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The Double Silence Reviews

  • Helen
    2018-11-14 09:27

    Liked this better than some of her others (perhaps because the annoying Emma Winarve is less in evidence!) The Gotland setting - in this case, mainly the even more intriguing Fårö, where the murders actually take place - is wonderful, beautifully described. A group of 40-something friends arrange a trip to Fårö in connection with an Ingmar Bergman festival, but tragedy strikes. There are several red herrings, and I did follow one of those to the wrong conclusion for quite a while. The melodrama of what unravels in the loves of the group of friends is at odds with their comfortable, enviable even, lifestyle. The detectives also have their problems and issues, kept in the background but with a hefty clue that one at least is likely to cause problems in the next book.This is no. 7 in the series, and it has really made me want to go to Gotland - or even Fårö - which sound lovely and not at all the place for multiple gruesome murders!

  • Geli
    2018-11-30 05:46

    Esta vez sí que me ha enganchado mucho más el libro. La verdad que no sabía de quién sospechar y con esos giros de trama que hay nunca sabes con qué te va a sorprender la autora.

  • El Segoviano
    2018-12-01 08:27

    Es el ultimo libro que he leído de esta autora, los anteriores también, y forma parte del grupo de novela negra sueca que es la mar de interesante aunque alguno hay que no me atrae demasiado.Esta particularmente lo hace muy bien. el libro está muy bien escrito y en definitiva es un episodio mas de un inspector que se ha inventado que se llama Anders Knutas.Lo tienes que leer de una tirada porque es capaz de mantener el interés desde el principio hasta el final de la lectura.

  • Gary Van Cott
    2018-11-17 11:34

    A decent book but the author frequently writes anonymous narrative sections. I am not fond of this technique. Then at some point there is a big reveal and you find out who it is. I would prefer to see everything from the eyes of the main police character(s).

  • Flor Bookshelf
    2018-12-14 12:39

    Un thriller increíble, con giros inesperados que te dejan sin aliento. Argumentos entrelazados y fuertes, muertes y desapariciones. Un final inesperado, que nos muestra cuán lejos puede llegar una persona cuando siente que pierde todo.

  • Nuria
    2018-12-10 06:36


  • Ullalin
    2018-11-26 06:38

    Huomasin jättäneeni tämän Jungstedtin välistä. Viihdyin Hiljaisuuden hinnan parissa.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-11-23 10:35

    Wonderful thriller, mystery. Mari Jungstedt is a pro. She is one of Sweden's premier authors.

  • James
    2018-12-01 09:40

    a superb mystery bogged won by lots of personal drama from the many characters that come and go in the Knutas universe... pared back to its details and those involved, this could have been a powerful tale... i get the readers need for (fictional) drama in the (fictional) lives of the (fictional) characters, but this book had a bit too much about relationships/family for me... a great plot that got muddied with tangents... i do enjoy Knutas and Karin (still don't like Johan) but hope for more pages dedicated to the crimes/criminals...

  • Chantal
    2018-12-07 09:49

    2.5/5. Correcta sin más. No me ha transmitido demasiado.

  • AntoMartini
    2018-12-13 05:48

    (3.5) Hubo cosas que me resultaron predecibles y otras que me sorprendieron enormemente. Por ejemplo, desde la primera página me imaginé quien iba a morir. Era como si el personaje tuviera un enorme cartel y gritaba "soy hombre muerto". También, como en toda historia de este tipo, hubo algunas pistas falsas que sabían que estaban para despistar a los lectores. A pesar de estos pequeños detalles que no la hacen una historia de diez puntos, Mari sabe cautivar muy bien al lector y tenerlo preso de su historia hasta el final. A la hora de la verdad y saber quien está detrás de todos esos escenarios macabros, las razones y el culpable me dejaron tanto complacida como fascinada. Ya que no me lo esperaba para nada. No me acerqué ni un poquito al culpable jajaReseña Completa ->

  • Amanda
    2018-12-01 09:41

    Herregud så lättläst! Mari Jungstedt uppehåller sig verkligen inte längre än vad hon behöver vid sina karaktärers tankesätt, rörelsemönster och levnadsritualer. Fort som attan ska det gå, gärna hoppa några dagar här och där så att vi verkligen RUSAR mot uppgörelsen av mordet. Att karaktärerna inte hinner med i takten tycks vara av mindre vikt. Nu kan det ju visserligen vara så att jag tycker att det går för fort just för att jag inte läst något tidigare av författaren, och det här ju faktiskt är den sjunde boken om samma karaktärer. Så för de redan inbitna Jungstedt- och Knutas-fansen kanske det inte alls upplevs lika fartfyllt som för mig. Men ändå: genomsnittslängden på ett kapitel lär hamna på tre sidor. Det är ingenting. Det går TOKFORT - och med så korta kapitelspann är det svårt att hinna klämma in speciellt mycket information om sina huvudpersoner. Endast det allra viktigaste har satts på pränt, endast sådant som är av vikt för utredning eller kommande händelser. Jag kan tycka att det är lite tråkigt. Jag saknar vardagslunken, liksom.Tyvärr spoilades det på omslaget i en av kommentarerna om boken. (view spoiler)[ "Mördaren berättar om sig själv i jagform" eller något liknande stod det och eftersom resten av boken inte är skriven på det sättet fattade jag direkt vem mördaren var när det berättartekniska greppet förändrades. Riktigt tråkigt. En känga till den som designade omslaget och även till pulvret som skrev så i sin recension. Gah.(hide spoiler)]En riktig bladvändare (såklart, med så korta kapitel kan man ju inte göra annat än att vända blad) men som även lyckades hålla sig spännande trots att vi susade förbi karaktärerna lite väl fort. Helt klart godkänd.

  • Elaine Tomasso
    2018-12-06 11:22

    Yet again I have obviously not read the same novel as other reviewers because I think The Double Silence is a welcome return to form for Ms Jungstedt after a couple of sub par offerings. After an initial, very mysterious sex scene and a woman returning home and finding her front door open, leaving you to wonder what happened next it is slow to get going as it focuses on a group of 3 couples preparing to go on holiday together and then on their holiday. A windsurfer sees Sam, one of the group, being pushed off a cliff to his death and then it is discovered that Stine, another member of the group, has not been called away for work but is missing. Knutas must discover if she is the perpetrator or another victim.The Double Silence is not an action packed novel, it is a slow uncovering of facts and innuendo to arrive at the truth and I found it fascinating. The group of friends at the centre of the novel is creepy and insular with their exclusivity, over dependence on each other and determinedly happy faces. One of the detectives describes it as "cult like" but unnatural is more like it, although I have known a couple of similar but not as extreme groups over the years. I think Ms Jungstedt does a good job with its disintegration. Meanwhile the investigation continues as both Knutas and Jacobsson wrestle with personal problems.I liked The Double Silence and found it an interesting, stress free read - no edge of the seat stuff, more a gentle unraveling of information so if that's what you like this is a good read.

  • Richard
    2018-12-14 09:36

    This a wonderfully well crafted and cleverly thought through crime mystery. Although there is the hint of violence and danger in the early chapters it is a good while before a murder occurs.Unlike many stories the background is told in the present time leading up to the events that destroy the world of a group of close-knit friends. This gives us a perspective on these events and makes us as involved as the Police, who identify suspects but can't really make a case.It is fascinating as the layers in the plot are peeled back enabling the reader to understand more fully but the surprises remain right to the end even though the obvious was in clear sight all the time.This is the 7th in a series of books set in and around Gotland. It could be read as a stand alone novel but the real joy is to see the development of characters since we were first introduced to them in Unseen.Not always as dark as some Scandinavian crime writing but some of the best stories and insights into human behaviour

  • Gerda
    2018-11-19 04:42

    Another thrilling read by one of my favourite Swedish authors. Especially the first 80 pages are very thrilling. Something is about to happen, but what and to whom? Later on I kept on reading, because what exactly happened, by whom and why? It's all about three befriended couples who are on a weekend trip together. The couples are very close, they live next to each other, do shopping together, babysit each other's kids, go on holidays together. It looks like an idyllic situation, but is it really so?As ever the scene is set on the island of Gotland, the main characters of the police force and journalists are the same, their private lives evolving with each book. Sometimes the description of their private lives gets to be just a bit too much. As if the author wants to put too many stories inside her books. But otherwise it is a very good read again and I saw there are still two of her books that have to be translated into Dutch, so I will anxiously await them!

  • Bibliotheek Moerbeke
    2018-11-17 05:25

    Zevende afzonderlijk te lezen misdaadroman van de Zweedse schrijfster/journaliste met commissaris Anders Knutas, zijn collega Karin Jacobsson en de tv-journalist Johan Berg in de hoofdrol.De speurders krijgen deze keer te maken met een bijzonder raadselachtige zaak. Drie bevriende echtparen gaan voor een korte vakantie naar het nabijgelegen eiland Fårö. Maar eenmaal aangekomen gooit één smsje voor alle drie de stellen alles overhoop. Een lang verborgen geheim komt aan de oppervlakte en vakantieplezier maakt plaats voor oncontroleerbare woede. De gevolgen zijn verschrikkelijk – en dodelijk. Een met vaart geschreven spannend verhaal, met korte filmische hoofdstukken en veel aandacht voor de beschrijving van de sfeer op het eiland en de privélevens van de personages. Goed uitgewerkt plot.

  • John Johnstone
    2018-12-06 05:24

    It is a shame that some things just don't live up to the billing. This is the case here! the author makes you wait for a third of the book before anything actually happens to let it make the thriller/mystery category. You might also think that during that time you would get some information that you could use later on in the book, but no it is just useless padding. That aside the remaining two thirds of the book are okay, and a reasonable crime thriller is told. Three murders take place during the holiday of a tight group of friends on the island of Faro in Sweden. A festival celebrating the film director Ingmar Bergman is attended by the holidaymakers when the killing starts. Anders Knutas is the local police detective who along with his colleague have to unravel the mystery of who done it.

  • Mary Gilligan-Nolan
    2018-11-21 06:24

    I love this author and waited a long time for this book to be translated and released. This is the only problem with these books by Northern European authors, waiting for the books to be translated and sometimes, the publishers take them out of order and just publish them randomly. Mari Jungstedt is a fantastic story-teller and the D.S. Knutas series is well worth following for crime/mystery lovers, without being too gory and graphic. It's all about good old fashioned police-work and delving into the victims backgrounds and lives. Highly recommended, but try and start with the first book in the series.

  • Minty McBunny
    2018-11-18 04:32

    3.5 starsI asked my librarian to get me the first book in this series last year, but instead this one showed up. Fair enough, I still wanted to give the series a try, wherever I had to begin!This was a slow starter, but once I got into the thick of the story I enjoyed it and thought it was well done. There was plenty of suspense and an interesting resolution. I hope the library will eventually get the rest of the series in, I'd like to read it, but aside from a few mentions of past cases, I felt like it wasn't hard to pick up the threads of Anders and Karin's lives.

  • Jackie
    2018-11-21 06:27

    I keep giving this author the benefit of the doubt, then I remember why I shouldn't. If you pick this up thinking you are in for classic Scandinavian thriller, you will be disappointed. It is family saga pretending to be thriller.If you like more details about the intricacies of child birth, nappy changing & child rearing (of the regular characters, there is a midwife and each couple has at least three children from several marriages, so there is a lot) than actual mystery, then go for it. I don't.

  • Pilvi
    2018-12-09 05:35

    It took quite a while before the story started properly. At the end you valued the beginning more but at the beginning it just annoyed me that you had no idea what the story was about. When the story finally "began" it was pretty full of detail. I even got the impression that the writer was in a hurry to get everything written down in order to the story make sense. I did enjoy the book, although this wasn't the best Jungstedt -book I've read. There were also some little mistakes she had made in the story, some inaccuracy in the times etc.

  • Susanne
    2018-11-29 11:39

    En av de samsta kriminalromaner jag last. Tunn och forutsagbar handling, inget som helst djup i personbeskrivningarna. De korta kapitlen vavs aldrig ihop pa ett bra satt och forsta person-berattelsen kommer in for sent och fungerar inte alls. Dessutom en massa onodig namesdropping (vad har Ingmar Bergman overhuvudtaget med handlingen att gora?).Kanns som om den vore skriven efter en fardig mall.

  • Lis
    2018-12-08 10:25

    Though this one is #7 in the series, based on events in the main continuing characters' lives it's clear that it actually takes place before #6 (Dark Angel.)It wasn't a major problem (the core mystery is standalone) but I dislike knowing about events in characters' lives that take place later, when I read an earlier book.I didn't actually enjoy the mystery in this one as much as some others in the series.

  • Noora
    2018-12-03 11:35

    Ei niin hyvä Jungsedtin kirja kuin odotin. Emma ja Johan ovat täysin sivuroolissa ja Knutasistakin tuodaan esiin lähinnä avio-ongelmat. Ensimmäistä (?) kertaa Jungstedt antaa lähinnä murhien uhrien lähipiirin kuljettaa juonta ja jättää muut, kuten poliisit ja toimittajat, sivurooliin. Juoni itsessään oli myös melko helppo arvata, vaikka murhaajan paljastuminen olikin kuitenkin ehkä pienoinen yllätys. Seuraavaa osaa odotellessa...

  • Karen wadey
    2018-12-12 12:40

    I love these books, the characters and their stories are very compelling. Unfortunately I haven't read these books in order and would others to do do this as it makes more sense to the ongoing stories. Looking forward to more of these, probably one of the best scandinavian crime writers about at the moment.

  • Julie
    2018-11-27 09:49

    I got this from the library, it is about a group of friends who holiday on a remote swedish island each year, but something dreadful happens this year. Detective superintendant Knutas has to look into their pasts to uncover the killer. Keep you guessing till the end. Really enjoyable, my first by this author but will be looking out for more.

  • LindaBranham Greenwell
    2018-12-11 11:34

    Best book in the series!A great mystery with many surprises... twists and turns3 couples who are neighbors go on s holiday vacation together - 2 of them end up murdered. And all of this takes place near the home of the late Ingmar Bergman. We learn that one of the neighbors has a stalker.Also, we venture more into the lives of Knutas and KarinI don't want to say more and ruin the story

  • Louise Mundt
    2018-11-18 12:22

    Didn't care much for the characters or the story and the mystery didn't blow me away.The book as a whole is okay and I enjoyed it while it lasted but there are far better crime novels out there that I suggest reading in stead.

  • Catherine
    2018-12-08 05:20

    Very goodSo sad how events from long ago have an impact on a person's future. It's been a bit of a theme a few of the Anders Knutas books but I guess that's life; the past impacts the future and how people might react/behave in certain situations. Anyway, very enjoyable.

  • Hanna Andersen
    2018-11-29 04:32

    Väldigt bra bok, lättläst, rolig och intressant. Man har "förälskat" sig i karaktärerna och vill veta mer om dem. Dock var boken aldrig spännande eller ens deckar-aktig tyckte jag. Bara en väldigt bra bok om ett/flera mord och intressanta människor.