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Quando uma prostituta é encontrada morta, mutilada e brutalmente violada, a inspectora Annie Carr pensa que nunca viu nada assim nem quer voltar a ver, nunca mais. Kate Burrows, uma inspectora reformada que agora faz consultadoria, tem muita experiência na investigação de homicídios - foi ela que capturou o Estripador de Grantley e acabou com a maior rede de pedofilia do SQuando uma prostituta é encontrada morta, mutilada e brutalmente violada, a inspectora Annie Carr pensa que nunca viu nada assim nem quer voltar a ver, nunca mais. Kate Burrows, uma inspectora reformada que agora faz consultadoria, tem muita experiência na investigação de homicídios - foi ela que capturou o Estripador de Grantley e acabou com a maior rede de pedofilia do Sudeste. Kate está determinada a ajudar a prender o assassino. Mas, seja ele quem for, não vai ser uma presa fácil e quando o corpo de outra rapariga é encontrado, ainda mais horrivelmente desfigurado do que o anterior, torna-se evidente que o assassino está apenas a aquecer…...

Title : Ruas Escuras
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ISBN : 9789722633000
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Ruas Escuras Reviews

  • Eva
    2019-04-20 02:36

    The first detective story I had to force myself to read till the end. Finished it and not happy with it :( The story develops in short parts - description of a person that is going to be murdered, inner feelings of the female detective and her ex-boyfriend, and the crime scene. It looks like the CSI films, i.e. video spots. The author repeats a lot of words all the time (to suss, the F word - with which I would not have problems with it if it was appropriate) and uses slang in places I would not expect. In one place the detective is hung over and a half page later comes a text as if from a brochure about all the damage drinking can cause. I hoped the end would be good but not. I suspected the revealed murderer for 250 pages. Not inventive. I am just surprised by positive reviews. Not going to read another book by her :((

  • David Roberts
    2019-05-20 07:59

    I am reviewing the novel Hard Girls by Martina Cole which is an excellent thriller which I bought from a car boot sale. This is a gritty novel set in South East England which isn't surprising when you consider Martina lives in Kent. The title Hard Girls, I think refers to the 2 policewomen who are the central characters in the story. There is Annie who is a Detective Chief Inspector investigating a string of murders of prostitutes. There is also Kate a retired DCI who is a consultant and is helping out in solving the case. She also has a partner who is a bit of a wideboy and has been renting out flats to prostitutes to use as brothels. Kate leaves him when she realizes he has been involved in this. What her partner doesn't realize is the income from these flats has been re invested in drugs. It's the prostitutes in these flats the serial killer is singling out. The murders are very gruesome so you need a strong stomach to read this book. The killer slips them date rape drugs prior to the crime. They realize he must hate prostitutes but only later do they realize he is a prominent policeman set on messing up their investigation. He also physically abuses his wife. When they try to aprehend him there is a funny scene where Kate's ex partner has to get a hard man called Georgie Twofer who makes Arnold Schwarznegger look like a wimp to kick the door in. There is a happy ending & the book is a satisfying read. It also keeps your interest throughout.

  • Dawn Barton
    2019-04-26 04:02

    The last few books were very much same old, same old. Was delighted when this book returned to two old favourites charaters, Pat Kelly & Kate Burrows. Grantley Police station and the criminal!!!This book was very exciting, kept me on a knife edge the whole way through. A fantastic account of the things that can go wrong with organised prostitution, even in the privacy and safety of a home environment. I find Martina Cole writes her books in the down to earth way that is needed for a story like this to be reliable, a lot of the things she writes about could well be true. The characters in the book are pretty believable and its a book that I couldn't put down until I had seen it through to the end. Some people have said that they knew who the killer was within a few pages (don't believe that) or half way through the book. It took me to at least three quarters of the way to realising it was a woman, but which one I couldn't decide until near the end.I was getting bored with Martina's books, but this one has made me definately buy the next one.

  • CarolynStorer
    2019-04-26 05:57

    Well narrated as usual by Annie Aldington, however, story wasn't as good as previous books containing DI Kate Burrows. A bit too much repetition with regards to the relationship between Kate and Patrick, even though I love them. The ending was bittersweet, but fitting.

  • Best Crime Books & More
    2019-05-17 04:51

    Martina Cole has been writing since 1992 and has produced some fantastic crime novels. Some of her work has been turned into TV Dramas and her most recent book turned TV Programme was The Take which attracted over 600,000 viewers in the first episode. Martina Cole Books have always been popular and many of them have reached number 1 in the Bestseller lists. I have read each and every book she has ever written and have been a fan for many years. However, in recent years I felt like she was losing that something special that she had in the first few books she produced. I was, like other fans, waiting with baited breath for her latest book that brings back characters that appeared in `Ladykiller' and `Broken'.DCI Kate Burrows is living with Patrick Kelly. Patrick is a former criminal that has changed his life after settling with Kate and going on the `straight' to a certain degree. Kate is no longer working as a DCI full time but is still a consultant and is drafted in when a new case arises. When working girls are found murdered and brutally tortured, Kate realises that this is a little too close to home where Patrick is concerned. He may be on the straight and narrow but when working girls start turning up dead in houses that he rents out the case becomes incredibly personal. Subsequently Kate and Patrick separate after Kate has doubts about Pat's involvement. The more time that passes, and the more girls that turn up. Each girl seems to be in a worse state than the last. DCI Annie Carr is the lead on the new case and Kate joins her in the bid to find the killer before they murder more of the working girls.I am so undecided about this book. This took me a whole week to read, whereas normally I would read a Martina Cole book over a couple of days. I found myself constantly putting it down and reading something else (never a good sign). The characters seem to have changed completely since the last time we met them. Admittedly Kate and Patrick are both much older now but Kate Burrows ended up being a character I really didn't like that much. The story itself was okay, that's it just okay. There were no great drama's or surprises in store and the killer is pretty obvious quite early on in the book. I also found that the storyline was much like Martina's last book in that there is so much repetitiveness it makes me bored of reading it again...and again.....and again! The crime scenes seemed to be almost skipped over and there didn't seem to de any depth to any storyline, whether it is a violent one or a murder that had happened.Overall it wasn't bad but I just found that it wasn't a gripping enough read, the characters nowhere near as good as they used to be and her style of writing has changed. I was really hoping that her new book would be back to her `old style' types where you literally couldn't put the book down. Unfortunately it wasn't and I find myself wondering whether Martina Cole has lost her touch. I am disappointed that somebody that in her heyday produced books that I couldn't wait to read, has now produced something that makes me think I won't bother with the new releases she brings out in the future. I will save my pennies for authors that I really love, and will probably wait until her new books are on special offer somewhere.

  • Natalie Smith
    2019-04-21 07:49

    I like the older Martina Cole novels. But found I could never get through the more recent ones. I thought I'd try again with this one. Biiiig mistake. It's so incredibly repetitive. Felt like I was reading the same chapter over and over and over. No characters were likeable, there was almost no focus on the actual murders (more on Kate and Patrick's boring relationship woes and descriptions of how they were older now, but still found each other attractive, but wow they've aged, but they compliment each other perfectly, even though they're both getting on in age, but also they're not right for each other, and can you believe it - they look older now they are older...) <--- that is literally a paraphrase for half the chapters. If you read the first two books, do yourself a favour and don't read this one.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-07 09:04

    When I read my first Martina Cole book I really didn't like it. I found the story weak and unbelievable and bad language used far too much for it to be credible. I said at the time that this put me off her books. However I have read some since and I must say have been pleasantly surprised. This book is one of the best of hers I have read. Yes it has some crude lanaguage BUT its used when it has to be, I felt before it was used for the sake of using it and it was tedious. I liked the whole story of this. It was strong, very believable and throughly enjoyable and riveting. I did guess the identity of the murderer though, its something I don't normally do BUT I think that was the idea of the book, hints to the murderer but a very enjoyable read getting to the end product and why this person did what they did. A great introduction to Martina's books if you have never read any of hers before, and if you don't like it, don't be put off.

  • Lauren Maunsell
    2019-04-23 08:57

    I love Martina Cole, she has been my favorite author for a few years but I have actually found this book to be not quite as gripping as some of her previous (eg: Two Women). There are so many characters in the book it's hard to keep track which is a shame as usually what she is best at is describing things in such detail that you know exactly who they are even if their name's pop up right at the end. Still, I am enjoying it and it has kept my attention so far.. although it has sat on my bedside table for about a week now without me picking it up.

  • Biggus
    2019-04-22 02:57

    What possessed me to read 80% of this piece of junk is a mystery. Talk about flat characters, who do a lot more arguing and acting out of character than much else. What story there is takes second place to the protagonist's selfishness and constant bitching. Talk about flat characters. Did I mention it repeats itself over and over? Talk about flat characters! Using the vernacular of the book, it gave me the Edgar Britts. Avoid this like the plague.

  • BirnitaB
    2019-05-13 06:00

    A beach or holiday read - not that well written. Bad use of rhyming slang by the characters, and in parts it droned on. I finished this so I could get it off my bedside table and down to the charity shop for someone else.

  • MaryG2E
    2019-04-27 04:59

    Such a poorly written and constructed story. Also suffers from very poor editing. The writing style is pitched at a low common denominator, and I just could not get engaged with the book. There are many, many far better crime novels available to waste much time on this unfortunate mess.

  • Nessa
    2019-04-29 02:50

    Another outstanding book from the well known author Martina Cole. Story plot was gripping, drew you in right from the start. It was great to read all about Kate and Patrick again. There was always lots going on, and I was still shocked at the ending. Loved it.

  • Joana Oliveira
    2019-05-03 02:49

    after almost 2/3 of the book with no suspects, the killer became way too obvious.

  • Babete
    2019-05-17 09:35

    Um policial cheio de suspense e com uma boa dose de realidade crua que é a marca desta autora, imperdível!

  • Caroline
    2019-05-15 08:35

    I never ever ever would have guessed the real killer. My skills are not improving regardless of how many such books I read. Besides that it was a good book to read.

  • Mark Rudd
    2019-05-13 03:52

    Not the best by any means. The villain was far too easy to spot too early on and there were very few alternatives. It was very repetitive and relationships going through a mid-life crisis are dull in real life, let alone in fiction. There was one interesting chapter when the "madam" for want of a better word let the youngest female copper into her house and knew she was bent. That never came to anything - did the author forget about it, or is it set up for another novel? I'll never know, as I won't be bothering to read any more.

  • Grace
    2019-05-04 09:46

    4.5 starsThis was another brilliant book by Martina Cole and picked up the story of Kate's life with Patrick from where it left off in the last book. You see the development in both characters while Kate is working on a new serial killer case as a consultant with Grantley Police station. I believe that the last book in the series will be the last and I will miss the characters and their lives.

  • Trude KN
    2019-04-22 06:45

    Just barely two stars for this. I had to force myself to read the whole thing, and had it not been been for my OCD when it comes to always finishing books I’d quit after the first 50 pages. The most annoying thing thing about the book is the repetitiveness and the endless descriptions of people’s thoughts and feelings, especially Kate’s and Patrick’s. The violence in the book is overly graphic, the language is less than mediocre and the plot is not very credible. All in all not a great book.

  • Joeley
    2019-05-05 07:54

    I rarely write reviews but I'm making an exception in this case because this book was horrendous! I had to force myself to finish it because it was so terribly written! If I have to read the word proverbial one more time, I'll kick the proverbial bucket. Needless to say, I will never read anything else by this author.

  • Victorvanr
    2019-05-11 06:57

    Certainly not Cole's best book. Halfway through it was already to me who did it. This was clear because Cole was trying to hide it too obviously. Seems almost mechanic how the book is built up. The relationship issues between Kat and Pat is only an annoying sideline. I would not recommend this book of Martina Cole.

  • Cathy Thomas
    2019-05-05 10:02

    I have read other Martina Cole books and have not been able to put them down. Unfortunately Hard Girls is the most boring repetitive book I have ever read. I forced myself to read half of this book and finally skipped to the last chapter to see what the outcome was. Sorry Martina, but you have bombed out with this one.

  • Karen M
    2019-05-17 02:51

    I had a hard time with this one. I enjoyed it to begin with but just over half way through it just seemed to drag on and on for me. Not one of my favourites sadly.

  • Danielle Curry
    2019-05-08 04:51

    Enjoyed the story, can't wait for the 4th instalment

  • Jose Enrique
    2019-05-04 04:38

    Una novela casi perfecta, hasta el final no intuyes quien es la persona que hace los crimenes, es realmente maravillosa esta escritora.

  • John Roberts
    2019-04-30 01:52

    Although i was re-reading this book i'm disappointed. Went on for far to long. Not the usual quality i associate with Martina. Now i need to decide if i will read the new book coming next month.

  • Agnes Wilson
    2019-04-22 08:51

    BrilliantDon't k no why this boom got so many negative I could not put it down thanx Martina Cole for a brilliant story

  • Veronica
    2019-05-07 03:05

    Good story. I understand why most of the reviews were saying that Ms Cole seemed to be waffling. I agree that at times there was a lot of repetition and it seems as if she had run out of words. I love the storyline of Patrick and Kate none of that heart and flowers stuff but real pain and heart ache. The story was gripping with its colourful characters but I was not surprised by the identity of the killer.

  • Mandy
    2019-04-20 07:43

    Martina Cole’s newest novel centres around horrific and numerous murders of prostitutes. The ‘hard girls’ are being mutilated and raped, the killer seeming to have an immense hatred for how the girls live their lives and what they stand for. No clues are left behind, the scenes of the murders being thoroughly cleaned and the smell of clinical cleanliness is left hanging in the air. It’s the job of Kate Burrows and Annie Carr to find the dirt and catch this killer.Kate Burrows is a character Martina Cole fans would know from the past. She is supposed to be retired but still consults at the Grantley Police Station. Kate cannot stay away. She lives the job, breathes the job, has a reputation in the job. Kate’s working the case with Annie Carr, both women are on the hunt for Grantley’s latest killer. Their relationship becomes strained as Kate pulls rank at work and also at home. They do work well together though and build a friendship….a friendship that is tested from time to time.Patrick Kelly is Kate’s ‘boyfriend’ and a well known name amongst the crime scene of Grantley having dealt on the wrong side of the law for years, someone to be feared if you don’t play by his rules. He has been involved in pretty much everything but has decided to keep it clean….well cleaner than before anyway. Kate and Patrick’s relationship starts to crumble when one of the prostitutes is found murdered in a block of apartments Patrick owns. We follow Kate and Patrick’s relationship troubles throughout the book hoping they’ll hang on but do they? This is a test neither wanted to eventuate but perhaps knew in the back of their minds would eventually come their way.Hard Girls is Martina Cole’s latest but I can’t say it’s her greatest. I love how there are strong women figures in Kate, Annie, the ‘hard girls’, various ladies involved in the crime scene, et cetera. However, it doesn’t have the same tone or hard hitting factor of Martina’s previous novels. Whilst reading Hard Girls I kept thinking it had a different edge to it and came to a conclusion that it could have been written by a handful of other authors writing in the same genre. Not that that’s a bad thing but it just didn’t feel like the Martina of old.One thing that was present, and has been present in Martina’s books of late, is repetitiveness. Certain lines and situations are repeated throughout the novel, not always in the same words but the same gist. This can become tiresome for the reader and waters down the story a bit. There is only so many times you want to read the same thing and unfortunately it makes the reading quite monotonous.I did enjoy reading Hard Girls but not as much as some of Martina’s previous work. It wasn’t a bad story and did keep me guessing for about three-quarters of the book but didn’t have the same appeal as say The Jump, one of my personal favourites, or Dangerous Lady, earlier novels of Martina’s. I hadn’t read a Martina Cole book for a while and it was great to be reacquainted with an old friend. I think if you’re new to Martina’s work you will enjoy Hard Girls more so than if you have followed her work right from the beginning.All in all for me it was a quick read, a comfort read from an author of which I regularly read and will continue to read but it did lack a little oomph.

  • Nathy R.
    2019-04-23 01:58

    Acredito que para ler um livro da Martina é preciso um pouco de estofo. Não é fácil. Da mesma maneira que ela tem uma escrita cativante e divertida, também consegue ser cruel com as discrições que faz. Martina é perita em relatar crimes cruéis. Se em Segredos Mortais trama girava em torno de um assassinato (mal explicado) e prostituição infantil, desta vez a escritora presenteou-me (ou não) com assassinatos em serie. Ao longo do livro algumas prostitutas são encontradas mortas, brutalmente assassinadas. Logo no inicio dá para perceber que quem comete estes crimes não tem as prostitutas em boa conta - muito pelo contrario - e é perito em limpar o local do crime. A ex-Detective Kate ,(que trabalha a part-time, 2 dias por semana, a titulo de consultora) e a Detective Annie tentam descobrir quem foi o autor destes crimes cruéis. Annie sempre desejou ter um caso que impulsiona-se a sua carreira. Estava cansada de casos simples de pouco relevo. Da mesma maneira que este ajudará a impulsionar a sua carreira também irá virar a sua vida em pantanas. Como virar a página depois de presenciar tanta crueldade?! Por seu turno, Kate é uma mulher que toda a sua vida viveu para o trabalho. Mesmo quando se reformou continuou a trabalhar como consultora. Ela é conhecida por ser a melhor de entre as melhores, sendo mulher isso tem o seu peso. Annie ambiciona ser igual a Kate. Pede-lhe ajuda diversas vezes, algo de que necessita caso queira que o caso se resolva. É certo que a Kate tem a experiência que Annie não tem e por sua vez todos a respeitam. Não é fácil para a Annie gerir os ciúmes que tem em relação a Kate. Para entrarem em conflito não foi preciso muito.Kate não é uma detective qualquer, é a mulher que se juntou com um criminoso após ter resolvido o crime que envolvia o assassinato da filha de Pat. Quando Kate se apercebe que o marido está envolvido nos crimes perde as estribeiras. Sente-se perdida e sem rumo. Apercebe-se que o casamento foi uma fachada e que a única coisa que tem é o seu trabalho. Resolver este crime torna-se o único objectivo. Aperceber-se que está sozinha quase a destruiu. É certo, que este casal andará mais de metade do livro a tentar resolver a relação. Não é fácil quando são os dois tão orgulhosos.Quando comecei a ler este livro fi-lo de peito aberto, isto é, ia à espera de tudo. Já reconheço as manhas da Martina. Sei que sabe esconder muito bem os maus da fita. Ler este livro com muita atenção foi um dos meus objectivos. É disto que gosto num policial, permite-me puxar pela cabeça. Leva-me a ponderar todos os possíveis suspeitos. Se a Martina nos pinta alguém bonzinho é certo que ela terá alguma na manha. É só esperar para apanharmos a personagem em falso. Vá desta vez ela não me enganou na integra. Fico feliz por ter conseguido chegar ao criminoso antes do livro acabar. Fico de orgulho ferido quando tal não acontece. Se bem que, por vezes gosto que me dêem a volta.Uma das particularidades dos livros da Martina é a linguagem. Julgo que é um dos factores que me fez ler o livro com um certo divertimento. Todas as personagens, sem excepção, utilizam um pouco do calão. Até mesmo as mulheres a falar são um pouco rudes. Nunca vi um livro que recorre-se tanto a porra e carago. É um livro que pode ser cruel mas ao mesmo tempo divertido.

  • Clare
    2019-04-21 07:51

    The Ladykiller was the first and best book I have read by Martina Cole. Nothing of hers has come close since reading it in the 90's. With Martina's books you know pretty much what you're going to get each time - hard hitting stories about the London underworld - and after reading quite a few over the years I did become a bit bored as they all started to become too familiar. I received Hard Girls as a gift shortly after it was released in hardback and it'd been sat on my bookshelf until I finally picked it up to read last week. Unbeknown to me the two characters I loved from The Ladykiller return in this book and I was transported back to serial killings and the relationship between DCI Kate Burrows and her partner and underworld boss Patrick Kelly. As with the first book I was loath to put it down. I had forgotten how Martina has the ability to grab you almost immediately with her down to earth, gritty writing style and what with the two familiar characters returning, I loved it. The now semi retired Kate Burrows is working at Grantley police station as a consultant. DCI Annie Carr looks up to Kate and aspires to be just like her: respected by her colleagues as the one who put away The Grantley Ripper. Annie has been waiting for her big break when suddenly a series of brutal murders take place. High class prostitutes are being killed and mutilated beyond recognition. Kate has been brought in to help Annie in her quest to catch the murderer. Along with the murder investigation we get a real insight into the relationship between Kate and Patrick. The couple got together during Kate's investigation into the Grantley Ripper murders, during which, Patrick's own daughter Mandy fell victim. Patrick had always been well known to the police as being one of the most notorious but highly respected bosses of the underworld. Now, much older and having been tamed by Kate over the years, Patrick feels he is ready to retire and hand most of his empire over to his trusted young protegé Danny. However with the latest spate of murders taking place, he is drawn into the investigation due to being co-owner of the flats that the murdered prostitutes have been using to work from and where their bodies have been found. Kate and Patrick's relationship suffers as a result and I enjoyed this part of the story line probably more than the whodunit. Being the wrong side of 40 myself, I could really relate to this - not a fluffy love story -and it is portrayed in a realistic way with both of them being aware they're not getting any younger. After being in a long term, loving relationship for many years their future together is questioned and they both look at the prospect of living their lives apart. I have docked a point as, early on, (and without giving anything away) I sussed out that this wasn't the sort of murderer the police thought and about half way through, I guessed the identity of the killer. All in all though it was a great read and I've grabbed myself a copy of Broken from a local charity shop which I found out is the second of Martina's books which also features Kate and Patrick.