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A Bookworm Lily Hayward doesn't do parties, doesn't like attention, and she definitely doesn't date. This unassuming book shop owner would rather spend a night in with a good book rather than hobnob with the rich and famous.When her best friend Mel begs her to attend a charity gala with her, Lily reluctantly agrees. All she wants is to get through the night without embarrA BookwormLily Hayward doesn't do parties, doesn't like attention, and she definitely doesn't date. This unassuming book shop owner would rather spend a night in with a good book rather than hobnob with the rich and famous.When her best friend Mel begs her to attend a charity gala with her, Lily reluctantly agrees. All she wants is to get through the night without embarrassing herself or snapping someone's head off. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. Lily causes a bit of a stir when she berates another guest for spilling his drink on her....and a BillionaireRoman Conrad is rich, bored and too handsome for his own good. He's never had a problem attracting women. When he sees Lily at a charity gala, she's already made a little name for herself as an Ice Princess. Seeing the perfect opportunity to alleviate his boredom and to get one over an acquaintance, he makes a bet that he can make Lily fall in love with him.What he never expected was that he would be the one in danger of falling in love.The BetrayalAfter a painful past, Lily is gun-shy when it come to love and trusting her heart to anyone. She suspects Roman may be too good to be true, but against her better judgment, she can't help being drawn to him anyway.She has no idea about the bet and Roman wants to keep it that way, but fate has other plans. After spending his whole life waiting for a woman like Lily will one careless wager ruin everything and tear them apart?...

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the wager wagered hearts 1 Reviews

  • Kaycee ❤️
    2019-05-09 02:08

    This is my first book by the author. And I'm glad that I picked it up. I love the Cinderella type story. I grew up watching Cinderella, and hoping that someday my Prince Charming will come and sweep me off my feet. But I guess for now, I have to settle with this. I don't plan on discussing the plot of the story at all cause I don't want to give any spoilers and besides the blurb pretty much tell us all about it. Roman was charming, cool, sweet and sexy. You will just be drawn to him. And I totally swooned and I felt jealous of Lily when he gave her a First Edition copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.Lily is a wonderfully crafted character; she's overcome a lot of adversity in her life that made her into a strong and independent woman. Although sometimes she still can't help but feel insecure but I can't blame her though. I really liked her character; she's very relatable especially to those who also experienced what she'd been through. And before I forget, Lily also owned a book shop and she's a book lover too. She's the type of girl I want to be best friends with! As much as I loved both characters individually, I loved them even more together. They were a great match. I loved loved loved Lily and Roman.The conflict, of course the bet Roman bet his friend that he could make Lily fall in love with him in one month and what happens when Lily finds out. It was kind of predictable but my heart still broke for Lily when she found out. It was hard for her to trust because of her past but she trusted Roman and even fell in love with him. But I'm glad that Roman felt miserable without her. And groveled. "I've been a selfish being all mys life.. until I met you." But I was a little disappointed with the ending. It was abrupt, an epilogue might be good but over all this is a really good book for an afternoon read.

  • LaFleurBleue
    2019-05-15 03:03

    I did not have very high expectations for this book, which is lucky as it was not outstanding nor anywhere near original. The story was told along chapters told through the point of view of lead characters in alternance. Stories told at the first person are not what I prefer, especially when it feels like a way to avoid delving into details of the characters psyche. Little character development to be expected, a few big clichés included and not even fully developed, like the more or less plus size of the heroine and the jaded life lived by the too rich and favored hero. I did not really buy what their relationship had that was that special and that would allow them to withstand any future hardships to come.A few typos and grammar mistakes, not too many but enough big ones to finish turning me off.I'll probably not look forward another book from this author, though might give a chance to another freebie.

  • Shannon, ☺☻CFM☺☻
    2019-05-02 04:22

    Loved the book even made me cry.It was a story about a damaged plus h that had been tormented in high school and didn't trust men. Then she met the H and he made her feel special. BUT he made a bet with a jackass that he could make her fall in love with him in 3o days. She overheard him calling the bet off after she fell in love with him. Then the H started begging to get her back. It was just a sappy love story.

  • Danielle
    2019-05-16 09:01

    From the synopsis of this story, I was immediately intrigued and wanted to jump right in. I knew it was going to be really good, and it was. I really enjoyed the love story between Lily and Roman. It was complicated. There was a bunch overlay of tension in the background with the secret of the bet and when and where she would find out. It created that extra edge, as well had me glued to the pages. I hung by fingertips, wondering when it was going to hit the fan. I was a little fearful not gonna lie because I knew that it would ruin their bliss plus I didn't want Lily to be hurt because I knew that this was going to hurt bad. It kept me on my toes. From the beginning the story really caught my attention. I was immediately sucked into the story. I really liked the setup of the charity ball where Roman and Lily met. And what was interesting due to circumstances that Lily couldn't control, she wasn't the bell of ball, but more of "the ugly duckling", which was kind of really clever to have that reverse Cinderella thing happened. Lily didn't want to be there, but her friend pushed her into it. It was there that Roman first saw her, not being the least bit attracted to her, which prompted Roman making the bet with his adversary. The bet was that he could make Lily fall in love with him within a month and he would win the car. And he was confident that he could get it done. Nothing could go wrong right?Then the wooing commenced. She was skeptical at first over his motives, which she had ever right to be, but he really put on the charm and won her over. Even though he wasn't doing it for the right reasons, I did think he wooed her really well. I thought he was very sweet and endearing towards her. Again that was the point, but I loved all the romance that he put into his wooing. There were some great dates and great conversations. I knew he was going to be done for sure. And he was in very quick manner. The more he got to know her and spend time with her, the more attracted he was to her. The more he fell in love with her. It was very easy seeing them falling in love with each other. And it was sweet, but the threat of the bet lingered, and he knew could bring their love to a crashing, which created so much tension. And when it did break then all hell broke loose and hearts broke. My heart broke for Lily because of not only what she found out but how. It gutted her. I felt so bad for her despite the fact that I knew what was going on. It still hurt me. She finally opened up and trusted someone and that same person crushed her in such a cruel way. I understood that it would take a lot for her to forgive and believe that he actually loved her. It was hard to take that leap. Again heartbreaking to watch, but they get their in the end. It was just a lot of pain before the joy. It was a delicious journey. My one complaint about this story was that it was a little short. Not that I didn't enjoy the journey that I went on, but I just felt like there could have been more. I wanted a little more build up between them. It just seemed like Roman fell in love with Lily so quickly. I would have preferred a little more gradual build up and more of struggle within himself of not falling in love with her. Yes, there was a struggle but it was a tiny bit. I almost would have preferred him to be more calculating and more closed off and more putting on an act by using his charm. More that it was about a game to him that he played to win and not care then overtime he would began to weaken and soften towards her. It was there in the story just it happened too quickly. I wanted a more steady build up to that moment and journey in his story. Now that might have changed my opinion of him and thought he more of a prick, but I wanted to see that journey from prick to gentleman. Here, I never got prick from him. He was a nice guy despite his actions. I really anticipated not liking him so early on, but I did really like him. That's not a bad thing, but I think it would have been more satisfying to see his journey from jerk to good guy and that change would have been due to his love for Lily. It just would have given story more edge and intensity to it. Plus it would have set up a lot more angst. Also because of the shortness of the story, I thought the love scene happened way sooner than I anticipated. Not that it was a bad scene and it was very passionate, but again I wanted to see a little bit more build up. More anticipation to them getting together as they got to know each other more and more. Also it would have been nice to see the struggle of him dealing with his feelings for her then when they do give into their passions it would have been more meaningful and satisfying. For me it just happened too quickly. I think he needed to woo her a little bit more. Just my opinion. Otherwise I really did enjoy this story. I would read again for sure aside from the length everything was pretty spot on. I liked Lily and Roman. I thought they fit together really well and it was easy to see them fall in love with each other. The romance and the wooing was really good. I though it was really sweet and tender and very beautiful. It was nice seeing them date and get know each other. There was definitely lots pain going on from both sides but that was part of the journey that they went on together. It was hard and complicated but by the end it turned out to be beautiful. It was a really nice romance. The bet added that intensity and edge to the story that kept me on the edge of my seat. It was very easy to stay invested in the story and didn't stop being invested until the end. I wish it was longer, but otherwise it was good.

  • Debbie
    2019-05-07 08:16

    This was a quick read. The description sounded good. I did not feel a connection; characters had little depth. Opportunities for some great angst fell short. 2 stars.

  • Caron Pescatore
    2019-05-05 01:10

    I liked this book a lot. The story is written in the first person from both Lily and Roman's perspective, alternating back and forth between them with each chapter. I don't particularly care for first person account stories...honestly, I avoid them as much as possible. But getting the perspective from both protagonists wasn't bad--although I do admit that I personally would have enjoyed the story more had it been told in good old-fashioned third person. Sigh. Nevertheless, the story was interesting and Ms. Kyle does an amazing job turning a man who would wager on making a woman fall in love with him--all for a car!--into a worthy hero. Lily and Roman are great together, and it was nice to see how quickly Roman fell for the ordinary, girl next door, although she was not his usual type. Lily is a wonderfully crafted character; she's overcome a lot of adversity in during her lifetime, to become a strong, independent woman. Due to her earlier experiences with the opposite sex, Lily is leery around men. The story starts with Lily's best friend, Melanie, all but forcing her to attend a charity event. Lily agrees to accompany Mel, but to say that she is less than pleased would be an understatement. LOL FYI, Melanie is the h in second book in the series, [[ASIN:B00JATDAAO The Risk: A Billionaire Romance (Wagered Hearts Series Book 2)]]. Lily doesn't expect to have a good time; and the night actually turns out to be worse than she expects. I winced in sympathy when she described how she'd broken out in zits and developed an eye infection, forcing her to wear her ugly glasses with the thick frames, instead of her contact lenses, all while wearing an ill-fitting dress. LOL This is the night that Roman and Lily meet--ouch! Circumstances bring Lily to Roman's attention and the next thing he knows he's entering a bet that he can make Lily fall in love with him within a month. The stakes?...a classic car worth $40 million! Needless to say this is not Roman's best moment, but very quickly, once he starts his pursuit of Lily, he finds himself developing real feelings for her. I admit that when I read reviews for this book, I almost didn't get it. There is nothing I hate more than a doormat heroine, and some reviews I read made it seem like Lily just very quickly and easily forgave Roman, once she discovered the wager. I confess that if the book hadn't been free I wouldn't have bothered to get it, because why would I set myself up to read a book that would most likely prove to be a frustrating read for me? OMG! I'm glad I took a chance and downloaded a copy. I'm one of those "end readers", by which I mean, I usually read the ending of my romance books before delving into the story. I do that in order to avoid books that have horrible endings, or cliff-hangers, and the like. I thought I was weird and the only one who indulges in this practice, but have discovered through Amazon that there are many others who share with quirky trait with me. LOL Anyhow, when I got the book, the first thing I did was check out the end, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was absolutely nothing quick about Lily's forgiveness of Roman! **SPOILER ALERT**Lily, of course, eventually finds out about Roman's wager to make her fall in love with him. That's no surprise; of course I expected her to find out about it. But OMG!...the way she found out about it made it that much more cruel. Lily is devastated and immediately withdraws from Roman. She then refuses to have anything to with him...for weeks! When she and Roman finally do get back together, the poor man had been through hell--appropriately so. I'm one of those people who believe wholeheartedly in vengeance in my reading material (LOL). I typically feel that heroines in the books I read are too quick to forgive and forget; and heroes never do enough groveling to satisfy my vindictive streak. In this instance, I was more than satisfied; and that's saying something. Another thing I really like about the book is that as soon as Roman and Lily are intimate (which IMO happened a little too soon) he calls off the bet. This doesn't prevent it from coming back to bite him in the butt later, but at least he tried. **END OF SPOILER**So, there you have it. A nice read, and one that I recommend. FYI, this is not a clean romance. There are a couple of love scenes, which are fairly graphic, although not overly so when when compared to what is written in other (non-erotic) books that I've read. Furthermore, no crude language is used in the story. I have to say though, that IMO Lily is the perfect contemporary heroine to be a virgin. I was actually surprised that she wasn't one. When you read about her past--the horrible years in school--and how withdrawn and suspicious of men she was; not willing to let them close, always suspecting that they were up to no good, etc. I had to wonder which man was able to get close enough to her that she'd sleep with him. Couple that with the fact that her personality didn't strike me as the type that was into casual sex, and I was quite surprise--even though, like I said before, I thought she slept with Roman too quickly...but at least they had a great connection. Anyhow, this didn't impact one way or the other on my enjoyment of the story.

  • Alison
    2019-05-15 08:11

    So-so novel, nothing wrong with it at all, just totally predictable.Homebody book shop owner Lily gets dragged to a glitzy do by her best friend. As so often happens to me at such times, Lily comes out in a rash of pimples and gets an eye infection - meaning she has to wear her ugly glasses instead of contacts. Standing at the bar a drunk asshole spills his drink on Lily's dress making her evening just about as far from perfect as its possible to get. As she stands there fuming and glowering at all and sundry she is the object of other people's attention because the drunk asshole she told off is also a rich and well-known figure.Roman (ugh!) is a wealthy entitled guy, he meets another similar guy who recently outbid him for a ridiculously expensive car. In a fit of macho piggishness the two guys make a bet. Roman bets a $100 million dollar Cezanne against the $50 million Bugatti that he can make Lily fall in love with him in a month.Do I even need to say what happens next? There was nothing new or different about this to make it stand out from all the other tellings of this story. OF course Lily loses the ugly glasses and changes her dress and she is suddenly beautiful!Also there are a few grammatical/spelling issues: the reign instead of rein and something about in her parent's eyes (which made me wonder, which parent?).

  • Shonnie
    2019-05-02 01:15

    Totally a waste of my timeI just couldn't get past the juvenile language. Not just conversations with others but the inner dialogue.*%*& Troll thinks she's hot sh^t now," Pauline said to Todd. "I'm going to remind you what a worthless little piece of sh^t you really are when I kick your a$(.Really, what person in their late 20's speak in this manner? From this point, I was done reading.

  • Aimz
    2019-04-28 02:19

    CuteI thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've always been a sucker for short sweet billionaire douche bags! Haha Lily is sweet shy and cynical. Roman was a dashing rake with a wager to win. Love is so unexpected sometimes.

  • Missy
    2019-05-09 02:15

    An enchanting ugly duckling turns into a swan when meeting her soulmate and an selfish playboy turns into real man when he finds love.....such a heartwrenching tale that brought tears to my eyes.....well written and so full of emotion, couldn't put it down.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-22 09:22

    This was a nice, sweet romance. Kind of predictable, but very nice to read when you are in the mood for something sort of light and quick.

  • Susana Oliveira
    2019-05-24 08:16

    Le-se. Previsivel mas engracado.

  • Stephanie Bolen
    2019-05-20 06:18

    Good but expectedNothing really unique in the plot except the books as dating gifts--which totally needs to be a thing. You'd think that a book store owner and billionaire would have interesting conversations, but no they sat in comfortable silence. I have funny obscure geeked out conversations with my friends and lover that would make inside jokes and treasured memories--like the rest of the world. Why those type of conversations never happen in books is beyond me.

  • JacyHahn
    2019-05-23 04:09

    Liked it for a summer read, but pretty predictable. If this were reality, Roman would have been a write off. What a pompous jerk wagering that he could make someone fall in love with him in one month, then what... Guess I liked it most, because it was so predictable and a quick read for the beach or on those days where you just want to escape for a few hours.

  • Linda
    2019-05-22 07:00

    Unoriginal. Undeveloped characters. Themes from Pretty Woman and You've Got Mail to just name a couple. Glad I didn't pay for this book, no wonder they are giving it away for free. I won't be reading any more books by this author unless they are much better than this one. MEH!!

  • Julie Pewe
    2019-05-20 04:30

    Gave up after the first few chapters. Too many cliches to be interesting.

  • Lina
    2019-04-29 01:06

    Huh...It was nice. I wish reality was like that...

  • Sara
    2019-04-26 08:26

    Good storyline but it could have been better. The ending was abrupt.

  • Kimberley Jade
    2019-05-18 02:12

    I hate giving bad reviews because I know how much time and effort goes into writing a book, but I am just not a fan of this one.I find the characters so one dimensional. The girl is unhappy and down about life as a whole, she's not particularly nice to the people she works with even though she describes them as friends. She owns a book store and is a massive reader, which I can relate to. I am too, but I don't talk to people in language that is so old! And he is just a typical rich dude who does't care and wants something to pass the time, so why not make a bet that you can bed a geeky, antisocial girl?Here are the wordings that just had me stopping and saying "oh come on!"Firstly, she had a massive break and eye infection the day of the gala she continually mentions that she didn't want to go to. Ok, fair enough, I can get that. Friend talks you into going and you're not going to feel comfortable there. "Ugh, don't even get me started. Today has been beastly. I somehow managed to get an infection in my eye, so now i've got to wear these monstrosities." All I hear here is someone from Downton Abby - beastly!?"...the last thing I wanted to hear was Mel rhapsodising about what a great party it was..." - rhapsodising??So then the guy talks to someone at the party who outbid him on a car, who says he was outbid on a painting. Each has what the other has so what do they do? Sell them to each other, right? WRONG! They put both items in a betting pool and the way Roman wins them both is to win over the girl. So shallow. It reminds me of teen movies but with higher stakes.The next day, the main character arrives to work where the other workers ask her how it was and she keeps snapping at them and really being rude then tells them that they're lucky I like you do much. She receives flowers from Roman at work, is second guessing why and donuts that the richest man around was into the girl with acne, conjunctivitis and super thick glasses - that's fair. He turns up, she confronts hm about it and his reaction is "not everyone has an ulterior motive" - YOU DO!!! You ass!"Oh, you think I'm handsome?" he asked, perking up immediately."Don't give me that," I said rolling my eyes. "You know perfectly well you're not bad to look at."This is where I stopped Everything she said sounded so aged to me and unnatural.

  • Tessie
    2019-04-29 04:24

    As much as I wanted this book to redeem itself, it just didn't. I tried not to be too critical, but it bothered me personally. The plot line itself was ok, a bit flawed, but ok. I really struggled with the high school (sometimes middle school) immaturity and teenage personalities of all the characters. If the book was set in high school, it honestly would have 3 stars from me. But knowing that they are in their late twenties and thirties and both successful business owners was really off putting. I think the biggest problem for me however, was that I couldn't get a solid picture of what Lily looked like. There are very few descriptions of her physically, and her own assessment left me wondering if she has body dysmorphic disorder, which really troubled me. They never address why she was taunted so badly in high school, and if it was because of her size, it should have just been outright said instead of danced around.Overall, it was a quick but frustrating read. I would suggest it for people who like Cinderella stories and Billionaire/Millionaire/Celebrity falls for the everyday girl stories, but I would caution that if you need a clear picture of the characters or if teenage personalities in 26-30 year old bothers you, then maybe it wouldn't be the right book for you.♥Tessie

  • Abbie
    2019-05-17 03:15

    I'm a sucker for billionaire romances, plus it's a bonus with her being a bookworm. I really didn't have much of a problem with Roman except obviously he's a jerk to place the bet in the first place. That was the only time he behaved badly as far as I could tell. If anything, I never really knew him - family, his home, lifestyle, etc. It was actually Lily who didn't do it for me. I understand her past has made her into who she is today, but her cynicism went over the line of sarcasm/wit to rudeness. Flat out - she seemed mean and quick to last out even to her friend and co-workers. Obviously, she's going to find out about the wager, and that was when I liked her character more. She was less abrasive. The author did a great job setting up the devastation of her overhearing Roman's conversation.This book is told in alternating points of view and can be read as a standalone. The friend, Melanie, is next up along with Roman's friend, Ryan (only mentioned in passing), and the 3rd book is about Roman's cousin.

  • Mackenzie
    2019-05-24 01:21

    Lily Howard, a book shop owner, prefers to live a quiet life. Her best friend, Mel, however, tries to get her out of her shell. When Mel convinces Lily to go to a gala with her, Lily ends up confronting a drunk. This causes people to talk and suave, wealthy business person Roman Conrad hears this. He makes a wager with another business person regarding him making her fall in love with him for a month. Roman begins this romance slowly, but the more time he spends with Lily, the more fascinated he is with her. He loves that he can let himself just be around her and that she is not with him for his looks or for what he can do for her. As in most romances of this type, she learns of the wager, breaks up with him, won't let him explain his true feelings to her. Then, she has to leave town as her father has been in a horrific accident. Roman follows her, and after talking with him, she tells him to leave. When she returns to New York City, she has to choose whether to forgive him or always look back with regret.

  • Jamie Rhodes
    2019-04-26 01:00

    I picked this up as a free book. I was really surprised that I enjoyed it so much. Lily is a bookstore owner who doesn't like to be the center of attention. She isn't confident in herself. Roman, a billionaire, is never lacking for female companionship. He and another guy see Lily at a party. Lily doesn't look her best at this event. Roman feels nothing as he looks at her. He and the other guy make a wager that he can/can't get Lily to fall in love with him in a month. So the story goes. Roman never expected to get in this deep with Lily. I connected with Lily. I felt so sorry for her throughout parts of the book, especially those flashbacks. I just wanted to smack Roman at times and then give him a big hug and pep talk at others. Dual point of view. No cliffhanger.

  • McKayla
    2019-05-05 08:24

    She's All That and Never Been Kissed combined. If you are unaware of what these two items have it common it would be that they are movies. And now I am seriously questioning your commitment to the romance genre if you don't know about these films. Lily is not ugly, at least in my mind since wearing glasses does not make you ugly (I have to wear them and take offense). Roman is a billionaire and talks how he gets what he wants. Not sexy at all. No girl wants to read about a potential book boyfriend thinking that way. This book wasn't bad it just wasn't original enough to make me want more.

  • Ayesha
    2019-04-24 03:18

    I got this book because i am a sucker for billionaire romances .. To be honest , the story started out great and had quite some potential but came across some really cliched stuff and that was a tad bit disappointing.. I mean there are cliches that you enjoy and there are cliches that you don't .. let's say this one has some cliches that kinda make your eyeballs roll.. The female protagonist Lily , was quite lovable but somewhere in the middle she became boring.. The male protagonist Roman ,was a charmer and i couldn't help but go all "Aww.." .. His POV were like bonuses and I quite enjoyed his character more than anything else in the book..

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-30 03:10

    Lily, I loved that she had lady balls, "come on now. We only met for like two hours on Saturday. Do you really expect me to believe you just sen flowers to random you barely know?" And well Roman I'm not sure if he knows what/how to really deal with Lily since she's not a snobby, rich bi*** like his normal dates, "I could tell. You didn't even have time to change." I said. She looked up at me sharply, as her eyes narrowed. I could tell I had offended her." But there is one thing for certain the boy is sure lusting after her, "Roman turned back to look at me, something unreadable in his eyes. "I'm in no rush to leave," he said." This story was cute and I enjoyed reading it.

  • Desiree Popovich
    2019-04-24 07:12

    Great, emotional story!In romance novel terms this was the typical rich, sexy, playboy, and poor insecure female. However, this story did it right! I was drawn into the character's personas from the very beginning. This book really handled all of the emotions excellently. I felt like I was right there with them every step of the way. I love it when an author can do that, make me feel what the characters are feeling, to me that's doing it right! I would have given it four and a half stars if the half ratings were available. It didn't get five stars due to some minor grammatical errors.

  • Jessica Bryan
    2019-05-21 05:27

    Cons: So trite and sometimes it seemed juvenile the way some of the adults were acting. And really a bet that turns into love? Or the billionaire who falls in love with the struggling nobody? I've never heard that one before...Pros: Although he was a billionaire he didn't try to shove his money down her throat by buying her a new apartment, wardrobe, etc. Although at times it seemed juvenile there were also many aspects that seemed more mature than many other similar stories have these days. Overall I didn't hate it, but I don't know that I'd ever feel compelled to read it again.

  • Missy Jane
    2019-05-08 06:01

    I really liked this story and the way the romance built between Roman and Lily. I just didn't like the quickness of the whole thing. As wary as she was of ever trusting a man, it didn't seem right that Lily would fall into bed with Roman so quickly, or form a relationship within days. I know the whole wager thing was suppose to be a month so the author probably felt she needed to have it move fast, but it would've felt more genuine to me if it had taken the full month for them to get to the point they did.

  • Turja Islam
    2019-05-09 03:01

    While reading the book, I'd honestly decided to give it a four stars but then I read the letter... Damn. My resolve broke immediately. It was not because of the letter writing itself or it being pretty romantic/convincing. It was just the choice of words. Short and sweet. And just different. I love unique since I am too different myself. This book does not have a very different plot but some of it made me smile because it wasn't typical. Hard to find something that isn't typical.Anyways. I'd rather give it 4.5 but I guess that rounds off to 5. Well done.