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Atomic weight chemistry and physics Britannica Atomic weight An isotope is one of two or species of atoms of the same chemical element that have different atomic mass numbers protons neutrons The atomic weight of helium is the average that reflects the typical ratio of natural abundances of its isotopes See below for a list of chemical elements and their atomic weights. ATOMIC WEIGHTS OF THE ELEMENTS QM SBCS rowsJun , atomic weights of the elements These tables are based on the IUPAC Atomic Weights of the Elements List ThoughtCo IUPAC List of Atomic Weights For these elements, the atomic weight is dependent on the physical and chemical history of the element The interval reflects the minimum a and the maximum b values for the element Values given in chevron brackets e.g Fm are the mass numbers of the longest lived isotope of elements Atomic weight Definition of Atomic weight at Dictionary The mass of an atom expressed in atomic mass units The atomic weight of an element having than one principal isotope is calculated both from the atomic masses of the isotopes and from the relative abundance of each isotope in nature For example, the atomic weight of the element chlorine is determined by averaging Standard Atomic Weights Commission on Isotopic rowsStandard Atomic Weights For iridium, the standard atomic weight . indicates Standard atomic weights Periodic table rowsThe atomic mass of CC is Da, and the atomic weight of CC is exactly All


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