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After he saves her from certain death, Tawny Smith falls for her knight in shining armor. Judd O'Keefe isn't an easy man to love. As an enforcer for the Johansson family business, he hides his heart behind cold walls built from a lifetime of pain. Yet, his angel Tawny awakens a desire in Judd more powerful than he ever imagined possible. Can a man with blood on his hands hAfter he saves her from certain death, Tawny Smith falls for her knight in shining armor. Judd O'Keefe isn't an easy man to love. As an enforcer for the Johansson family business, he hides his heart behind cold walls built from a lifetime of pain. Yet, his angel Tawny awakens a desire in Judd more powerful than he ever imagined possible. Can a man with blood on his hands heal the damaged girl of his dreams? Damaged and the Knight is the second book in the Damaged series. It is a full length novel with a HEA. Damaged and the Outlaw is scheduled for release in early autumn. ***Warning: This novel contains scenes of a sexual nature, violent themes, and coarse language. It is intended for mature readers.***...

Title : Damaged and the Knight
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Damaged and the Knight Reviews

  • Christine Wallflower & Dark Romance Junkie
    2019-03-04 03:06

    So it's safe to say that my favourite Smith sister is Tawny! She may have been way more broken than Farah but she was much stronger than her too!Damaged and the Knight is Tawny and Judd's story. Okay firstly I like to mention the title of this this book because it's very aptly named. Obviously when I say Damaged I mean Tawny and the Knight is obviously Judd, but when I think about it now both Tawny and Judd were damaged they both had difficult pasts, they couldn't connect with other people because they felt they weren't worthy. But at the same time they saved each other, Tawny was able to bring the goodness out of Judd, she made him realise that he had goodness inside himself.Whereas Judd showed Tawny that she was lovable, that what happened to her didn't taint her, that people didn't see what she saw in the mirror.So yes, the title work both ways.Why did I like this book?Well I don't like reading about perfect heroines, I don't like reading about the good girl who fell for the bad boy, that just never interests me. But I do like bad boys, everyone does. I like them even more when they fall for a less than perfect heroine. Yes I love a cocky bastard, but he's even hotter when he can tell the woman he loves, why she's so important to him. This was Judd.Tawny was refreshing, she could stand up for herself and she could claim her man without sounding like a conceited b!tch. Yes she had some self esteem issues, but because of what happened to her and how young she was, it's more than understandable.The WritingI honestly and truly enjoyed it, the author says it like it is and I appreciate that. She's very raw and graphic, this is another thing I like. I don't like reading graphic books, out of some perverse fascination. Nope! Having the detail taken out of what would be a gruesome or horrifying scene is like watching a movie without popcorn. Incomplete!Issues I had with this bookPlease don't cringe there was only one lol!!!Tawny could read people, okay I get that. But... I felt like it was completely random... That is all!And finally this is for Bailey!Note to AuthorThe whole Lark and weird step brother situation... I think there's a story there... Hmmmmm???? Maybe a spinoff???

  • Barbara➰
    2019-03-02 02:49

    Another great book by Bijou Hunter. I love this author’s writing and characters. I liked this one much better than the first one…only because the first one was so hard to deal with and the issues so deep. Don’t get me wrong, this one was heavy too. But Tawny was such a great heroine and seemed to really be trying to make a better life for herself.Boy, was I pissed for a minute at Judd in the beginning. But he turned around and became a wonderful hero. I think they both needed each other and helped to heal the other one. “We just fit. It makes no sense, but I don’t feel right unless you’re around. Even just sitting somewhere doing nothing, it’s not good for me unless you’re sitting next to me doing nothing too.” ~JuddI was also glad to see some closure for Farah and Tawny and the guys who ruined two little girls get their due as well as their parents. I can’t even explain the hate I had for those people.As usual, we get a beautiful epilogue. It’s good to see Tawny and Judd continue to heal as well as Farah. I will definitely be continuing on with this series. “You saved me, Judd. Months ago and that night in the rain and the day in the woods and today and every day we’re together, you always save me. You’re my knight.” ~Tawny

  • ZARIA (Sheldon Cooper lover)
    2019-03-17 04:14

    Good Lord this author did it again!!!!!All i want to say is that officiallyTook me a bit to get into the book. When I did I couldn't put it down.I love the romantic anti-hero, the hottie who starts out bad but is redeemed, or blindsided by love and winds up a hero almost in spite of himself. Villains don’t get redeemed, but the anti-hero makes you love him, or at least lust for him, and hot means anti-hero, not villain, right? Oh, how I LOVE Judd O'Keefe!!! He is the perfect anti-hero, alpha, possessive etc......(I Think You Get What I Mean)I LOVE HIM!Tawny SmithSuch a captivating dark sexy story. The way Judd and Tawny need each other on such a deep level....AMEZING. I can't wait to purchase the rest of the series. Bijou Hunter is an amazing writer & I will read anything she decides to write!

  • Marika Muzsla
    2019-03-12 08:50

    RIGHT OK.I don't even know where to start with this book. I expected something much better than what i got...SOO the heroine is a victim of sexual abuse.WHY ARE ALL THE WOMEN VICTIMS? AND WHY DO THEY NEED A MAN JUST TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES? It's sick. This is the 21st century,guys! Woman can get get jobs now and wear trousers and :0(OMG)VOTE!Some amazing news... BUT SOME WOMEN ARE EVEN PEOPLES BOSSES... i mean like.. WTF?! Anyway the heroine gets saved from some shitty motel by a big handsome scary guy who's like 10 years older than her. (YAWN)And because she's like totally afraid of flying or some bullshit, they drive to her sisters house. IT TAKES THREE FUCKING DAYS.In those amazing three days, of being treated like shit, ignored, and all in all having him look at her like a broken puppy... she falls in love with him. AWWWWWWW!NO. he kisses her once and she claims he's broken her heart? I mean come on guys, seriously?WE BIRTH CHILDREN FOR GOD SAKES. We are not that fucking fragile! It's insulting.OH but then he decides that he wants her and he loves her. I mean seriously? These are supposed to be grown adults. THEY HAD MORE INSTALOVE THAN me and a Dominos Pizza. (I fucking love pizza)BUT DON'T WORRY. Because...She sleeps with him and it's totally like AMAZEBALLS and then they have lots and lots of sex. And she loves every second of it which i find surprising considering that, oh yeah!, SHE WAS RAPED! MULTIPLE TIMES i mean come on, let's be serious. It was pathetic. No she was pathetic. She had no substance. I mean she whined all the way through the book about wanting be all independant and shit. BUT SHE HAD NO LIFE GOALS. Unless you count orgasming five times a day. Seriously if she's that sensitive does she come when she wipes? PUT A FUCKING RING ON IT JUDD. Oh wait...(view spoiler)[HE DOES (hide spoiler)]I mean lets be fucking serious here. IT WAS PATHETIC. The best thing about the entire book was when Cooper leaves the house to kill him some rapists.And speaking of those rapists? How CONVENIENT that one just popped up in the bar out of nowhere. LIKE SERIOUSLY. But because Judd protects her it just like solidifies there relationship and they (view spoiler)[get married and have a baby. (hide spoiler)] EVEN THOUGH WERE BOTH PRETTY FUCKING ADAMANT THEY WEREN'T GOING TO DO EITHER.Okay. Review over.I'm out to find me a sexy man that makes me cry and glares at me until i fall inlove with him. YAHOO!I only carried on reading it for Cooper(oddly enough I'm a big Cooper fan. It must be his overuse of the word bitch.)

  • Victoria
    2019-03-08 09:52

    Bijou Hunter…why am I just now finding you? After reading Damaged and the Beast, and loving it, I immediately downloaded Damaged and the Knight. Sometimes I lower my expectations a bit for a second book. I can’t tell you how many times I have loved the first book in a series only to find the next books to be somewhat lacking. So glad to say, this was not the case. This story continues on from book one. While it could be read as a stand-alone I recommend reading book one first as a lot of the backstory comes from that book. Tawny Smith was an easier character to like than her sister Farah. While Tawny had her issues for sure, she wasn’t as annoying as Farah. And while no one can compare to Cooper (sigh…) Judd was pretty awesome! Who can resist a sexy “enforcer”? The author didn’t skimp on the heat factor either. Hot, Sexy, Yummy…it’s all here. And I’m glad to report, while book one was spent waiting on that elusive orgasm, book two is simply orgasmic!Both books in this series rank very high in the readability scale. I definitely am left wanting more and more and more. This series has been added to my short list of auto-buys and I’m only disappointed I have to wait until September to get Vaughn’s story.

  • Vieira
    2019-03-11 07:05

    3.5 StarsI liked this one soooo much better than the first one! Judd was definatley swoon worthy. I liked Tawny but at times she really ticked me off. Now there was sex in this one but it wasn't writted a dirty as I like and the sex scenes were really short but there was a lot of them so I guess this will do. I think I will eventually read the whole series. The authors writing was so much better this time around so I believe with every book in the series she will get better and better.

  •  B.E.Love
    2019-03-17 05:10

    I loved this book, this book and Bijou Hunter blew me away. I loved Damaged and the Beast and Hunter's writing style so I have been anxiously anticipating Tawny's book and was so excited to see Damaged and the Knight had been released. I bought this the second I saw it was finally available and started it right after, wow wow wow. What an awesome book this is, I never wanted to put this book down but I never wanted to finish it either. I love reading and I'm always in a state of either reading or deciding what to read next so I read a lot of books that just don't hold up or will drag, a book that I will want over so I can start something else, and books that I like or really like. And then there are times when I find a book that is so great so awesome so consuming that I can't focus on anything else that when I'm not reading I think about reading. I will fantasies about locking myself in a room so no one will be able to bug me and all of my focus and concentration will be on that one magical book and that was what I found when I turned on my kindle and read Damaged by the Knight. This book was so insanely good I loved every(and I actually mean every) minute of it. I loved Tawny, when I read the first book I knew I wanted to hear Tawny's story and I wanted her to have a HEA. Man oh man did Bijou do Tawny justice. She was so beaten and yet she was determined to move past her horrible past and be a strong and powerful woman. Judd oh oh Judd my crapness Judd, I loved Judd, I loved Judd (I don't think I can say that enough) he was one hot bad guy hero. I love a possessive man who is crazy about his woman who will kill anyone one who touches her and will do anything to make her happy. Add to that that he literally will kill anyone who hurts Tawny and he kills for a living(yes I love the bad/good guy) and he will do anything just to see Tawny smile *SWOON* what is not to freaking love about Judd. He has just been added to my book men that I love. If that isn't enough Bijou gives us more Cooper and Farah and to prove that Bijou is a writing genius she made me love Bailey and I couldn't stand her after book one.In book one we learn that Farah and Tawny have had a horrible life they were abused by their parents and sold by their mother. Farah got away when she attended college and Tawny was stuck waiting till she could move with Farah, at the end of book one Farah and Cooper sent for her and Cooper knew the perfect man to take her out of her living hell was Judd. Judd is ruthless he will do what most men can't or won't. When he gets Tawny out he safely brings her to Farah, but on the way Tawny feels something she hasn't in years and thats safe. She knows that Judd will protect her from anyone and anything and she finds herself falling in love with him. While Judd has many walls up Tawny see's them fall and she gets glimpses of a caring and kind Judd who make her safe wether from people or her nightmares. When Tawny is dropped off at Farah's Judd makes it very clear he wants nothing to do with her and Tawny is heart broken but determined to move forward. then on her eighteen birthday Judd comes to see her andTawny thinks she may see some of what Judd keeps hidden including his love for her.After a while Judd can't stay away and decides he will risk anything to have Tawny, he will reveal his dark secrets and fears to be with her. Now Judd and Tawny find themselves getting closer and closer and relying on each other more each second that passes, as they continue to grow closer Tawny learn to move past her childhood and Judd will have to show Tawny that her past isn't what defines her. Then people from Tawny's past threatened it all and Judd will have to do what he does best. Now Judd and Tawny will have to learn to trust in their love and it's lasting power. If that's not great enough, to top it all off we also get to see where Cooper and Farah are now and all the other amazing characters from book one. Bijou does a great job leaving us wanting more from this series and wanting to see everyone get their own HEA. Another thing I love about Bijou(besides her phenomenal writing skills that suck you in and hold you tight) is that she gives the evil villain/villains whats coming to them and she doesn't skimp on getting even and that's just perfect and what I crave in my book world. I will buy and read anything Bijou Hunter writes, I have moved her to stalk status now so I won't miss anything from her. Book 2.5 and 3(yeah ok and books 4,5,6,....) in this series can't come quick enough. She is something special in the writing world once you are fortunately enough to find you never forget or get enough of.**this book can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading book one first for more back story**

  • Janie
    2019-03-03 10:54

    Ok first I'm going to fangirl over Bijou Hunter for a minute. Things I can always expect to get from a Bijou Hunter read:1. A hero that loves his woman to distraction. No other will do once he sets eyes on her.2. Laugh out loud moments.3. An amazing cast of secondary characters that add so much to the story.4. People damaged or living a hard life in some way that find exactly what they need for a good life.5. An absolutely amazing epilogue years into the future with marriage and babies.This book was no different. Tawny is one of my favorite heroines for sure. This girl has been through so much in her young life yet she never gives up. She is witty, loving, loyal and honest. She definitely lucked out with Judd too. This Knight who was basically just going through the motions of life until he met his Angel. They saved each other. There was a part in the beginning of the book that he pissed me off but I understand his reason for doing what he did. Could he have handled it differently, absolutely. But the man gives good grovel and from that point forward he does everything in his power to make Tawny know that she is loved. I will be thinking about these characters for days to come. I love that the bad guys of the story got what was coming to them. It was so great to catch up with Farah and Cooper and spend time in their world too. I will definitely be reading more of this series and every Bijou Hunter book that is released. She is one of my favorite authors and will be an auto-buy for me.

  • *Jessica
    2019-02-27 10:01

    I couldn't finish...but what I did read rated poorly.slight spoilers aheadSo, here we have this heroine who was raped/assaulted in her past. She gets rescued by the hero aka her knight in shining armor. She immediately starts throwing herself at him after just meeting him, she does ALL the chasing even though he is bit of an ass. You would think that after all the girl has been through that she wouldn't be so comfortable with such a bad ass man...but nope. She wants him and wants him bad. From the get go, you can tell that she's young because her attitude toward the hero...actually, her dialogue toward the hero is like "I like you, you like me right?RIGHT? RIGHT?!?!?!?!".....that's how I felt through out all the first part. Sorry but I like it when the Hero does all the chasing...The heroine's view on sex and such just didn't line up with what happened to her in her past. Wasn't believable and I just couldn't read more.

  • Megan Fall
    2019-03-18 10:48

    I love it when I find a new author and series. I loved Judd the Stud, even though he was a scary bad ass! His story just worked, almost as good as Coop the Poop's!!! I can't wait to read the next one.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-05 08:59

    I have to say LOVED this more then Cooper and Farah's story! Judd he makes a big first impression being all alpha when we first meet him, "are you opening the door or do I need to kick the effing thing in?" He's a really intense person, "I know enough to be sure if I blew this effer's head off, you'd dump him in a ditch somewhere instead of calling the cops. Now, either I'm dropping all four of you or I let you walk away. How loyal are you effs?" He's not one to really be affectionate, "kid, I don't give a s***. It's effing Wal-Mart. Whatever they sell in here ain't bankrupting me. Just pick some effing clothes, so we can go." Tawny through out the story finds strength within herself and the girl gets balls, "don't you dare treat me like I'm dumb. You blew me off and said I wasn't good enough for you. Now, you act like I should giggle and swoon because you've decided you're interested again. I didn't eff up and I don't think you're cute coming here and bothering me at work." He's a bit possessive, and protective, "she's not effing you, if that's what you're holding out for. In fact, you ain't even getting a goodnight kiss. Well, unless you want that to be the last thing your lips ever do before I rip them off your face." He's an unfiltered kind of guy, "now, I want you to do well on your own with me standing nearby. Also with me frequently inside you." I mean really unfiltered, "I love that damn a** of yours. S***, this morning when you walked over to get your clothes, I about jizzed myself." So romantic lol I can't wait to read about Mac, and Vaughn's story.

  • CC
    2019-03-08 09:03

    Totally loved it! Tawny was freakin hilarious! Of course she had her insecure moments, but I thought she rocked! Judd was a stud but I must say I loved Tawny more. The interactions between Judd and his friends also kept me entertained.

  • TheresaDK
    2019-02-25 10:53

    4.5 stars

  • Destiny
    2019-03-19 06:48

    Am I the only one who thought this deserved one star?What is wrong with this chick she is way off the rocker Give this bitch some Prozac .. She was making me depressed

  • Fatimama
    2019-02-22 08:54

    Wow! This book gripped me. I really felt all the angst. Judd (H) and Tawny (h) were a great couple. Both were damaged but still trying to survive. I loved how they finally got together.

  • Naksed
    2019-02-20 08:02

    Damaged and the Knight ("Knight") is the second in Bijou Hunter's "Damaged" series and it picks up right after the first volume, Damaged and the Beast ("Beast") ends. Though the author has tried to give enough information to have the book work as a stand-alone non-cliffy story, I would highly recommend reading the first volume in the series. After all, the main character in "Knight" is the little sister of the main character in "Beast." I think it is imperative to get more of the background story of the two sisters in order to really appreciate this book.As it has by now become clear, Bijou Hunter has a knack for writing dark and gritty stories while at the same time infusing them with some lightheartedness and humor. In "Knight", this is most evident in the beginning of the book, which puts a damaged but feisty young woman, Tawny, on a road trip from hell with a much older, charismatic badass, Judd, who has been hired to pick her up from a dangerous, dismal situation and bring her to safety to her sister's house. Judd is an enforcer for an outlaw motorcycle club and not trained to handle a young woman with kid gloves. At least, that is the image he firmly presents, that of a rude and crude, no nonsense man here to do a job, nothing more, nothing less, not to hold the hand of this little girl and coddle her all the way to her sister's house. "You like to say fucking a lot, don't you" I muttered while adding the sweatpants to the cart.__"It's like verbal salt. I enjoy sprinkling it on everything."This is pure Bijou Hunter loltastic. I am so going to use that one day in real life!The banter between the two was priceless and the best part of the book for me."I don't want kids."__"Why?"__"My family has a genetic defect and I don't want to pass it on."__"What kind of defect?"__"We're assholes."I wish there were more interactions like this throughout the book between the two but it soon takes a rushed and abrupt turn towards the sappy. All the love declarations that I enjoyed immensely in "Beast" felt repetitive and on the verge of corny in "Knight" because I felt the relationship between Judd and Tawny was too rushed, almost but not quite insta-love. There still was some of the banter that I loved so much between the two, in between many sappy love declarations and endless sex sessions that bordered on the ridiculous (How many times do I have to read about Judd's tight jeans? LOL)"You want this."__"I want to eat candy and stay up late watching TV and sit on my ass like a lazy bitch every day. I want lots of things that are bad for me. I'm an adult now and I can't afford to make bad choices."(...)__"Aren't you going to say how you're not a bad decision?" I asked when he said nothing.__"I'm a shit decision. The worst of your life, but we both need you to make it."A little bit after the halfway mark, things took a slightly "jump the shark"ish turn and I thought, oh no, is this book done for? It has happened so many times to me that a book with a strong start fizzles out into an inevitable DNF. (view spoiler)[If Judd loves and is overprotective of Tawny, who has been brutalized by another biker gang in her past, why would he suddenly spring on her that she is to sit in at a potentially vicious meeting of bikers, thus putting her straight into the line of fire? And what is this "Patricia Arquette in the TV Show Medium" bullshit of this young girl suddenly being able to read the minds of the bikers at said meeting to discover who is the traitor amongst them, simply because she is good at reading people in a card game? No. Just no. (hide spoiler)]Fortunately, the author managed to pull me back into the story and the conclusion definitely had some intense moments that redeemed the awkward plot point I mentioned in the spoiler. Still not enough for me to give it a full 5 star rating, especially as there were some typos that marred my enjoyment. Very minor things like "infection quality" instead of "infectious quality", "they road off" instead of "they rode off" but honestly, I am being really picky here. The problem with an author I love is that I start really upping my expectations. It's the author's own fault for giving me "Beast" first, which was to my mind perfect and a must re-read. I don't regret reading this book at all though and will definitely continue with this series, at this point. I am hooked.

  • Christine
    2019-02-20 10:06

    I liked this one, but not as much as the first one. Tawny has finally been found by Judd who brings her home to Cooper and Farah's house. Tawny is afraid to fly, so Judd drives them back. I love road trips so I wish the road trip was longer. However, I still enjoyed those scenes. Tawny and Judd make a connection, but when Judd drops off Tawny, he gives her the cold shoulder and makes her feel like she is nothing. She accepts it and decides to move on, but a week later and Judd is back and that is where the story begins.I was confused with some parts.First Tawny wanted to find a boyfriend after Judd told her he was not interested so at her 18th birthday party she approached the first guy she saw, Mac. But then she told Judd, he was the only one she wanted?!?!?There was also too many sex scenes. It got old after awhile. It was one sex scene after the other pretty early on. I felt there were more sex scenes than story at one point. What Tawny went through for all those years with Farah was hard to read. The reader gets a glimpse of it in DAMAGED AND THE BEAST, but Farah tells Judd everything. It broke my heart.I liked the scene where Tawny was a spy for the club.(view spoiler)[I wish the scene towards the end with Tawny's father finding her was more dramatic. I know that Tawny went through enough already, but I felt that it ended too easy. (hide spoiler)]Did the guys ever find Travis? I think that Tawny and Judd needed a second book.

  • Emily
    2019-02-27 08:09

    Tawny Smith would rather starve to death than face what is waiting for her if she leaves her hotel room. Her father abandoned her for a debt and it is no sweat off his back if she is the pay off. When she is rescued by Judd O'Keefe she sees something similar to the haunting emptiness she feels inside, she sees a goodness that he doesn't even recognize.Judd is not a good man, he is the man you call when you need someone dead. He has had a life of horrific events and believes he is defective by association. Tawny believes Judd is her one, her savior, her everything. Judd believes she is to young and he doesn't do relationships. After walking away once, Judd comes back but now Tawny is protecting herself believing she is not the woman who can be by Judd's side. Judd now has to convince Tawny, she is his everything, his angel.This was good, Tawny is seventeen in the beginning of the story about to turn eighteen. She is old in her youth, so this to me was not an issue. You definitely are on a rocky path on this one, there is so much hurt and shame on both sides that when they do come together it is filled with hope. Looking forward to more in this series.

  • Stephanie Garza
    2019-02-21 03:06

    The 2nd installment to this series blew me away. My only complaint (before I get to the good stuff) is that Tawny falls for Judd way too fast. Like 1st chapter kinda fast. Other than that I loved this book. Two damaged hearts learn to love and trust. Loved Judd's character. Rough, tough, tatted, buff, mmmm... Everything a woman loves, ESP that deep sweet heart inside. Tawny learns to grow up just a bit and never loses heart. Their love shined through all the tough spots. Who doesn't love a hot alpha man & a Harley? Not me I say. Gimme Judd any day. They both had crappy upbringings or tragic pasts but they break through it together for a HEA.

  • Erica
    2019-02-26 08:14

    MC reads are my favorite. I love the guys that are full male badasses on the outside but are sweet as candy on the inside. The sisters amazed me. Going from only having each other to having a family with the badasses. I loved seeing more into Farah and Coopers relationship. It was amazing. I loved watching Tawny's insecurity dwindle down because of Judd. I felt really bad for Outlaw... i just wanted to jump in the story and cuddle him! I really like how Tawny and Bailey got close. Almost pissed my pants when laughing at Bailey and Lark.Awesome series so far. Can't wait til the next ones!

  • Chelsea
    2019-03-06 06:07

    I liked this more than Damaged and the Beast.1. Because without getting too personal Tawny and I have similar issues.2.I also felt like she was a stronger character. No necessarily mentally or physically but because Bijou's writing style was better this time around. And finally...3. Because she made me fall in love with Bailey. Whom I also share similar issues with and they finally come to light rather than her just looking like a vapid, selfish bitch.Overall I loved it and can't wait for Aaron and Vaughn's stories.

  • Nikki ღ Navareus
    2019-03-18 04:58

    Three 1/2 Stars.I enjoyed this story, although I think I enjoyed the complementary characters a bit more than the 2 main. It was enjoyable catching up with Farah and Cooper in this one, and Bailey's antics cracked me up. It was a nice change seeing her try to be human for a change, and funny as hell too. Tawny beating herself up throughout the story got a little old by the end of this story, but I totally enjoyed seeing the end results of the baddies in this story. Very satisfying.

  • Sasha
    2019-02-26 08:51

    Tawny was adorable and Judd was bad ass.

  • Nicky
    2019-03-06 08:06

    I was going to give this a 3.5 but the more think of it, the less I like the h. Emotions were too contradictory. Way left field. I did like this one better than the first.

  • ☆MichelleNicole☆
    2019-02-19 08:53

    Oh my goodness I'm loving this series... this book had way more action then the first really good!! Judd the stud was amazing

  • MissyG.
    2019-02-18 09:46

    A good addition to this series. The story was a little too good to be true at times but I kept an open mind and let myself just enjoy it anyway. The first book is still my favorite.

  • Whit
    2019-02-23 03:11

    Re-readEvery time (this would be the fourth) this book makes me so happy!!!! <3 love my man Judd. Love him!

  • Karen
    2019-02-26 07:44

    Liked this one better than the first one.

  • djdavis~*Sivad*Sex Pocket
    2019-03-02 09:12

    Read more of this review and others @ The Book WranglersRating: **** 4 out of 5This book was provided by Bijou Hunter in exchange for an honest review Damaged and the Knight picks up where Tawny, Farah’s younger sister, is locked in a hotel room waiting for Cooper to send someone to save her from the horrible fate her father promises. To play catch up a little, Farah and Tawny’s parents are the lowest of low when it comes to parenting. They've done everything from stealing, drugging, drinking, coning, and even pimping out their own daughters to maintain their shi**y lifestyle. Farah gets away and is able to go to college and start a new life. She decides that it’s time to send for her sister after she receives a call from her one day stating that things had gotten worse with her father and his debt.When Tawny is rescued by our ‘Knight’, Judd (the stud), she’s dirty, hungry, scared, and lonely. Yet, through all of the horrible mess of her life she immediately clutches onto Judd like a life vest. As the youngest in the family of doom, Tawny’s experience during the week from hell with the bikers, is far different from her sisters. She’s been badly scared emotionally/mentally and lacks any hope of getting out of her current life alive. She sees no real future for herself, and is surprised when Judd shows up to actually save her. After a very awkward introduction she starts to see past the cold and calculated mask that begs to bring trouble to anyone that messes with him or his job, to see something special about him, and now she has this insane need to find out how to make him hers.Judd is best known as the bad-as* guy that makes people disappear. I like to think of him as one of the ‘Enforcers’ that works for the Johannsons. At 28-years-old, he’s shut most of the world away to enable him to do his job, and do it well. But when he meets Tawny and sees this fragile young girl scared of almost everything around her he can’t seem to keep enough space between him. With a pretty sketchy family history himself (pedophiles, drugs/alcohol), Judd’s strength comes from denying himself to hope and want anything that might make him happy.Things move pretty quickly during the road trip back to Ellesberg with Judd and Tawny, and even more quickly once she’s settled into her new life. While she may have been terrified by the men standing watch at the hotel, and of dying a horrible death, and even having to work off her father’s debt, she’s drawn to Judd like nothing she’s ever experienced before and makes sure to tell him every step of the way. Soon the tension between these two is palpable and…you can cut it with a spoon, and against better judgment Judd slowly falls under Tawny’s spell. These two become so attached at the hips it’s scary.Overall the book really takes off. It’s fair to say that there isn't a dull moment.You've got Tawny and Judd falling in love, Farah and Cooper getting married, Tucker and Maddy having a baby, one of the bikers from the scene makes an appearance along with Farah and Tawny’s dad.The Best Thing:Again, I really like the story-line. I couldn't wait to hear about Tawny’s story, especially after reading about her sister’s. Tawny’s pain, and how she dealt with things was very different from Farah’, and open up can of whoop a** on my heart. What she endured at the hands of not only those nasty men, but her father, really disgusted me. (She’s pretty messed up, but it was nice that she was able to find her way to Farah and also have Judd there for support.) I didn't think I would be able to hate her parents any more than I did, but as the story continued I realized I had just enough room to include Dad. Bijou did a great job creating each character so that you’d either loved them, hated them, or become really irritated with them, which always makes for an entertaining book. The Worst Thing:Some things I just didn't understand, for instance. How and why did Tawny fall so hard, and so fast for Judd? I ask how was she able to open up so fast and trust Judd so quickly when so much had happened to her. She nor her sister received any psychological help until half way through the book, but even then it was mostly down played and overshadowed by the sex, fights, and cute banter between the other characters. I would have liked to see more growth (realistic growth) for Farah and Tawny, especially because they experienced a physical traumatic event that left severe emotional and psychological scars.On to another thing. After a while I felt like Judd and Tawny’s relationship wasn't realistic enough. You have a grown man (28-years-old) who goes from being closed off and cold, with no real relationships or expectations from anyone, to him being crazy head-over-heels for Tawny and wanting the HEA. They have sex, move-in together, buy a place, and then get married and have kids, all in this one book. Moving too fast seems to be an understatement when talking about them. I would have liked to see a real struggle for Judd. This guy was a taker and lived on his own terms. During the progression of the story I didn't really see his growth or believe it. It's a bit unfortunate because overall I liked the relationship they began to form with one another, even if it was possessive and emotionally clingy. Overall: This is another good book that I could recommend as long as there wasn't pressure for REALISM.

  • Paula
    2019-03-08 09:08

    Awesome I loved this! Loved judd and Tawny loved the romance the angst the suspense the secondary characters the banter all of it! I also like that from the beginning tawny knew she wanted judd and went for it the was no unnecessary drama. Just real emotional hangups that they worked through together.