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A free short holiday story featuring Earl Grey, star of the Goodreads Choice Awards-nominated parody, Fifty Shames of Earl Grey....

Title : an earl grey christmas
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ISBN : 16176385
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Number of Pages : 17 Pages
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an earl grey christmas Reviews

  • Huda Aweys
    2019-03-09 20:50

    parody الـاو المحاكاة الساخرة للواقع ، اللى بتاخد من الواقع افكار و نقط رئيسية ترتكز عليها في التجربة ، مكان مشهورفيلم مشهورشخصية مشهورة .. الخ بتجمعهم كلهم فى محتوى ساخر .. لمجرد السخرية و الضحك لتخفيف الضغوط الحياتية و الخروج عن النمطية ..و الضحك و وسايله موش شئ سئ لو بحثنا عنهم احيانا ، لكن لما بيتحولوا لهدف فى حد ذاتهم بيأثروا على حكمة و عقل و رأي من اتخذهم هدف او حولهم لمجال من مجالات اهتماماته بشكل مبالغ فيه ! ، .. و من كثر ضحكه قلت هيبته و مات قلبه كما وردنا فى الأثر !.... بالنسبة للكتاب نفسه قصة لطيفة من قصص اعياد الميلاد الأمريكية ، على هيئة بارودى ! فيه نقط و اسقاطات كتير مافهمتش معناها او مأولها طبعا لاختلاف الثقافات و الرؤى ما بيننا و بين امريكا لكن عموما ضحكنى طبعا :) و خصوصا الجزء اللى كان فيه ستيف جوبز و سانتا كلوز (ايرل جراي) :) ، .. و عموما بالنسبة لى .. غالبا ماباقيم الكتب الساخرة و الكوميدية بنجمتين فقط .. لأنها موش كتب مهمة اوى بالنسبة لى :) .. يعني لو حبيت اضحك ببساطة .. موش هافكر اشترى او اقرا كتاب بارودى .. ببساطة .. هاجيب مسرحية لمحمد صبحي مثلا :) !

  • Chris
    2019-03-21 16:13

    Unless you have read the first parody, I'm not sure what you would get out of this. But it was funny and timely. I enjoyed it.

  • Janjohn
    2019-02-28 21:46

    “So what do you get the man who has everything?” I asked my coworker and former roommate, Kathleen.“I don’t know,” she said, absentmindedly dropping a boxed Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy into some poor, unsuspecting box and covering the hideous thing with a packing slip. “How about a BJ?”“A basketball jersey? I don’t even think he likes basketball,” I said.“Damn,” she said. “How about a blowjob, then?”“Too vanilla,” I said.“Then add some chocolate,” she said, winking at me.“Maybe,” I said.-----Like Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, this one is laugh out loud funny. Hahahaha! Amazing! I love everything about it, the Kindle Fires, Amazon, District 13, Steve Jobs, and.. ah, everything! Fanny Merkin sure knows how to make a GOOD parody. I can really feel Christian Grey and Anna here. Okay. So it took me some time to understand the connection between "Amazon" and savages. Hahaha!

  • Phrem (Smut Junkie)
    2019-03-11 19:50

    4 stars!Even just for 10 pages, it got 4 stars! Fanny Merkin never fails to make me laugh since Fifty Shames. Its like Scary Movie in words!Idk how high Ana Steele is here but she's pretty dumb but seriously THAT made everything funny. Esp. when Earl Grey wore costumes and stuff. Ohmygod! That really made me laugh so hard. I mean.. Really!Steve Jobs is here. Elvis Presley. District 13 warriors. Amazon. Verizon. And so much more. Hahahaha. Idk how funny Fanny Merkin is in person, but I could tell that we'd be such good friends! Lol.Why would you lit a Kindle Fire? HAHAHAHAHA.

  • J. B. Pichelski
    2019-03-22 21:06

    Gotta love Christmas specials. I was able to get through this entire story in just half an hour. And for a free ebook, it's well worth the read if you enjoyed the original.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-03 17:44

    I snickered my way through this short little holiday delight! Who knew an Amazon shipping warehouse held so many hidden adventures? And I'll never look at basketball jersey's the same way again...

  • Charmaine
    2019-03-16 15:05

    The moment I learned about this I was ecstatic. I got hooked to the Fifty Shames of Earl Grey and I would love to see it on the big screen. The parody is better. Light yet the characters are equally lovable. The story however still funny, did not bear the same intensity as the Fifty Shames of Earl Grey. But I love the said book and I can't wait for the next one. Two thumbs up to the author. Please keep everyone laughing.

  • ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝
    2019-03-19 16:54

    ★★An Earl Grey Christmas by Fanny Merkin Didn't really find it any better than Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.

  • Anne
    2019-03-17 21:50

    Well, my Christmas reading had to start somewhere...

  • Rosa
    2019-03-14 15:50

    Good for a few chuckles but overall pretty stupid. (Granted, I think that's what "Fanny Merkin" was going for, but it still fell short in light of the first parody).

  • Hiba
    2019-03-04 18:44

    Meh. Didn't find it as hilarious as the original Fifty Shames book, but it was short and still had its moments