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Love is forbidden for Meghan O’Neill. A child of mysterious birth, she believes what others say, that she is a changeling left by the fairies who marked her with a rose-red birthmark on her cheek. Shunned by others, Meghan’s destiny is to live under a cloud of suspicion and fear.Yet from the moment she sees the handsome Englishman bathing naked and magnificent in an IrishLove is forbidden for Meghan O’Neill. A child of mysterious birth, she believes what others say, that she is a changeling left by the fairies who marked her with a rose-red birthmark on her cheek. Shunned by others, Meghan’s destiny is to live under a cloud of suspicion and fear.Yet from the moment she sees the handsome Englishman bathing naked and magnificent in an Irish pond, Meghan feels the stirring of the love said to be impossible for her. If only he could be hers…if only for one wanton night.Then she saves his life, and alters her destiny.Revelin Butler cannot forget the lovely face of the woman who rescued him from certain death. Is she real, or only his imagination? Against all reason, he sets out in search of her. What he discovers is a passion he must not pursue with a rare brave woman who would deny him nothing.Set against war, treachery and political intrigue, Meghan and Revelin risk all for a love that will change a curse into a legend to be remembered down through the ages....

Title : Rose of the Mists
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Rose of the Mists Reviews

  • Sarah Mac
    2019-05-02 07:12

    While not a terrible book per se, this one just didn't mesh with my tastes. Here's why:1) Insta-love between Meghan & Butler. Sometimes insta-love can work, but this is the sugary-sweet variety of "Girl sees naked man bathing & falls instantly in love with his perfection whilst becoming more aware of her hideous, imperfect self." I can believe the ignorance of superstitious people re: her birthmark, but I don't buy into her lack of esteem. (YAWN.)2) Dull-as-dishwater delivery of backstory & historical context. I can only take so many "As you know, Bob..." conversations before my attention shuts down. (BORING.)3) Two words: phonetic dialect. (ARGH.)4) Attempted manipulation of my sympathies. I've got no problem with psychic woo-woo fun in historical romances, but I hate it when the visions (or whatever manifestation) are dumped into the plot on page 2 & immediately become shorthand for "Look how put upon & innocent this person is! Don't they give you Teh Feels?!" Find some other way to make me care. (I AM NOT A ROBOT, THANK YOU.)...So if these things don't bother you, maybe you'll have better luck with this book. From a technical standpoint, the writing wasn't bad; I just didn't care about the characters or their story. *shrug* (Romance trope note: Meghan is very young at the start of this book (16) & Butler is in his early 20s.)

  • BookLuva28
    2019-05-01 01:23

    "Flows like a charming Gaelic folktale," reads the blurb on the back cover. Rose of the Mists is the first in Laura Parker's Rose trilogy. I was instantly drawn into the book from it's first page. I loved the Irish folklore throughout the story, that was centered around beliefs in fairies, witches and curses. Native Irishwoman Meghan is believed to be a witch by her people due to a rose shaped birthmark on her left cheek. Because of this she is forced to live in secrecy, away from populated areas, with her Aunt Una who adopted her. Although it is a matter of superstition that she is a witch, Meghan has mysterious visions that may be connected to her birthmark that she herself doesn't quite understand. At the start you're left pondering if this rose birthmark is in fact a curse or a gift?I really liked Meghan's character, her naive innocence was at times humorous and sweet. She was childlike in the way that she was abrupt in her manner of speaking the first thing that came to her mind and had this adventurous spirit. Meghan was also a courageous woman who didn't think twice about doing what was right if it had been in her power to help in anyway. I also loved the hero Revelin (great name) and how honest he was with himself as well as others in the story. I think he was a well developed character, his struggle with his obligation to family felt believable.Resplendent with Irish brogue and wondrous green rolling hills, this book certainly succeeded in taking me there (time and place.) Definitely a worthy good read. *The other books in the trilogy are: A Rose In Splendor and the finale The Secret Rose.

  • Regan Walker
    2019-05-03 01:24

    A very worthy first in the great Rose trilogy from Ireland!This is the first in a trilogy of great stories where the heroine bears a birthmark somewhere on her body in the shape of a rose. The birthmark comes with the unique ability to see visions of the future, but that aspect does not detract from wonderful, well-told romances.Set in Ireland in 1569, this first one is the story of Meghan O’Neill, a girl who has a rose birthmark on her face that makes the peasants fear her for a witch. One day, while in the woods, she saves Sir Revelin Butler from drowning. Revelin, though Irish and from the aristocratic Butler family, is on a commission from England’s queen to chart Ireland with three other men. Though Revelin has plans to marry Lady Alison Burke, after he encounters Meghan, he wants only to find the mysterious girl who fled after rescuing him.Parker recreates the world of 16th century Ireland with great period dialog, worthy characters and wonderful descriptions of the beauty of Ireland. I felt I was there. I loved the hero and heroine and their coming together as Revelin struggles to find his true destiny—and his true love. The wolfhound “Ualter” was priceless. It’s an exciting read, too, with some great action scenes that will have you biting your nails.The Rose Trilogy:Rose of The Mists - 1569A Rose in Splendor - 1691The Secret Rose - 1844

  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    2019-04-29 06:03

    3.5*Book source ~ Many thanks to Untreed Reads for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Meghan O’Neill was born with a strawberry birthmark on her cheek. In the 1500s this was considered by some to mean she is marked by Satan while others thought it meant the person was the product of fairies. Raised by her nurse, Una, Meghan has been sheltered from people, hiding her mark to keep from being killed. The morning she saves the life of handsome Revelin Butler her whole life changes when she falls in love. Set in Ireland in the 1500s this story has a lot of the English/Irish history and bloodshed. Since I have no interest in history I was pretty lost for all of the history talk. The story of Meghan interested me much more and she was an appealing character even if she put up with Revelin’s bullshit. Revelin, on the other hand, I didn’t like very much. He took Meghan’s virginity even while he still planned to wed another woman. Then he just cast Meghan aside. Yeah, I thought she could do much better than him. He redeemed himself a bit by the end, but I still don’t like him. If you like history then this is a good book to read. All-in-all it’s not a bad story and I enjoyed the folklore.

  • Jenny Q
    2019-05-18 02:28

    Started off great but by the middle I just wasn't into it anymore. Might try it again later.

  • Nadine Achkar
    2019-05-18 06:30

    An amazing book so far. I would definitely want to be in love how Meghan is.

  • Rosemary Gunn
    2019-04-26 01:15

    Love this entire series.