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Branna Murphy is broken. For months now she has been a part of a one-sided relationship to a man she loves more than life itself. She prayed for a miracle, and hoped something would change, but found that was wishful thinking. Talking didn’t work. Shouting didn’t work. Crying didn’t work. Nothing bloody worked. Ryder Slater is furious. For months now he has been lying to aBranna Murphy is broken. For months now she has been a part of a one-sided relationship to a man she loves more than life itself. She prayed for a miracle, and hoped something would change, but found that was wishful thinking. Talking didn’t work. Shouting didn’t work. Crying didn’t work. Nothing bloody worked. Ryder Slater is furious. For months now he has been lying to a woman he would take a bullet for in order to protect her. He is involved in something that goes deeper than his old past, and if he strays off target, people will start to die. People he loves. He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t slip up. He couldn’t lose focus. He couldn’t do a damn thing. Things between Ryder and Branna are at rock bottom, and Ryder knows it. Not only will he be taking on a force that could destroy his whole family, but he will be battling tooth and nail to save his relationship and keep the love of his life by his side. Ryder targeted Branna from the first moment he saw her, and what Ryder targets, Ryder dominates....

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  • L.A. Casey
    2019-03-11 17:31

    RYDER is LIVE! :)Kindle USKindle UKKindle CAKindle AUSiTunesB&NKobo

  • ✿
    2019-03-18 14:25

    ☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆4.25 stars!!Naturally, I had a lot of excitement and trepidation towards this read. I was like, "oh my god! Ryder and Branna in jeopardy?! This cannot be!!" followed by a great amount of worrying and anguishing over what us readers might expect by reading.Luckily though, there is no cheating, no other m/w interactions and no ridiculous drama added in.Ryder and Branna have hit a rough and dry spot within their relationship just like any normal couple, and with it, an additional and concerning secret on Ryder's end that destroy them both.Don't worry too much on what the secret is. It's not one that is detrimental to our perception of Ryder. The lad just has a lot on his plate is all.As for Branna, I felt for her and understood her emotions without reservations. They were certainly how any normal person would be feeling and reacting when they love some one so much but are not feeling it being reciprocated anymore. So sad and heartbreaking.All in all, one of my more favorite of all of the installments-- my ultimate fave still being Dominic.Definitely, not a read to miss!!

  • Violina The Romance Lover
    2019-02-21 13:31

    FULL REVIEW POSTED! 5 "Sweet talking" stars “Welcome to CASA Slater!” Ryder & Branna were always the parental figures. Their priority was always the safety of their family. But somewhere along the way they stared to loose the connection between each other. With the secrets that Ryder hides and the loneliness that Branna feels, their relationship starts to crack but like we know already the Slater brothers never gave up and Murphy's women never back down without a fight!This book was full of intense moments, hot and steamy scenes. Beautiful flashbacks from the beginning of their relationship till the moment when they felt like something is happening to them and it can jeopardise their love and stability as a couple. We understood the lies and truths that Ryder hides and we get to know the sassy and a little lost and a lot of heartbroken Branna. I loved the flashbacks because they showed how everything happend, how they felt the spark between them from day one, how they found out that they are the IT for each other and how they understood that they both found the person that they want to spent their lives with. The sweetness and the roughness of Ryder were the things that makes you fall in love with him. He was lost and he made a lot of mistakes but there is no mistake in what he feels about Branna.He was kind, patient and honest but when he was forced to act and do dangerous things he changed. He did not though that this would affect Branna and their relationship but in the end, it does. "If he said my name in that low, husky seductive tone one moRe time, I was going to jump him in front of all of these people.""Feel free to jump ma at any given time, Branna"Branna's constant turmoil over weather or not to finally broke up with Ryder broke my heart because it was clear to see how much she loves him but also how much she hurts because of the walls he built. Little did she knows that he did that only to protect her. But can you forgive the person that you love so much for hurting you that bad?! "Don't cry. Be strong"Now let's talk about chemistry! These two were made for each other! The alphaness that Ryder liked to express in bed and the submissive but also little vixen that Branna was, was off the charts sexy! They were like animals, like two people who can consume each other. "Turn around and bend over.Now.""Wh...Why?""Because I'm going to give you a hell of reminder who you belong to,and whenI'm finished,you won't question it again.Now turn around.And.Bend.Over."I think we all know that LA Casey is a great chemistry and intense moments builder. The twists, angst and steam she puts in her books are always incredible. At first I was hesitant to start this book because I was afraid that they won't survive the problems but I was SO wrong. The book proves that love can break-through every obstacle if it's A TRUE love, unconditional one.

  • Sabrina
    2019-03-01 16:16

    2.5 StarsIt saddens me to say that this book just didn't work for me that well. I've liked this series since the beginning, and even though I was a little nervous about Ryder, I was also excited to finally get to know Branna and Ryder more, and how they started. But their story fell flat.One of my really big issues came from Branna, and her incessant complaining about the state of her and Ryder's relationship. I just couldn't get on board with the fact that for the majority of the first half of the book was her constantly telling everyone how unhappy she was in her relationship, and yet doing nothing about it. It was always the same complaints that she told everyone, so after the second time hearing it, I was just over her and her whining.Ryder...well there really isn't much to say about Ryder. Why? Because he was barely in the friggin' book! For most of the present story it was solely focused on Branna and Ryder was just the ass that we always saw leaving. Even in the end when they were finally working their shit out he wasn't around much. I think I just had too many expectations about this book, and was expecting a very different story. The book is about their issues that they're having, which we learned about in the previous book, so I was thinking that we would get to see them become a couple again and working out their problems. But that wasn't it at all, it was just more of their issues on display and they didn't even start to work on them until around 80% into the book, and then they were resolved rather quickly. The ending skipped around way too much for me. I wanted to see them learning to be together again, not just hear about it after we skip a few weeks into the future. I was hoping the end would make the book better enough for me to rate it higher, because I hate that I rated a book in this series so low, but that didn't happen after it started to skip ahead. The flashbacks also killed it for me. I liked the first one that we got, where we saw their first meeting and their first night together. But then after that it was basically just the retelling of some of Dominic's story, just in Branna's POV. They seemed so unnecessary and I was getting bored of them to the point where I start to skim through them. Overall, Ryder wasn't the book I was expecting for this couple so I ended up disappointed. I won't give up on this series, though, and I'm looking forward to the next book. I still recommend this book for any fan of this series and I think it will work for most people.

  • Maria...
    2019-03-21 21:14

    "3 stars"I was waiting for this book for a long time because I wanted to know what happened between Ryder & Branna for being so mean to each other in the previous books.And I thought it would be a good change to read about a couple who struggle to save their relationship after a few years together.Well I was excited when I got my greedy hands on this book because I wanted Ryder really bad!BuT it wasn't as great as I wanted to be.I mean I wanted for these two a great story!They were the first couple and they brought everyone else together...In this book we read about Ryder and Branna how their story began and how their relationship was in the present, which wasn't good at all!I liked how they met,fell in love and had hot sex and after 5 years they were a hot mess.They changed and forgot how to be in love and care for each other.It was Ryder's fault that things went to hell between them BUT he had a good reason!I liked the flashbacks,the end and the moments with the whole gang more than anything.After everything they realized how great they were together and how miserable they were took them a while though...Better Late than Never...right...???The things that kept me from loving this book were quite a few...I didn't like Branna being so much in her head and not share her problems with anyone even her sister or best friend.I didn't like the interaction between Ryder&Branna only in the past and not so much in the present.I mean I wanted to see them more in the present trying to fix their relationship and talk and be mad as hell and have amazing make up sex to get off some steam.I don't know I think something was missing here...They had some hot scenes in the past...."It's only fair.If my dick hurt,I want your pussy throbbing."Turn around and bend over.Now." "Wh...Why?" "Because I'm going to give you a hell ofreminder who you belong to,and when I'm finished,you won't question it again. Now turn around.And.Bend.Over.""Can I ask you a question that has been on the tipof my tongue all day?" "Shoot." "Will you marry me?" "I'm sorry,can you repeat that.I've misheard you."It was a nice reading,I just wanted something more for these two...Let's hope Branna's book will be better with more sex and funny shit going on...Enjoy!xxx

  • SinfulSoul_
    2019-03-11 14:33

    After progue my first thought was:Finally I read this book and I really like it. I like that author shows us not only present but also past. How Branna and Ryder met, felt in love, dealt with siblings especially Bronagh and Dominic, the good begining: If he said my name in that low, husky seductive tone one moRe time, I was going to jump him in front of all of these people… feel free to jump ma at any given time, BrannaAnd the bad present. How Branna realizes that she can’t deal with new Ryder anymore. When she throws plate after being accused of cheating Ryder… when she wants to know why he can’t thrust her and tell why his phone is more important than her or why he is constantly eluding from house:Ryder I’m breaking up with You… NO… because I’m going to make you fall in love with me all over again…Things get messy, misunderstanding leads to bad guy, who comes back and wants revenge. If he killed me, I would be at peace… no more saDness… no more of anything… I felt a droplet of liquid fall onto my chEek, then on my nose… I love you so much… please, don’t go anywhereThe truth comes out, but there is no happy reunion. Branna wants space to think about her feelings, if she can trust Ryder again. I like that he shows us his sensitive side and admit that he isn’t perfect and swear that he is going to fight to win her again:What if it’s not the same as before… what if it’s betteR…Ending is fantastic. Though I have a feeling that something is missing in this book, I honestly enjoyed it. I can’t wait for more sexy Slater’s story. And little Branna and Ryder. It’s okay… you can cry…

  • Radmila
    2019-03-01 14:43

    3,5 STARS!!!Two reasons why I like to read L.A.Casey's books are:>>>love-hate relationship between main charactersand because books are funny as hellWe met Ryder and Branna in the Dominic. Branna is Bronagh older sister and Ryder is the oldest brother of Slater clan. Their relationship started in the first book and they been together for ages now. I was intrigued by them. Especially Branna, who was a little bit crazy. During Aideen the golden couple started having some relationship issues. They became colder and more distant. Now, Branna had enough! She wants to break up with Ryder, but it's hard since she really loves him. Ryder is never home. Nobody knows where he goes and it's killing Branna.The story was just ok. I discovered shy side of Branna which I thought was impossible. She is always yelling or hitting somebody.As I said, a little crazy. Bronagh's pregnancy is driving Dominic nuts. Someone is kidnapped, again. There were other things that irritated me, but despite it all it was a hilarious read. I'm looking forward to read Branna since it's written in Ryder's pov.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-23 18:41

    These Slaters brothers just keep getting better I really enjoyed this this book I was dyin to know what was goin on with Ryder an why he was keeping things from Branna when they were so close an had such a strong relationship I 've luvd them from the beginning so I was just dyin to know why he was bein the way he was I found it great goin back to when the they first got together they were just meant to b a couple he brought out the best in her an she made did the same with Ryder he was hard around the edges but she made him softer Branna was a shy girl but he brought out the feisty naughty side to her which was hot super hot they couldn't keep there hand of each other Ryder and Branna sort of turned into the mother and father figures in this mad group but they didn't care Branna had looked after Bronagh so crazy she was young cause there parents died when Bronagh was young an Branna did a great job she was a lil overprotective at time but she alway put Bronagh first an Ryder had done the same with the twins but things were a like harder for the Slater brother's they have been through so much things were never easy for them and now there Ryder was hiding things from Branna that was tearing there relationship apart an Branna couldn't cope anymore she wasn't the woman she used to b an she had had enough of him keeping secrets This series as become one of my favourite the Slater's just keep getting more sexier an the drama gets more dramatic where the Slater's r drama just seems to follow which just makes this series great an the book I could get enough of this once I started I could put it down I would highly recommend it xxx

  • Elle
    2019-03-02 21:14

    2* meh STARS! **minor opinion alert**HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. What happened to Ryder? Even with their immaturity, I prefer the rest of Slaters Brothers so much. Dominic, Alec, Kane, Damien (soon) and Ryder the oldest. In Kane's, Ryder-Branna already has strained relationship. I wonder how they repaired it, but yeah it didn't meet my expectation.Pros:Can anyone elaborate me what's plus in this book? Because I couldn't find any.Cons:- Drama oh drama. They're always angry and fighting.- NATO = No Action Talk Only.- Is Branna bipolar? Acting tough but crybaby inside. I didn't buy Branna's shy attitude in the past. Such a BS.- Unnecessary flashback. It was like back to book #1 with Branna's POV. Ugh.- I hate man with secrets. In this case, Ryder act like an asshole. Keeping her in blind and drove her away. Man up!- Terrible plot. Failed villain. Unbelievable suspense.- Failed forgiveness/second-chance. After Ryder cause her bipolar act, she's easily forgive him? Wow woman, you're such a saint.OVERALL? WTF. I didn't like Ryder and Branna in this book. Both of them frustrated me very much. Just give me Damien's already. But I have bad feeling about this. Remembering the ending that didn't end well. Alannah is quite childish and confusing. But let's see...

  • Pick a Book
    2019-03-15 16:39

    4 " sweetness" stars-----4 estrelasTipico de livro da LA Casey:Vai ter gente doida.Vai ter irmão gostoso. Não importa de quem. Se é irmão. É gostoso.Vai ter briga. E alguém vai se machucar muito.Vai ter vibe mafiosa mais pro final do livro.Vai ter interação com todos os personagens. E muito. Não é só ponta. E se você não gosta desse padrão, vá ler outra coisa. Mas se você se divertiu muito com os livros anteriores e torceu por esses personagens, se apaixonou por eles, sofreu junto e quer logo o livro do Damien? Então, minha cara amiga, pode ir quente que o Ryder tá fervendo (literalmente rs). SÓ CONTINUE SE TIVER LIDO TODOS OS LIVROS ANTERIORES DA SÉRIEComo em toda a série, apesar dos livros focarem um em cada irmão, as histórias são sequenciais. Ou seja, você precisa ler o anterior. E Ryder começa exatamente onde o conto da Aideen acabou. Ryder não é mais o mesmo, mas ninguém - nós leitores e nem a Branna - sabe o porque e isso tá afetando o relacionamento deles. E a história continua com a gente sofrendo com a fadada trajetória do casal mais velho da série. Como a gente já conheceu esse casal no primeiro livro - do Dominic - a autora volta a história para 5 anos atras, quando Branna e Ryder se conheceram. E o Ryder de antes era a melhor coisa que tem. Um Slater apaixonado é lindo de se ver. Entretanto, a história não foca no passado, só tem alguns flashbacks. A gente tava acostumada a ver a Branna esquentadinha e forte e aqui conhecemos um lado diferente dela. Tímido e inseguro, as vezes. Quanto ao Ryder, pra quem leu os outros sabe o quanto ele tava meio um feladaputcha no ultimo livro. E aqui, a gente se apaixona pelo Ryder no começo do namoro. Mas quando chega o Ryder do presente, baixa o espirito da Bronnagh versão Antes-da-terapia-de-controle-de-raiva na gente e dá vontade de entrar no livro e rodar a irlandesa pra cima desse nova iorquino. A história dos dois é boa, mas uma coisa que me incomodou bastante foi que, por ser um livro do Ryder, acho que ele apareceu pouco. Ficou essa sensação. Sei lá. Falou-se muito nele, mas ele de fato não tava la o tempo todo. Não acho que posso dizer de verdade "nossa! agora eu conheço o Ryder". Como nos outros, também, tem cena de sexo quentes, entretanto, nesse livro o sexo é em versão estendida. Várias páginas detalhando e deixando a Branna ( e a leitora) louquiiiiinha. O destaque aqui vai para o final diferente. Não é porque aconteceu algo cabuloso, não. É porque terminou bem. Sem chiffhanger assustador, sem deixar a gente no suspense de morrer. Ah! E desde o primeiro livro eu me apaixonei pelo Damien. E tava doida com o livro dele. E continuo doida com o livro dele. Mais do que nunca! Tensão Alannah e Damien. Uhuuuu vem Dame!!!Pra quem tá perdido com essa série, a ordem tá assim:Dominic (Slater Brothers, #1) - já lançado no BrasilBronagh (Slater Brothers, #1.5) Alec (Slater Brothers, #2) Keela (Slater Brothers, #2.5) Kane (Slater Brothers, #3) Aideen (Slater Brothers, #3.5) Ryder (Slater Brothers, #4) Ainda por vir:Branna (Slater brothers # 4.5) Damien (Slater Brothers, #5) Alannah (Slater brothers # 5.5) Brothers (Slater Brothers, #6) E no começo do ano a autora divulgou que a partir de 2017 irá lançar a série dos irmãos Collins (os 4 irmãos da Aideen):Time's Up (Collins Brothers, #1) - Dante CollinsAbsent Truth (Collins Brothers, #2) - Harley CollinsPoison (Collins Brothers, #3) - James CollinsBy Bond, Not Blood (Collins Brothers, #4) - Skull Glow in the Dark (Collins Brothers, #5) - Gavin Collins Ufa. Quanto mais irmão, melhor haha. (Se bem que acho que o Skull não é irmão, mas tá valendo).----------------------* Pick a Book facebook /instagram /[email protected]

  • Addie
    2019-03-04 13:16


  • Mariya
    2019-02-27 13:20

    Arrrrghhhhh! I am seriously pissed off here! I have been waiting since book 1 for this story and I thought it was gonna be epic, but it was fucking ridiculous!I basically have no idea how the author could have turned this book around for me to make me love it. I think basically because Branna and Ryder were already a couple since the first book of the series makes it difficult, so it had to be different compared to the other Slater Brother's books.My problems with the book were:♦ Majority of book is Brognah's book told from Branna's POV!♦ This book was too damn depressing!♦ No way did Ryder not know his relationship was fucked up!♦ Branna doing nothing to try and fix it up to a year's time?! Really?♦ Storyline and Plot was fucked up!♦ Ryder was barely even in the book!I welcomed the flashbacks, because we got to see how Ryder and Branna's relationship started, but I still hated that flashback were every other chapter so when I was invested in the present day storyline, it would suddenly switch to a flashback. But he flashbacks were probably the best part of the book! But whatever, can't love them all! I'm so ready for Damien's book now!

  • Sana
    2019-03-11 16:38

    UPDATED Okay so I really liked the idea of the storyline. From the past books, Ryder and Branna's story intrigued me more. I absolutely loved the story and the idea of the flashbacks. BUT I wished that there was more of a NOW than the flashbacks. I feel like we needed to see a little bit about the beginning of Ryder's and Branna's relationship but I just think that it dominated the book on the overall. I was disappointed when I kept waiting and waiting to see the interaction between the brothers and realized that there was close to none. That being said, my review is just my personal opinion about what I wish there was in the book. On the overall, it was an amazing read. Loved Ryder and Branna. They are amazing characters. The others were as well.*4.5 stars* That cover though.... Can't wait!!!

  • LunalandBooks
    2019-03-18 16:16

    I received an ARC of Ryder by L.A. Casey in exchange for an honest review.I have got to start by saying that I absolutely adore L.A. Casey and this is one woman who in my eyes can do no wrong. Ryder is no exception to this statement. There is a slightly different feel to Ryder than there is to the previous books in this series, but I believe that is down to the new approach Casey has taken. There are quite a few flashbacks in Ryder, this enhances the story beautifully as you get to explore Branna and Ryder's relationship right from the very beginning. Learning Ryder's secret was worth the wait as this book is filled with suspense, action and yes a good amount of romance. Branna is a wonderful heroine and her thoughts and reactions are so real and so well written that you completely understand her point of view and experience her joy and heartbreak right alongside her. You also get to see a brand new side to Ryder and what is also fantastic about this particular book is that both Ryder and Branna are the responsible adults and basically the parental figures of the group. Because of this, all of the siblings responses to every situation are priceless and really make this a Must Read book for 2016.

  • Elise Spencer
    2019-03-18 18:24

    REVIEW BEFORE RELEASE: Please, please, please no cheating. I couldn't bear for me to hate or dislike the book like I did with 'Alec'. *fingers crossed*REVIEW AFTER RELEASE : '4 AMAZING, MATURE STARS'The author did an amazing job with this book, lots of issues of communication were there but what I can admit is that this book might be the most sorted out of the rest of the series. The writer knew exactly what to do with the characters and the execution was excellent. The best thing- NO CHEATING/NO OTHER WOMAN/MAN, I mean they were mentioned but trust me when I say this, Ryder and Branna were COMMITTED to each other and there was no BS about it. THANK YOU, L.A. CASEY FOR THAT! I really hope this is how the rest of the books go, without other woman/man drama, we all know how much we hated that in 'Dominic' and 'Alec'. Really high hopes for the upcoming books.

  • ⭐️Lia⭐️
    2019-03-10 19:31

    I don't know how I haven't read any books from this series since now. It is amazing to meet so many new characters and to see how close to each other they are. Now i am waiting to read the next one and find more about the lovely family.

  • Mignon Mykel
    2019-03-13 15:20

    4.5 / 5 starsThroughout the series, the one relationship that was simply there was Branna and Ryder. The essential matriarch and patriarch of their respective families, they fell into one another fast and hard. However, if you've read the previous books, their relationship becomes strained when Ryder starts pushing Branna away -- or that's the way it feels and looks to Branna.Ryder's about to learn real quick just what his inattention is doing to his fiance, and it's going to come in the form of a co-worker and the threat of packed boxes. Although I haven't reviewed the previous book, I have read them. Can you read this without the others... to a point, sure. But what Ryder's fighting is something that has been happening through the previous books, and the falling out of their relationship has been happening through the books too. You can't help but feel for Branna and wanting everything to just 'be ok' finally for these two.Branna and Ryder's story is told in both 'present day' and 'five years ago', when they first met, so if you've only been feeling the one-sided relationship, we go all the way back to when Branna and Ryder met -- and therefore, when Dominic and Bronagh first got into it all (which was fun to read an outside opinion on; as much as Bronagh hated the kid initially, he was very much elementary-boy-in-the-school-yard with her).Now... The story is told in Branna's perspective (as the books are, in the female pov), so while the synopsis gives the reader the feeling he or she will be able to deduce on their own that Ryder is fighting a bigger cause, only getting the story in the jilted's perspective makes one wonder just what, exactly, the man is doing. However, if you knew how much that man loved her, you could make your own assumptions.These two are the oldest of their families, and I did find that their thoughts and actions correctly portrayed that. The only time I found Branna annoying was her continuous fight on whether or not to leave Ryder, and when to do it. It was a big decision, I understand that -- she invested many years in her relationship with Ryder, and beyond that, she became a big family figure to his brothers, but I tend to get annoyed when things are repeated over and over and no action is taken. I loved seeing the other relationships and how they have been growing. I loved watching Damien show he's more than the little brother, and I absolutely enjoyed seeing how much Bronagh has grown. But more than that, I loved that the Slater boys were extremely protective of Branna -- both to her face, behind her, with Ryder, and against Ryder. It's a fun relationship to see.As per course, the next "half" book will be Branna's, and I'm so pumped to watch their relationship a little bit more. But the next book that I'm super excited for? Brother Damien. Like he says in this book, he needs to clear some air with Alannah and I absolutely cannot wait to watch that.If you think I'm excited about that though... After Damien and Alannah is an epilogue of sorts told in the brothers' points of view, and with as many estrogen driven view points we've read in this series, I absolutely, positively, cannot wait to get in those boys' heads.* received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review

  • River
    2019-03-07 19:26

    I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand i really love HEAs and Branna got everything she wanted.But on the other hand, Fuck Ryder! I understand why he hid things from Branna, I understand that he had no other choice but you know in what he had a choice and made the bad one? How to treat your woman! Ryder was a dick for so long to Branna and there's no excuse to that, she was hurting and he didn't do shit to fix it, he expected her to be there when eventually he was ready to fix things. Selfish mofo. This is like pattern now with L.A Casey, a good brother, a bad one, good one , bad one. Alec was just dumb but Ryder is freaking useless, i do not care for him and his stupid excuses, he doesn't deserve Branna. What's with the kidnappings?? Is every girl in this series going to get kidnapped? I am not waiting for Damien's btw, i will read it because I'm a sucker but to be honest i know i will hate it because I already hate Alanna, she's so immature and petty, ugh.

  • TicTac
    2019-03-12 19:14

    Just please - without cheating and other women/other men! :(

  • Julia's Book Haven
    2019-02-23 18:24

    *3.5 Stars*

  • Vini
    2019-03-10 17:23

    3.5 StarsI was really excited to get this book after waiting so long but i can't help but feel dissapointed in it.. Branna and Ryder were having trouble in their relationship for a long time. I wanted to know what caused this rift in such a loving couple but when i found out the truth i was like meh.. :/Sure it was a bit angsty with the mix of usual laugh out loud moments.. And i loved it too.. sometimes *shrug*Loved Ryder's character he was a bit dominant and a big softy. :) Branna on the other hand was annoying! Telling everyone that she was gonna break-up but not to the one person she was gonna break-up with. Nuh--hun!I wanted more story.. Again and again there were time leaps which forwarded the story :(

  • Elena
    2019-02-22 15:28

    3 stars!!honestly was a bit of let down.i didn't expect Branna to be shy, honestly the way i saw her the former's book was anything but shy, as for Ryder...i lost some hope for him after the first half of the book, the i understood him...but still he could have handled the situation a bit better.and the big scary guy.....that was one heck of a scene.overall...pretty good, but still something missing, sorry.That's all for now...See ya!

  • Zoeya K
    2019-03-01 21:17

    Don't know if I want to read this, after reading a preview at the ending of 'Aideen' I know I won't like it :/

  • Fre06 Begum
    2019-02-21 19:33

    This was good but still don't like Alec I just can't get over what he did!

  • Alexa Ayana
    2019-02-25 20:37

    Copy provided to exchange with a honest review.I love LA Casey's work since a friend recommend it for me. An fresh easy reading series, funny, sizzling and entertaining. I was curious about this book because he's different from his brothers. Ryder was so mysterious and he less exposed. But after finished Branna's POV here, sorry LA Casey I will become rain in your parade.- Too much angst. This book dominated with how miserable Branna because of Ryder and her escape to the workplace. I liked new character Ash, he becomes the sunshine in this book. I almost lost a big portion of fresh jokes from LA Casey in here.- Couldn't connect with the main characters. A little difficult to enjoyed the first person POV if I can't bonding with the narrator. I liked Branna's protective and maturity over the years. But her character portrayed inconsistent and different than her image from the first book. She has contradictory tendency and confusing because it keeps changing. - Too much flashback. I liked the last flashback because it was a new scene and very fit into Branna's condition. But the repetition of their first meet and how hot their early relationship didn't appeal to me. It has been already told in Dominic's book. I prefer to read more heart-melting scene Ryder to get his second chance.- Too much conflicts. This book didn't focus on Ryder-Branna's relationship but everyone's problem. I felt emptiness towards the story so it must be stuffed with various content.- Anti climax. The secret that become main problem in here didn't surprised me at all and way too simple. The conclusion from their relationship and Ryder's struggle to get his second chance too rushed. It has to be deeper than that.The ending was romantic, but so predictable. Lucky there is no cliffhanger but may be more appropriate for the final book of this series. So far Alec still my favorite Slater brothers for me.My Rating :Star : 2.5/5Bikini : 3/5

  • ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿
    2019-03-07 16:13

    4.5Ryder has an entirely different feel to it among the other Slater brothers books. When all of the other books started with fun scenes, this one started in an intense manner. I guess that's what I call Ryder and Branna's relationship. It's intense. When they love each other, it's intense, and when they fight, even small fights seem intense. Their characters can also be described as intense. Branna is intensely a protective mother bear while Ryder is an intensely secretive man. I find that I didn't like Ryder's character as much as I wanted to. Branna on the other hand, is A REVELATION. The stars that I give this book all goes to her. I didn't expect to love her like this. I just admire her strength from start to finish. She's this woman who can do everything for the man she loves, even push aside her own feelings just to protect him. She's that woman who can overlook almost anything and still be there for him. However, enough is enough. I like the way she handled her almost-break up. She really is strong, capable and very, very responsible- not just to Bronagh and Ryder. She's like that to everyone, it makes my jaw drop! When everyone was caught up in their own issues, here she was, bottling everything up so as not to bother other people with her own misery.. It's sad and also very admirable. In this book, she learns what it means to hold on and leg to. She finds the strength to tell people how she really feels and the people around her make her realize that she's important too. That's what I love best about this book. There are many scenes wherein the other brothers or the other women comfort her and make her feel loved. I think that's just amazing. :) The time I read this book (under 4 hours, honestly) is time well spent. I've been looking forward to their ending and I just have to say.. It's satisfying. :)

  • Kristina
    2019-02-24 18:25

    3.5 StarsThis one sadly didn't live up to my expectations.I love the Slaters, but I'm afraid in this story I didn't warm to Branna's "voice". She just irritated me. Even Ryder was not so interesting to me, which was surprising. As this story circled around the breakdown of Branna & Ryder's relationship of 5 years, it wasn't exactly a cheery read. I missed the humor that was prevalent in previous books.I did enjoy reading the flashbacks to fill out the missing thoughts of Branna/Ryder during Dominic/Bronagh's initial courtship but this story just didn't really grab me like Aideen did.

  • Samantha
    2019-02-26 16:14

    My love for the Slater brothers just keeps getting stronger with each and every book.

  • Julz
    2019-03-20 19:39

    Was ok but not sure my heart is in the series anymore..found myself skimming allot.

  • Greta
    2019-03-09 18:17

    Francamente me lo aspettavo.E' raro trovare una serie con tanti libri (qui saranno 6 e con le annesse novelle 11) che ad ogni nuovo episodio riesca a mantenere la stessa lunghezza d'onda. Quando ho iniziato la serie dei fratelli Slater ero colpita e affascinata, non dalle loro fidanzate, perchè secondo me sono tutte malate mentali, ma loro avevano quel qualcosa che mi ha spinta ad arrivare al libro di Ryder.L.A. Casey a mio parere si è persa. Perchè in ogni libro cambiano solamente i personaggi ma la storia rimane sempre la stessa, e sta lì pressante per poi andarsene ma tornare di nuovo. Se si vuole scrivere una storia con un "sottofondo" mafioso, bisogna avere inventiva. Non far sparire la gente per poi farla ritornare, minacciare le ragazze, sparire di nuovo, tornare ancora.. cioè, che due balle!Per quanto riguarda la storia fra Branna e Ryder non ho trovato nulla di che, sapevo che si stavano per lasciare perchè nei libri precedenti lei è già in crisi, pensavo in un sacco di angst ma è durato ben poco ed è scemato completamente come il mio interesse. Se non fosse che ho amato molto Alec e che aspetto la storia di Damien con trepidazione, lascerei sicuramente perdere questa serie. Troppo ripetitiva e troppi libri.