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Bundel met alle verhalen over de twee buurkinderen. Vanaf ca. 3 jaar....

Title : Jip en Janneke
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ISBN : 9789029540056
Format Type : Hardcover
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Jip en Janneke Reviews

  • Adriana
    2019-03-20 06:15

    I read this in spanish.This was my favorite book when I was a little kid, my father read it to me before bed again and again, when I learned how to read I took it with me everywhere.I still have it and I read this to my nephew.

  • ღ Suus ღ (pages.and.books)
    2019-02-20 05:06

    Jeugdsentiment .. en het blijft gewoon heerlijk om voor te lezen hieruit voor Liv en straks ook voor Mila <3

  • Eva
    2019-02-20 08:11

    Jip en Janneke hoort bij mijn lijst van beste Nederlandse kinderboeken. Annie M.G. Schmidts boek Pluk van de Petteflet hoort daar ook bij. Schmidt stelt nooit teleur en haar boeken zullen door vele generaties gelezen worden.

  • Hester
    2019-03-08 04:07

    Als kind vond ik dit boek geweldig.

  • Chellsey De Vlugt
    2019-03-01 07:25

    Een top boek om aan je kinderen voor te lezen!In het verhaal heb je een jongetje genaamd Jip en een meisje genaamd Janneke. Samen maken zij van alles mee. Kinderen zullen dit boek makkelijk kunnen doorlezen omdat het boek je ook nieuwsgierig maakt. Vaak vraag je je af wat er daarna weer gaat gebeuren of hoe gaan ze dit oplossen.

  • Mirjam
    2019-02-18 06:16

    WAIT: This isn't the right book. The one we read is called just "Jip and Janneke" -- not "Jip and Janneke; Two kids from Holland." That one's cool too; we have it, but it's not the story collection the other is.Anyway ...Read the whole just "Jip and Janneke" to my daughter (who is sick and voiceless) this morning ... and she said -- whispered, barely -- that the stories made her "feel better." Five stars for that alone.Five stars also for being able to share with my 4-year-old girl (in English) the stories my Mommy read to me (in Dutch) when I was her age!And that Jip ("Yip," it's pronounced, y'all), "Jip's so silly."I can't say that I precisely remember any of these short stories -- think authentically silly, brilliant two-minute fiction about two little 4/5-year-old buddies, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny (even if you have no voice) and sometimes downright poignant, each one so good you can't help but want to read the next one for another hit of the magic.But I definitely remember the characters and, weirdly, I recognized a lot of myself and my writing in the writing of these perfect little ditties. These are the style of stories I still love, the rhythm, the direction, the realness. These ain't Dora stories where nothing is plausible but, worse, the fantasy is ridiculous and lazy. Here everything that happens on these pages could, or, well, probably DID happen, perhaps thousands of times around the world to you and me and yours and mine ... A talented Annie M.G. Schmidt probably simply had the good idea to chronicle her kid's play.And it worked! We're let into these kids' world of believable make believe, and that's the beauty of it: Delivering the magic of the ordinary, the wonder of the world around a 4-year old, when uncles with beards are scary and cool, aunties with cars (hey, this is Holland in the '70s) are even cooler and chocolate bars, oh chocolate bars! And the types of payoffs each story provides! "And they play marbles." "And that's fast, too." " 'Well,' says Mother, 'you asked for it.' " -- one-line conclusions that tie everything up satisfyingly, stylishly, funnily ... And it all is so right on and ... me. Could I have been conditioned to love this type of story-telling, to want to tell stories like this because I was exposed to these stories way back when I was 4?Our favorite story, I think, judging by the silent and not-so-silent guffawing that took place: "Bear falls out of the plane"And I just have to give anyone not reading this -- 'cause who's reading this? -- a sample:Jip has been to the airport with his father. He saw planes from very close by. 'They're ever bigger than our house,' he tells Janneke. 'They're as big as from here to the church.''They can't be,' Janneke says. 'In the sky they're just teensy-weensy.''It's still true,' Jip says. 'And there are people inside. And the pilot sits at the front. Shall we play aeroplanes?'They line up some chairs. And the piano stool is the steering wheel. Janneke is a lady who's going on the plane, and Dolly-dee and Bear are her children. Jip gets to be the pilot.'Will you drive carefully, pilot?' asks the lady.'Drive?' says the pilot. 'We're not driving, we're flying.''Will you make sure my children don't fall out of the plane?' the lady asks again.'I'll make sure they don't,' says the pilot. 'And here's a parachute in case they do. Just tie it on.'Off they go. Brrr-br-brrr-brrrr... the plane takes off, up into the sky.'Oh no,' the lady shouts, 'my children are getting so dizzy.''Too late now,' the pilot says. 'We're already a hundred feet up. We're already in Africa.''Oh no,' the lady shouts again. 'One of my children just fell out of the window.''Did she have a parachute?' the pilot shouts back.'Yes.''Then she's fine. We'll keep going.''The other one just fell out of the window as well,' the lady shouts.'Did he have a parachute?''No, we only had one.''Then he's dead,' the pilot says.'Oh, oh!' the lady screams. 'We have to land right away.'Brrr-brrr-brrr... the plane goes back down to the ground.What a relief! Both children are alive and kicking, Bear without a parachute and Dolly-Dee with a parachute.'Goodbye, pilot,' says the lady. 'Thank you very much for the drive.''Goodbye, madam,' says the pilot..... and that's what I mean. You don't get away with writing a children's story about children falling out of airplanes and maybe dying unless you've convinced your readers that it's the kids telling the story, unless you KNOW it is the kids telling the stories.

  • Halfempty
    2019-03-07 07:07

    Hey, there actually is an English version of this book, and it's called Jip and Janneke. They are two little four-year-old Dutch children who get into mischief in sweet and funny ways. There's a new bit of adorable troublemaking in every 1 1/2 page story. I found out about Janneke and Jip while hanging out in the Netherlands with my friend Christine. We were at a bookstore talking about how cute the kids in these omnipresent postcards were...every children's bookstore there had a big rack of postcards with book illustrations, like Pippi, and these black-and-white drawings of a little boy and girl, who Christine loved...and a nearby Dutch person (who of course spoke 100% flawless English) explained to us that every child knows that those children are Jip and Janneke--they are the most famous book characters in all of Holland. Lucky for us, we found the English translation of the book in the store and bought it. Theresa and I read chapters out loud to each other every night for the rest of our trip. They were so good we had to ration them to prolong the pleasure. If you search online you can read a few stories and see the pictures too!

  • Derek Cooke
    2019-03-04 04:16

    This is a wonderful story as told by Jip and Janneke. The two silhouettes spend the entire book taking you, the reader, on a trip across their country of Holland. The book is written as if Jip and Janneke were personally taking you around the country, showing you the absolute best things about Holland. They start out with the basics and talk about the King and Queen of Holland as well as the canals, windmills and tulips that Holland is known for. The story is then broken down in to the four seasons and what the Dutch do during these times. Spring was mostly dedicated to Easter and how the children decorate eggs. Summer is all about ice cream, trips and hot lazy days. Autumn is the decline of weather and the fall fair. Winter brings snow and St Nicholas along with Christmas. The book ends kind of abruptly after the winter section.

  • Belinda
    2019-02-19 02:15

    Ik heb met mijn zusje wat gespeeld dat wij Janneke en Janneke waren. Wij waren tenslotte allebei meisjes. Maar dat maakte niet dat we de verhaaltjes die mama voorlas niet naspeelde. Jaren later herhaalde het zich bij mijn dochters. Jip en Janneke is voor alle generaties. van 2 tot 88 jaar zullen we maar zeggen. Twee kleuters die de wereld vanuit hun oogpunt zien met enorm veel humor op papier gezet.

  • Gijs Grob
    2019-03-20 05:11

    Volledige uitgave van de ultrakorte verhaaltjes (1953-1960) over de buurkinderen Jip en Janneke. Sommige verhaaltjes zijn duidelijk gedateerd (de melkman, de schilleboer), maar ze zijn allen zeer herkenbaar en nog steeds fris. Ze beschrijven precies hoe je vroeger toen je klein was dingen kon ervaren, en halen die vroege herinneringen met gemak terug, zelfs als je dacht dat je ze vergeten was. Grote klasse!

  • Martine
    2019-03-06 09:22

    Dit is het boek dat mijn ouders elke avond aan mij voorlazen als kind. Nog steeds kan ik genieten van de verhaaltjes van Jip en Janneke. Nog steeds zijn de verhalen actueel en dat maakt het boek zo speciaal, eigenlijk alle boeken van Annie M.G. Schmidt. Het boek is versiert met illustraties van Fiep van Westendorp, het mooi aan dit boek is dat Jip en Janneke beide altijd in zwart/wit zijn afgebeeld. Het zijn kindertjes die overal ter wereld kunnen wonen.

  • FibrinaDamayanthi
    2019-03-16 04:13

    Terus terang gue nggak bisa Bahasa Belanda, jadi buku ini gue baca versi Bahasa Indonesianya yang berganti judul menjadi "TONO dan TINI". Buku versi Indonesianya diterbitkan tahun 1979 oleh PT Djambatan atas kerjasama dengan Pemerintah Belanda sehubungan dengan tahun internasional anak-anak. Ceritanya seputar anak kecil yang baru berusia kurang lebih 7 tahun. Pesan yang gue tangkap dari buku ini, bahwa sedari kecil anak harus diajarkan aturan-aturan yang ada.

  • Yv
    2019-02-18 05:35

    "Jip is de Meester", het eerste zinnetje dat ik zelfstandig kon lezen. Ik weet het nog zo goed!Jip en Janneke, nostalgie voor elke Nederlander denk ik zo, wie is er immers niet mee opgegroeid? Ik heb het dikke boek echt letterlijk versleten, vond de verhaaltjes fan-tas-tisch! Het boek ziet er echt niet meer uit, maar hij zal nooit weggaan.

  • Puni
    2019-02-24 05:27

    translated as Tono & Tini in Indonesia, a friendship between a girl and a boy and their everyday life, illustrated in very cute & whimsical silhouettes.i loved this book so much and wish ours hadn't gotten washed away in one of the floods that hit my parent's i'm trying to locate this book & buy it again, whether it be in Indonesian language or English, but it's such a rare book :(

  • Chava
    2019-03-04 05:19

    The Dutch version is better. The translation is full of mistakes and pretty mediocre. The translation is at school student level English, I definitely had expected better from an official publishing house. The story of Jip & Janneke is still amazing though, what a talented writer she was!!!

  • Sally
    2019-02-27 05:35

    de aller beste!

  • Natalie
    2019-03-10 05:18

    Het beste voorleesboek dat er bestaat!! <3

  • Caroline
    2019-03-17 06:25

    Samen lezen...met Jip en Janneke is het geweldig!

  • Sara
    2019-03-10 03:32

    Free-range Dutch preschoolers get up to shenanigans. This was great to read to my four year old. Short chapters, silly situations, unpredictable outcomes.

  • Greta Scn
    2019-02-21 05:30

    Een prachtig boek om voor te lezen

  • E.J. Matze
    2019-02-18 06:30

    These pocket-books, I own #4. ?

  • Anouk
    2019-02-23 04:35

    Great book for children, especially very entertaining to read as a bedtime story

  • Puck
    2019-02-27 03:07

    Mijn moeder las vroeger altijd voor uit dit boek als ik ging slapen! Nu jaren later heb ik het weer eens gelezen en het blijft leuk. De schitterende tekeningen van Fiep maken het verhaal af!

  • Emma Holtrust
    2019-03-19 02:10

    The book that started it all for me. My childhood favorites. Definately something that every chil should read!

  • Marineke
    2019-03-05 04:08

    Al bijna een klassieker. Een boek dat aan elk kind voorgelezen zou moeten zijn. Dat verdient het boek en dat verdienen de kinderen.

  • Laura (bbliophile)
    2019-03-18 02:07

    Oh, childhood! I don't think there is a kid in The Netherlands that hasn't read this book. My parents always used to read this to me before bed, and I still cherish those memories.

  • Akhmad Fathonih
    2019-02-25 08:17

    paling takut baca pas cerita ke kebun liat tupai. karena ada bayangan pohon raksasa yang menakutkan

  • Linde
    2019-03-03 02:18

    Oh, childhood!

  • Love Reading
    2019-03-12 08:07

    It was funny and amazing and a good book to read.

  • Merijn
    2019-02-22 06:33

    Excellent to use as course material to teach non-native speakers Dutch