Each choice you make is only one of a number of possible choices. You know that the choice that you make is an integral part of your universe. What you may not know is that you make all possible choices. If you choose the Burger, there is an universe in which you pick the salad. Each choice that could be made is made in some universe. We are each of us a maker of Universes. Each of these universes exist parallel to each other, every outcome of every event splitting the worldline to create another set of universes. Every event, from the first second of time until the last. Everything exists somewhere in the foam of universes. This story takes place in one such universe. It starts on an Earth which is not so different from our own, but where the Laws of Physics are very slightly different from ours, and less forgiving to the dreams of Man....

Title : Vanguard of Man
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ISBN : 9781495219689
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Vanguard of Man Reviews

  • Kevin Lintner
    2019-05-07 19:47

    I'd love to be cheeky and say this was a look at the future is a certain person with the last name of "Paul" was elected, but that would be unfair to the author and the the book itself. Indeed there is a President Paul, who blames the previous administration for the horrible economic collapse, but that's only part of the problem. The Earth has been thrown into chaos, global warming, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and last but not least, nuclear war have hobbled our planet and left in uninhabitable. A fleet of Ark Ships has carried humans into space where they breed with uberhumans that have been enhanced with nano technology and then sent into planets that will support human life to colonize. The writing moves along swiftly and smoothly and the characters are fully developed to the point you can picture them on the small or big screen. what really stands out is the amount of detail that Lovil has put into this hard science fiction tale. It is wondrously written and was a pleasure to read.

  • Michael Mardel
    2019-05-19 16:00

    Vanguard of man by Lovil. I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it. The author has a great imagination though my mind swept past the technical terms. I suspect that he has a grounding in physics as he led me past technical terms of the ships. The enormous sail was mind-boggling. How planets are populated is very interesting.

  • Willy Eckerslike
    2019-05-07 17:37

    Having been an avid science fiction fan for over forty years I am always on the lookout for new authors and original ideas; these days there are a plethora of the former and a dismal lack of the latter. I was not familiar with JD’s other published work but when I was offered a free audio download in return for an honest and unbiased review I was happy to accept since I probably would have turned down a print or electronic copy as I don’t get much time to read but I listen to music all day while working on my own.Vanguard of Man is the author’s third science fiction novel and chronicles the mankind’s diaspora from Earth across the galaxy. Following the collapse of the world economy and a series of cataclysmic events and a plague or two, the planet is no longer capable of supporting even the much reduced human population so, in parallel with cryogenic research, a programme to develop genetically engineered super human ‘Vanguards’ is instigated. These hyper intelligent, immortal and practically invulnerable beings will man the giant seed ships the will take the millions of sleeping humans on a centuries long voyage to a new homes amongst the stars.That is the general gist. The presentation is somewhat old-school, almost Azimovian without the grand master’s élan and distinctly derivative; there is more than a passing nod to Meaney’s Ragnarok cycle with some slightly clunky references to Brinn’s Uplift, Reynolds’ current panspermian premise and even Stargate. The near future apocalypse narrative is annoyingly America-centric and there is generally frequent repetition, a lot of sentences ending in a preposition, many ‘off of’s (grrrr…). Interestingly, I found these latter grammatical points less irritating in the audio-book format that I would have in printed form.However, notwithstanding the above, there is a lot which deserves credit. The story is a neat blend of speculative near future sci-fi with standard space opera and the beloved old seed ship themes while the original Vanguards and their newborn cousins add an innovative spice. The simple linear narrative bowls along at a decent pace and the dialogue, while a little naïve, harks back to an earlier style and there are occasional sparks of wit. The science is all tried and tested sci-fi fare with space elevators, Bussard collectors & solar sails and there has evidently been a creditable degree of research into the astronomical elements. Thankfully there is no mind boggling esoteric physics or mathematics with which to confound the reader.To summarise, I generally rather enjoyed ‘Vanguard of Man’ where an original reworking of familiar themes is only slightly marred (for me, a very old-school Englishman) by school-boy grammar and, I suppose, culturally unavoidable Americanisms.

  • Jim
    2019-05-09 19:49

    This is a weird book. It's along the line of "World Ship Praxis" which I liked and could understand. This book is also about a world ship "Relentless", but it is Captained by something not necessarily human, therefore his actions were strange and really difficult to understand. The guy who runs the "Relentless" is a biologically engineered non-Human, although he was human at one time. He lost his humanity when he volunteered to become one of the first Vanguards.A Vanguard is a person devoid of all that makes him human. He doesn't even look like a normal human and he certainly doesn't act like a human, yet Vanguards are tasked with the seeding of Man in far away galaxies. He does this, not because he is following some set of iron-clad orders, but because he also seems knowledge and the seeding of Man won't interfere with his quest.Vanguard live generations. They were made to be immortal and probably will be. The main one in this story is named Enki who once was Eric Hamilton. He and his kind have taken the names of mythical gods. Not good if you ask me. Well, the whole seeding of Man according to its book was incredibly my boring. The author made it seem as if the "Rentless" was driving a bus around dropping off children.There was some attempt at action and adventure, but it wasn't ever fully developed. Enki just cruised from star to star dropping off silly and idiotic colonist. We read very little about the colonists or their troubles or growth. Information about the activities aboard the World Ship Praxis were at least interesting and sometimes funny; not so with this book.

  • Sheryl Painter
    2019-05-05 14:57

    I enjoyed the story and characters, the original way the author brought everything together. Throughout the story, there are little tidbits of history mixed in explaining both situations and characters. Not enough to bog or slow the reading, not too much to confuse you with past or present. It was a good mix, and bringing in characters and story line from other books by this author was a very pleasant surprise. Don't let the science scare you away - and don't let it bog down your reading. Let the science become part of the story, and it simply flows and entertains. I felt the story flew by, as quickly as the years I was reading through. The light-hearted periods kept the story from becoming dark or heavy - world wide fatal illness wasn't so hard to believe or read about when the characters could still find things to joke over.

  • Barbara D.
    2019-05-05 20:48

    'Vanguard of Man' is an interesting sci-fi novel. Earth has been destroyed by natural disasters and nuclear conflicts. To survive, the human race has to search for different planets resembling Earth. Enki, a Vanguard (the result of integration and fusion between a man once named Eric Hamilton and nanobots), the main protagonist of the story, has to guide and lead "Relentless", a space colony ship. During the space trip Enki completes his metamorphosis and discovers that he can become something very different from a simple cyborg or immortal entity...a god! Highly recommended for fans of Sci-Fi.

  • J.D. Lovil
    2019-04-20 15:00