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Ava Michaels used to think she was special.As a child, she fantasized about having magical powers . . . making things happen. But Ava grew up and eventually accepted the fact that her childish dreams were just that, and maybe a normal life wasn't so bad after all.Now a young college student, Ava meets Caleb Foster, a brilliant and mysterious man who’s supposed to help herAva Michaels used to think she was special.As a child, she fantasized about having magical powers . . . making things happen. But Ava grew up and eventually accepted the fact that her childish dreams were just that, and maybe a normal life wasn't so bad after all.Now a young college student, Ava meets Caleb Foster, a brilliant and mysterious man who’s supposed to help her pass Physics, but in reality has another mission in mind. What he shows Ava challenges her view of the world, shaking it to its very core.Because Caleb isn't quite what he seems. In fact, he's not entirely human, and he's not the only one.Together, the duo faces a threat from an ancient race bound to protect humans, but only after protecting their own secrets—secrets they fear Ava may expose. Fighting to survive, Ava soon learns she's not actually normal . . . she's not even just special.She's a little bit more....

Title : More
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ISBN : 9781612131238
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 253 Pages
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  • Kathie (katmom)
    2019-04-02 18:03

    Please put this on your TO BE READ list!!!This is truly amazing! I was blessed to be able to read it...and it will blow your socks off!!!And that COVER!!!!Yeah, T.M. Franklin did that herself!!!!

  • Sherry Gomes
    2019-04-10 17:04

    Since I cannot get the ratings to work on the mobile site, five out of five STARS!!A book that drew me in, captivated me and left me breathless, that’s how I’d describe this book. I received the ARC yesterday, and I literally could not stop reading. It’s fairly cliché to say I couldn’t put this down, but I couldn’t. I carried my book reading device around the house with me, while I did laundry, took care of my dogs, did other household chores and then just sat on my couch reading till I reached the end. Utterly spellbound and lost in the story.Ava is a normal college girl, worried about possibly failing physics and living a normal college girl life. Or is she? She has recurring nightmares of a large man coming after her. What happens when her nighttime world and her daytime world collide, and the nightmare becomes all too frighteningly real?Caleb is a seemingly mild physics tutor. Or is he? He always seems to be exactly where Ava needs him when she needs him.Due to circumstances I won’t detail, the two set off on a wild ride to escape something that is coming for Ava. That portion of the story reminded me a bit of Firestarter, by Stephen King, when Andy is desperately running with his daughter trying to keep her out of the hands of the people chasing them. My heart raced during these scenes, and I wanted to rush through to see what would happen. And I wasn’t disappointed. Ava showed she’s no wimp, and made a choice that took the story in an unexpected direction, and I was delighted beyond words.More is filled with well-drawn characters, people I loved, people I distrusted. Ava had me cheering for her from the beginning. Caleb is a good guy, willing to go against the trend to do what he believes is right, in my mind, exactly what makes a hero. There are others, good and bad, and each character we met was exactly who they should be, the good guys making me want to know them, the bad guys making me want to run, or slug them, and even some whose motives and feelings leave me questioning and wondering who they really are. Characters make a story for me, and Franklin made me love hers.The book has a great blend of action and calm, suspense and answers. The romance was toned down, not the focus, and I loved that. I was far too interested in all the other aspects of the story. In some ways, this reminded me of some of the best Barbara Michaels or Elisabeth Ogilvie, that great mix of romance and suspense that keeps you hoping and thinking. Yet, T. M. Franklin has a completely new and unique voice, and honestly, I can’t wait to read anything else she may write in the future.And in the end, as I sat still and speechless at the last word, I was filled with one overwhelming thought,“No, it can’t be over. I want more!”

  • J.m. Darhower
    2019-03-21 11:51

    This book... I've been itching to read this book ever since TM Franklin announced she had a novel coming out. I've always been impressed with her ability to weave a fascinating and intricate tale, and MORE certainly didn't disappoint at all when it came to that.Overall, MORE bounced back-and-forth between three and five stars for me while reading, so I'm going with a dead center four stars for my official rating. I wish I could give it 4.5 (we need half stars)...First of all, we need to talk about Caleb Foster. Oh my... What can I say about Caleb? He is undoubtedly one of my newest favorite book heroes. He's one I won't forget. From his very first appearance, I was completely captivated by the handsome physics tutor. He's smooth, and brilliant, and mysterious,yet something about him feels open and even playful. Immediately you know there's more to him than meets the eye, and you have no idea what kind of secrets he's harboring underneath his cool exterior, but yet there's something about him that makes you want to trust him. It's hard to explain. I find myself wondering if he's done some sort of mind trick on me. *side-eyes Caleb*Even after learning what Caleb's hiding, what his motivations are, he maintains his calm presence, something about him subtly stealing the show every time he appears. He was a gentleman, protective and charming, but yet at the same time he's sort of the rebel bad boy. It's a fantastic balance of a character. The world T.M. created is surprisingly unique and fresh for a genre that (as of the past few years) has been completely swarmed with supernatural, sci-fi, dystopia-type stories. MORE stands out because it's logical in a sense, branched off from our current reality to make the scenario seem almost entirely plausible, like maybe this really exists, but there's enough supernatural elements to make it feel magical. Reminds me of Harry Potter in that sense, the balance of realism and something much more (get it? MORE? Haha)Without giving anything away, I'll also say the plot line itself kept me hooked. I wanted to know who, what, why, how... and I loved that the author was able to make me question the characters, my opinion of them shifting as the plot moved forward. I felt them transformation. Villains became heroes, heroes became potential villains. I love not knowing, continually guessing which "side" to cheer for. Fantastic.Having said that, I really wish one of the characters had been developed a bit better. I don't want to spoil anything by saying who, but I will say something about them felt a bit out of left field and that could've been rectified by adding a bit more backstory pertaining to them. Without it, I felt a bit detached and didn't care quite as much during the twist as I might've otherwise. It could've ripped my heart out. Emotion aside, though, the twist itself is pretty damn genius (again, stellar plot).The only other issue I had was not being able to relate to/understand some of Ava's reactions during the last 1/3 of the book. She seemed too detached emotionally for the circumstances, but maybe that was the point, given it would be surreal for her. But I found myself waiting for a breakdown that never happens (probably because it was based in the realm of reality, which made me anticipate average young adult reactions, and girls her age are usually quite emotional). She's a strong heroine, though, so kudos for that.MORE is a truly fantastic story, and I very much look forward to the next installments in the series. I still have so many questions and I'm nowhere near ready to let these characters go.In closing, I'd just like to say I don't recommend reading the first few chapters of this book before having to walk outside in the woods alone after dark. I made that mistake and literally freaked the fuck out, convinced I was about to be attacked by someone stalking me. Powerful stuff (Jesus, tempted to give this five stars for that fact alone).Thanks to TM Franklin and TWCS for sending me an ARC.

  • Sara (sarabara081)
    2019-04-11 18:02

    You can find more of my reviews at Forever 17 Books.More is a spectacular debut by author, T.M. Franklin. I was instantly enraptured by its mysterious tale and the characters within!Ava is your typical college student, juggling a job, friends and her schoolwork. But she is also plagued by nightmares of a terrifying man with one blue eye, one green, stalking her. But it’s just a dream, right? Well that is what we are off to find out! I easily slipped into the plot right along with Ava, asking questions and trying to solve the secrets surrounding her life. Told in 3rd person, we slowly get to uncover bits of truth as Ava learns them but we also get a little more information in the form of Caleb Foster, her physics tutor. We discover more from his side, but just enough to leave us hanging, waiting for the full reveal with Ava. I found this style to fit perfectly with the storytelling. What is so different about More, is that the reader isn’t entirely sure what the paranormal aspect is! When we do find out.. WOW. So imaginative and unique, making this novel stand apart from other paranormals I have read. Want to know what it is??! Pfft, like I’d tell you! You need to discover it for yourself! But I absolutely loved the whole journey to find out and was not disappointed when I did. My only wish was that it moved a little bit faster with some more action. There were times I craved a little more ‘oomph’ to the plot.Ava was a very likable character to me. She was not a pushover, and stood up for what she believed was the right choice. What was even better, a male character who didn’t push her, ‘for her safety’. Caleb was so supportive and I loved that about these two. They were such refreshing characters. While I am talking about Caleb… I loved him! Understanding and protective as well as kind of dorky, with a side of kick-ass. ;)Another refreshing aspect about More deals with the revelation. I have a huge pet peeve with novels when a character instantly believes the paranormal aspect when it is discovered. I was thrilled we didn’t get that here. I hate when they are like, “Oh you are an angel? Cool.” Or “Oh you are a vampire who sucks blood from unsuspecting females all over the world? Cool. Let’s make out.” *sigh* Let’s be honest, if someone came up to me and told me any of those things, I’d laugh in their face and tell them to seek help. So when it is easily believed in a novel I am reading, I cringe. I am so happy to report there was no cringing here! That was a huge bonus for me and my reading experience.There is a little bit of a forbidden love story developing, but when I say developing, I mean it is only the beginning in More. A solid friendship and protectiveness is established, but I think we are just grazing the romantic potential from this series. I am looking forward to watching it bloom with the next installment.If you enjoy paranormal, or even if you enjoy a bit of mystery, I think you will love this debut!

  • GraceMyBookSnack
    2019-03-21 18:09

    Thumbs up!Are you ready for a paranormal adventure?For Young Adult readers who like mystery and suspense of the paranormal variety, author T.M. Franklin offers a bright and extraordinary story in her original debut novel, MORE. When college freshman Ava Michaels meets her physics tutor, she has no idea that her life, as she knows it, would change forever. Caleb Foster is more than just a brilliant mind, in fact, he is more than what he seems. He was sent on a mission, and it all has to do with Ava.Full of twists and unexpected turns, MORE is certainly a page turner! In the beginning, my mind was going crazy trying to figure out what or who Caleb is. Why is he there? Exactly who are the bad guys? Every time I thought I had things figured out, Franklin then spun me around in a different direction. So sneaky! When the truth finally comes out, the suspense then continues until the very end.Franklin creates a captivating world in her story. It is both futuristic and supernatural. There are a lot of details in laying down the foundation for this world. There is much potential for this series to go in many directions. The first book has many interesting secondary characters that I hope we'll get to see again in next installments. As for Ava and Caleb, their bond gradually forms as Ava finds out she is not so ordinary. Things are left on a very sweet note for them with hope for more!Watch out for this one, folks! Many thanks to T.M. Franklin and TWCS for sending me an ARC.

  • Jen
    2019-04-07 17:59

    MORE is amazing, and I encourage every reader to add it to the 'to-read' list immediately! If the cover doesn't pull you in, the book itself will grab you with its quick pace and surprising plot, which took twists and turns I wasn't expecting. The characters are strong and likeable; Ava is intelligent and witty, the kind of girl you'd imagine as your best friend. Caleb is friendly and kind, yet vaguely mysterious, and I wanted to learn all his secrets. I cannot wait for the rest of the books in the series! Congratulations to T.M. Franklin on a fabulous debut!

  • Raum
    2019-03-26 12:59

    MORE is the first installment of a new Young Adult paranormal trilogy by T.M. Franklin. If you like suspense and romance series, this is the right novel for you. It's also a great gift idea for friends who love a good adventure story. They won’t be disappointed.T.M. Franklin has a captivating writing style, and her words will immediately make you feel as you're following Ava and Caleb in their journey. The story begins with Ava Michaels, a brilliant college student who's experiencing some problems with physics, and Caleb, a kind older student who's helping her to pass the class. But you'll discover soon that we aren't delving into a college romance. No, T.M. Franklin has a different story to tell. We've been impressed by the way she disseminates hints in the first chapters, building tension and expectations about what's going to happen once you turn the page.Since the beginning of the story we know that, as a child, Ava had an active imagination – and even now that she's in college she has vivid (and terrifying) dreams. In particular there is a scary, inhuman guy who seems to be out to get her. But within a few chapters fantasy and reality mix, and the scary guy is right there, with minions to help him. Caleb seems to know a lot more than he lets on, and finally things come to a head. He and Ava must leave town and abscond from mysterious enemies who threaten not only them, but all of human kind.We discover that there's a hidden world beyond what we know or what we see. “You’ve heard the myths.” […] “The Titans, the Nephilim . . . larger-than-life heroes and villains who fill up your history books. Mythology that’s not so much mythology, if the truth were to be known.”Ava is in mortal danger because she can sense that parallel overlapping reality and her ability, united with other superhuman gifts she seems to possess and cannot yet control, makes her a potential threat.Caleb will soon understand that he's protecting Ava not only out of duty, but also because of the growing affection between them. But as the plot develops, will Ava always be the damsel in distress, or will she become the hero's savior?Whom will Ava trust? She learns how powerful Caleb can be, and she'll discover how even the people you think you know and considered friends could betray your trust. At the same time those who don’t know the truth but just help you out of kindness can pay for that with their life. The temptation to give herself up, thus saving the innocents, becomes stronger and stronger.All the characters are well crafted, but among them the more fascinating is without doubt Caleb. With him, T.M. Franklin designed a strong and brave man, who at the same time doesn't take himself too seriously. He's aware of the great responsibility that comes from the secrets he has to keep, but he's open-minded and recognizes that obedience to the rules should never be blind. At heart, he is a rebel. How will the rebellion go? We'll discover it in the sequel, that hopefully is coming soon after the first volume.Camilla and Raum This review is posted on My Reading Lounge, where you can find more reviews and links to free books.

  • Andrea (mrsaubergine)
    2019-04-05 16:59

    This book is FANTASTIC!!!!! The characters are amazing, the story is thrilling and twists in all the right places, and the budding romance is just perfect! It isn't often I love a female character from start to finish, but I did with Ava. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. A stunning debut novel, and I love the cover!

  • Laury
    2019-04-04 18:18

    I remember posting about 2 month ago how I wanted to read this book and that I was sure I was going to love it.Well I did, it was an intense, action pack book, the world that T.M. Franklin created is a very unique interesting one, with its turns and twist on the plot and likable characters she did an amazing job with this book.Overall I just want to say that after reading it... I WANT MORE! ;) yes there is more to tell of this story and I am sure there will be.I loved Ava as a character I usually hate or love the female lead character in books, this one I definitively loved, she was a very mature character, even tho she was presented with the most bizarre world and got dealt a very different reality that the one she though was true, she took things with strive, and even when I didn't agree with all her decisions, she made them with her heart in the right place, she wasn't a naive little thing, she cared about the people around her, I truly enjoy Ava. Oh the final chapter Ava rocked by the way!Caleb .. (view spoiler)[ oh my two different eye color Caleb with his shifting and his Veil, he was a good character very noble, I didn't ug I didn't fall in love with Caleb and I really wanted too, but I think the Veil actually transfer from the page, for some reason I didn't get to know him fully well, I could see why he acted the way he did, why was he reserved from Ava from the most part, but I didn't fully knew him, not as much as Ava, he is an amazing character don't take me wrong with out him MORE wouldn't be MORE, I just personally felt like I could have gotten to know him better like his back story, his commitment to the race, why was a he a protector? and a little bit more of how he felt for Ava, but he denied us that(hide spoiler)]The relationship with the too wasn't rush, it grew at the pace any relationship would under those circumstances, there wasn't that much Unst moments between them and although I would have wanted more of those, I understand that the story wasn't mainly about that and I am fine with that (or not... JK... I am).So just to sum up this reviewI WANT MORE MORE .. MORE?I hope we get it, because I truly enjoyed the story, I am still thinking about it and all that means and all that went on in the final chapters.Note: I received an ARC from T.M. Franklin Publisher, thank you both I will post this review when available on Amazon/B&N and a new blog I am working on, but humbly appreciate the chance.

  • Michela Walters
    2019-04-10 14:07

    3 ½ stars - rounded to 4 for GR.I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of More from Net Galley and The Writers Coffee Shop.The story tells the tale about Ava Michaels, a girl who has always thought of herself as just a little different than everyone else. When she goes to college, she finds herself in the rare predicament of failing Physics. Needing to pass the class to keep her scholarship, her professor has suggested she try tutoring with the handsome, geeky genius, Caleb Foster. Upon meeting Caleb, she suddenly gets the overwhelming feeling that someone is watching her. Not only that, but unexplained things begin happening to her. With the help of Caleb, they begin a journey into figuring out what makes Ava so special. I enjoyed this story very much. The beginning of the book seemed to drag a bit for me, but when I realized the story would be part of a trilogy, it made a little more sense. I find myself not loving the initial book of many series I’ve read because of all the required backstory the author needs to fill the pages with in order to give the reader the pertinent information they will need for not only this book, but the subsequent ones as well.Once the book passed the halfway point, the plot picked up and I found myself completely engaged in the story. I enjoyed Ava’s character and her insane, but selfless act in going to the Council to avoid having others involved with the drama going on in her life. (I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, so please excuse my vague remarks.) Caleb is an interesting and complex character. At his character’s introduction, he’s immediately likable and you are rooting for him. Although at times you will also want to scream at him to just come clean with Ava. When you finally discover his past, his motivations, and his family – you can understand his reticence with exposing Ava to the facts.Overall, I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to the other two books in the series. A nice start to what I hope will be fantastic trilogy.

  • Savannah (Books With Bite)
    2019-03-31 20:09

    This book is quite different then what I thought and it totally rocked! There should be more buzz about this book!Now, what hooked me about this book is the plot. The reader meets a young girl who is not the same. She is something more...More as in not quite human. No, it's not vampire, or were, or any of that overdone stuff. I really like how well the plot takes off engaging the reader is mysteries, on the run action, as well as a love interest. When put together, it makes for a well done book that I can devour over and over again.The characters of the book are really written amazingly. I had no problem getting into the story and running all kinds of questions in my head? Like, how can she do that? Who is that guy that is following her? What is HE? All kinds of scenarios popped in my mind as I raced through the book to get to the end. When all is said and done, I am quite amazed what it all came to be. Plus, with it being all forbidden, it makes it even better.The love interest is my fave. Because who can resist a hottie? Right? LOL! I really love the take on this love interest. Forbidden from the start, I am drawned toward Ave and Caleb. Caleb is that guys that is mysterious and makes you want to know everything about him. Once the characters begin working together, you seethem bloom in love and it's beautiful.More is a fantastic book. Why it is not promoted more is beyond me. More is a book that doesn't get all the credit that it deserves. It's exciting yet innovative. It's dives outside of the box and leaves the reader wanting more. More is awesome!

  • Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤
    2019-04-15 19:18

    More has been one of the best YA paranormal books I've read in a while. Ms. Franklin has a wonderful smooth writing style which I found very enjoyable. I adored Ava. She was no whiny, complaining, faint of heart heroine. I actually felt quite sorry for her when she was questioning her sanity. (I never felt sorry for Bella. Well, maybe....hmmmmm.....nope not even then). She stands on her own two feet and actually becomes quite a kick ass chick later on in the book. Caleb, Caleb, where should I begin with him. Kudos to Ms. Franklin for making this guy -normal-, actually even geeky/Clark Kentish (swoon). And Ava actually started having an inkling of feeling for him even in all his geeky glamour. Me loves this. I'm tired of everyone being beautiful all the time. When it finally is revealed that hey, he's a hottie, it's ok. Because she already liked him for him. Huge points there. We never really find out what exactly The Race are. But honestly, they don't seem to know exactly what they are themselves. There is no insta-love *happy dance*. More like a good slow slow burn. Sometimes I wanted to smack them but then I stepped back and thought no....this is a -good- thing. No major cliffie either *fistpump*. I'm excited for book 2. Solid 4.5 stars from me. Thank you to The Writer's Coffee Shop, Ms. Franklin, and NetGalley for the ARC. I received no cookies for this honest and unbiased review.

  • Dallas
    2019-04-10 18:58

    This book is well-worth the time that I spent to read it. It opened with vivid details that cause the reader to instantly connect to Ava (the heroine) and make us pull for her, our hearts racing every time she faces a new challenge. The pacing of the book is done beautifully. Between every "high" point in the book is a plateau that allows the reader to catch their breath before Franklin once more ratchets up the stakes. The unraveling of secrets and mysteries within Ava's life is done just as skillfully: when the reader can't stand the wait any longer, Franklin dangles just enough new information to keep the pages turning, while opening up a whole new range of questions.As for the characters, Ava is fresh-faced and real. A young and likable college student that nevertheless has been set-up to be able to handle the challenges the author tosses her way. Caleb, the hero, is introduced with an amazingly fresh first appearance that caused this reader to laugh out loud and eagerly read on in order to see how he developed. I would recommend this book to anyone with a love of fantasy, paranormal, or "modern" fantasy. I would also happily recommend this book to people who are looking for an "entrance" into any of the above genres, as it is an easy read and has pacing that is reminiscent of thriller and suspense novels.

  • M.B.
    2019-04-03 16:00

    Once again, I received an ARC of this book and I am so glad I did. I absolutely loved this book. Franklin sucks you (the reader) into the story by only giving out small snippets of information.I constantly second guessed the characters and their intentions towards Ava and each time I was surprised at their actions and revelations. I didn't read this as YA at all. Maybe because Ava doesn't constantly have boys on the brain (unlike her room mate). They are in university (college) rather than in High School. I know this doesn't mean very much as they are still teenagers, but they seemed much more mature from the outset.I can see this as the first book in a series as Ava tries to find out the truth about herself. I hope I'm right as there are so many questions left unanswered. It usually annoys me when a book does this, particularly if it's not part of a series, but with this book I didn't mind so much simply because of the sheer amount of information given. If every loose end had been tied up, it would have been another 400 pages long.I can't stress how highly I recommend that when this book is released to buy that you get a copy of it. I certainly will. I would LOVE to have this on my bookshelf.I also adore the cover design!

  • Christie Rich
    2019-04-15 14:18

    More is just that. The concept of this book was so refreshing! Normally I don't like books that start out inside a dream, but this dream was integral to the plot. It was also heart pounding and an exciting opening for the book.Ava (the MC) is a down to earth type that is trying to adjust to college. She's had struggles in her life, but she has no idea what is after her.She's been marked by the Race as a person of interest, and the one person she thinks she can trust might just turn out to be her greatest threat.I loved the interaction between the characters. The dialogue felt real and added to the charm of the book. The ending had a few logic problems, but that was probably because I expected it to go a different way. It was a great ending, just different than I thought it would be.I was immersed in the story immediately and had to continue until it was done. I can't wait to see what happens in the story and I will definitely follow this series and this amazing new author.

  • Susan Perez
    2019-04-02 19:12

    I could not put down this debut novel from T.M. Franklin. I was sucked into the mystery and intrigue surrounding Ava Michaels and her geeky but cute, physics tutor. Caleb makes you want to shake him for dragging his feet talking to Ava about what's really important and putting not just Ava in danger, but himself because he is determined to protect her.It was a wild but very enjoyable ride learning all about just how special Ava is and the world she never imagined in her wildest imagination that she was a part of. T.M. Franklin kept me guessing about who I thought were bad guys and good guys, proving again that nothing is ever just black and white.I will be eagerly awaiting her follow up novel.

  • Rob Fuller
    2019-04-04 14:19

    I was so into the story of Ava and Caleb that I was frustrated by the open ending. I would love to knock a few stars off for Ms. Franklin leaving me hanging, but the book is just too good to merit any deductions. When I begin reading a book I look for characters that are relatable, check. Next is the chemistry between the leads, check and double check. The chemistry is where 'More' really comes to life. Ava, the outcast searching for her place, and Caleb, as the shadowy figure with all the answers, pops. Everything is a trilogy these days, and yes I'll admit, I'm already looking forward to the next 2 chapters.Robert FullerAuthor of Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon

  • Amber (Cosying Up With Books)
    2019-04-15 17:15

    Ooooo need this book!!!!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-07 15:18

    this book is so 2012

  • Sandra
    2019-03-27 20:10

    very interesting mythology, but the book left me wanting...more (hehe, see what I did there?)Full review to come. Update 09/27/12:This review is also available on My Fiction Nook.I'm finally sitting down to write up the review after having thought about the book and re-read a few sections.MORE is a really good debut novel that meshes a very interesting mythology with a nice hint at romance between the two main characters, and an action-packed and suspense-filled plot. Ms. Franklin focuses the first book of her trilogy on world-building and introduction of characters, yet manages to largely avoid one of the pitfalls of first books in a series - the massive info dumping. And I say largely avoids because there are some section where she doesn't succeed, and the plot slows down. MORE tells the story of Ava Michaels, a college student. There are some odd occurrences in her past, and Ava has always thought of herself as a bit different than others. When we first meet her, Ava is having a horrible nightmare where someone is chasing her in the dark. That someone has one green eyes and one blue, which ties in nicely with the good-looking cover that the author reportedly designed herself. Ava is failing her Physics class, a class she must pass to keep her scholarship. Her professor suggests Caleb Foster to tutor her. Upon meeting Caleb, Ava starts feeling like she's being watched, and on occasion catches glimpses of people that make her feel uncomfortable. She does her best to convince herself she's simply going crazy until that doesn't work anymore. This marks the half-way point of the book, where the plot finally really takes off, and I became utterly engrossed in the story. Ava is a great heroine, and I enjoyed her very much, even her insane act of sacrificing herself to (in her mind) save Caleb. Caleb himself is also rather interesting. The author gave him a somewhat dark edge that he is hiding from Ava, and as his complex secrets are revealed, he becomes a matching hero for Ava. He's bound by the rules of his kind, and thus cannot fully disclose to Ava what's going on, but he plays the role of savior and protector really well. When his past is fully explained, I found myself understanding more why he couldn't just tell her the truth upfront. The romance between the two main characters doesn't really develop until very late into the book, and thus I cannot classify this as a romance book. This book is reportedly in the YA genre, but that is perhaps questionable as the characters are in college and past their teen years. I would mark this as New Adult. (I wish the publishing world would officially recognize this genre.)The plot is solid, yet full of twisted and unexpected turns, and it speaks to Ms. Franklin's talent of crafting a continuous story without any plot holes. The actions of the characters mostly make sense, and I enjoyed watching Ava grow into herself.And while the story arc overall kept me guessing at each unexpected turn, the climatic revelation of Ava's true nature was a bit predictable (though that may not be true for everyone who reads this), but it did come about in an unexpected way. Finely plotted, that. The secondary characters are also nicely crafted, and their actions make sense overall. There were a few moments with Caleb's mom that I found a bit odd, and one of the other council member's reaction was also a wee bit over the top to me. I enjoyed this book, and appreciated that it didn't focus on the romance. It also didn't fall victim to many of the tropes authors apparently like to employ in YA/NA novels these days. Ava for example was a normal college student, content with her life, working hard to finish college. There was no insta-love (thank you), and the relationship developed realistically under the circumstances. The writing itself was not overly descriptive, and I would go so far as describing it as somewhat bland on occasion, more telling than showing, but it doesn't distract from the plot. Since this was an ARC, I didn't deduct any points for spelling and other editing issues, but a final edit/proof read would be advantageous prior to publication. Ms. Franklin delivered a very good debut novel, and I look forward to the next installment of this trilogy. I received a free ARC of this novel from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return.The author is participating in a blog tour and will visit My Fiction Nook on 9/29/12. Please be sure to stop by to read an interview with Ms. Franklin and get a chance to win a copy of the book.

  • Christine
    2019-04-17 12:02

    What if you found out that you actually have all those powers you’ve imagined and wished you had back when you were a child? Ava Michaels always used to think that she’s something much, much, more than she is. All because she found out where her hamster’s food is, just by thinking deeply of it. But come the stress of being an adolescent wanting to be extraordinary yet feeling, and being so painfully ordinary, she eventually gave up and thought of them as nothing but her childish wishful thinkings. Nothing, but a huge coincidence. Now Ava is just your typical college student, trying to balance her job and studies, while failing physics in between. So here comes Caleb Foster, a physic tutor who’s definitely smart and caring. But beneath all that, Ava’s being haunted by nightmares. Still, Ava reassures herself that a dream is nothing but only a dream. That was, until she was attacked one night, waking up back in her dorm room with her mind fuzzy, and wondering who saved her. From then on, Ava’s life takes a drastic turn, and well, you’ll just have to read it and found out. Okay, let’s just suffice it to say that I downloaded this book today, and read it straight out in just one sitting. It was a fast paced novel mixed with mythologies, paranormalcy, and a spectacular adventure.More, was definitely an unbelievably captivating debut novel. It was full of twists and unexpected turns, and I had a lot of fun reading both Caleb, and Ava’s point of views.Franklin’s way of writing is also way more compelling and brilliant compared to other Sci-fi YA novels. The beginning started off a little slow to me, honestly, but I could see why everyone that received arcs of this loved it, and rated it highly. It also rarely focuses on the romance, which is a bonus for me. Caleb and Ava are just a good duo, for they’re sure to have each other’s backs in times of dire need. It was also a great thing, watching their relationship progress. It’s not fast or that kind of love-at-first-sight type, and really, it’d be hard to not adore them. Ava is like a force, and her strong willed nature is just perfect for Caleb’s kind and meek one. So I recommend it to everyone of you. Seriously, it’s already a bonus that It’ll come out on my birthday, but this book will figuratively have you on edge and you will love it, I swear. (5 Stars)P.S: A million thanks to NetGalley and The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House for lending me a copy of this book.

  • Lizzy Lessard
    2019-03-26 15:59

    Overall: The best thing about this book was that it used split perspectives effectively. It was amazing how different Caleb and Ava viewed the world and how each one was essential to the story. Caleb’s POV described the magical world and his role as protector. Ava’s POV described the normal world and how Caleb’s attitude and protector status was downright creepy stalker at times (but at least he acknowledged that his actions did imitate that of a stalker, which added to the realism). It’s true that there’s always three sides to a story, and the reader’s job is to connect the two versions and fill in the blanks. I really think that this book was THE best dual POV book I’ve read all year.Characters: There is no instant love between Ava and Caleb and the back and forth between the two is quite entertaining. I really liked Caleb’s attitude and the fact that he was willing to lie to Ava straight to her face repeatedly. Ava kept asking Caleb if there was something strange about him. Caleb’s answer? ”Nope…” *touches Ava’s forehead and delete Ava’s memory of the conversation…again.* He totally reminded me of MIB. Lucy was a fun character too and I really enjoyed how she tried to push Ava and Caleb together when the couple kept resisting a romance. Ava, herself, took a very realistic approach to the whole magic thing. She didn’t outright deny that it existed (like most heroines) and sought instead to find evidence that things weren’t as they seemed.Plot: Ava always wanted to be a special girl. She thought she did magic this one time. But, she never expected how special she really was or how much her life would flip upside down when Caleb started tutoring her for college physics. This was a fun, quick read for me. The action/drama takes precedence over the romance, which is a good thing. The only predictable part of the book was the romance. The plot was definitely not predictable. Ava kept doing the craziest things, which made me love her more and more. There was a steady flow of twists to keep the reader busy if the chemistry between Ava and Caleb wasn’t enough.Ending: It took me the entire book to realise how the cover ties into the story. Nice touch. So, all I can say is “sequel, please?”.*I received a copy of this book from the publisher (Netgalley) in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kristin (These Pretty Words)
    2019-04-13 12:54

    Originally posted on These Pretty Words.I actually read this book back in March of 2012, but with the upcoming release of The Guardians (Book #2 in the series) I figured I should read it again for a refresher. It is just as good the second time around.Let’s start with Ava – she’s a college student experiencing her first taste of life beyond her parents’ home. She’s going through some normal stuff (trouble with classes, trying to juggle a job, school and friends) and some not-so-normal stuff (nightmares, the feeling of being watched). She’s strong but not aggressive, kind but no pushover. She thinks through her decision and comes off as a mature young lady while being thrust into a world she never could have imagined. She is also realistic – not simply accepting the whole paranormal aspect of her life on face value. I think everyone knows an Ava Michaels…without he whole powerful-supernatural aspect of her.In a genre (YA/NA) where a lot of female leads tend to take a backseat to the ever-so-protective men in their life, Ava is a breath of fresh air.Now we get to talk about Caleb – Physics tutor, seemingly average yet he has this secretive almost dark edge to him. Due to the overall plot of the book, we don’t get to know Caleb’s backstory until late in the book which could make some readers feel a bit disconnected. I, personally, fell in love with him. He was protective without being dominant, understanding without being weak…and he could kick some serious ass when the chips were down. He is perfectly imperfect, and I love that about him.Overall I adored this book and gave it four stars. The pacing was a teensy bit slow at first but picked up quickly, pulling you along for the ride. The characters are as realistic as you can get in a paranormal story, and Ms. Franklin never wavers in their characterizations. There’s no questioning their motives or being pulled from the story by a decision that goes against what you’ve already learned about them. The plot is engaging and unique with an ending that will make you curse the next few weeks until The Guardians is released.

  • Risbee
    2019-04-15 13:07

    Reread in 2014This is a book that has been on my radar for months, but I go through phases when reading stories with a Paranormal element. It is either gimme gimme gimme or I just can't get into them. So I'll admit, it was a risky move when I requested More from Netgalley. It was also a smart move. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were well-written, the plot was well thought out and as the first book in a new series, it laid a solid foundation for future books. This is a huge deal for me because I am a big believer in "less is more" and I find many series openers tend to be guilty of backstory overkill. This book found that balance. There was just enough information to pique my interest but not enough where I felt smothered and I found myself reading at every possible opportunity, finishing this book in just over a day.. Well done, Ms. Franklin. Ava is a believable and realistic heroine Though she is struggling with Physics, balancing school and a job, on top of the stress of leaving her parents and the security of home, she isn't whiny. She is determined and isn't afraid to ask questions or ask for help. And as we later learn, she is a bit stubborn and head-strong. I liked her - and that's saying something because I am soooo guilty of judging heroines. Caleb -- he makes me smile. Super smart and a bit dorky, I found him a pleasant change from the typical dominant male hero. Don't get me wrong, he isn't a wimp, but he isn't bossy. And he isn't a "greek god". And he isn't Mr. BMOC. He isn't perfect and I think that's what I like the most about him. Their adventures kept me reading and reading and reading. I didn't get bored and I found myself trying to guess what was going to happen next or why things happened, feeling like it was happening right in front of my eyes. And when I got to the ending, I was left satisfied.I also immediately picked up the next in the series, but more on that in a separate review. Definitely put this one on your to-read list. You won't regret it.This review was also posted on Flutters and Flails

  • Lisazj1
    2019-03-22 15:07

    I started reading this book with the expectation that I would really like it. Sometimes you end up shooting yourself in the foot with high expectations but happily that didn't happen here. I really enjoyed this book. It was a different twist on sci-fi/paranormal genre. I liked that I was kept guessing about exactly was going on through most of the story.Ava was a great heroine, in that she was a completely everyday, normal girl, but when things got weird, she didn't fall to pieces even though she was afraid. She thought about things that were happening and tried to figure them out. She was smart, sweet and a little bit shy but she had nerve when she had to have it. Though I have to say toward the last part of the book I found myself yelling at her about some of her decisions. I understood the 'why' but felt she was just a little too relaxed about what might happen.I liked Caleb, but his character (as a necessity) was a bit reserved, so I didn't really feel that I got to know him that well. Hopefully, with the ending here, we get to see a little bit deeper into his personality in the next book. What I did get from him was great. I loved how protective he came to be with Ava, and how getting to know and care about her changed his perspective on a lot of things. I especially liked the fact that when Ava made a big decision that he didn't agreee with (and neither did I!), though he did try to talk her out of it, he respected her decision as hers to make and didn't try to make it FOR her. That was definitely different, lol. The shocker at the end was pretty bad-ass and I really hope T.M. Franklin gives us a look at exactly how Ava manages to make the ending happen quite like it did. I know the Council was surprised but so was I! All in all, a very enjoyable read and I look forward to the next one.

    2019-04-07 16:58

    Brought to you by OBS reviewer VickiMore is the excellent first installment of T.M. Franklin’s ParaRomance/Young Adult trilogy. If you have previously followed Franklin’s derivative fiction you will inevitably begin this novel with the expectation of: brilliant writing; well-rounded, real characters; well-developed plot and believable world building. It is safe to say: you will not be disappointed. And new readers of Franklin will enjoy the ride.Some may say that this genre has ‘had its day’. But, hey, Spiderman only needed 5 years for a reboot, why not YA ParaRomance? Ava Michaels is a female character you can really root for – something that has always been Franklin’s niche and something that sets her apart from other female authors writing in the genre. Caleb Foster is swoonworthy, but not barf inducing. He’s also super smart and, shock horror, does not go around flaunting his superior intelligence. The paranormal elements of the novel are imaginative and original; this is ultimately what turns this novel into such a page turner. The romance is lovely but thankfully it does not take over the plot.If readers are looking for mystery, romance, adventure, sci-fi, intrigue, plot twists – they will find all that and More. This was such an exciting introduction to what hopes to be a great trilogy.This book belongs on bookshelves.

  • Mary Catherine
    2019-04-14 19:11

    (Read the full review over at my blog.)I think Franklin is navigating a strange territory and this seems like a book that I would have really enjoyed in high school. There are hints of romance in More-- Franklin's promising the series will be a trilogy, so I'm interested to see how she continues to build romance and adventure in her subsequent books. More was a little... short? I didn't get bored while reading, but I knocked the whole thing out in about two hours. I could see this book getting more popular after the sequels are published (so a reader could read through the trilogy during a weekend at the beach). I'm also interested to see whether she embraces the romance and heats things up between Ava and Caleb in the next books, or if she's going to go the adventure route and tries to create an independent hero in Ava. I could see this as a great book for Twilight fans-- with the added benefit that Ava has a bit more agency and strength than Bella. To Franklin's benefit, she's left herself a lot of room to expand, and she's blogged that the sequels have already been bought up. I think this series will gain steam after the second novel is published-- or if Franklin releases some spoilers online? I just needed to here, well MORE about More if I was going to stick with it. Definitely not a standalone, but I'm going to stick around for the series and see where it goes.

  • Jess Brown
    2019-03-27 11:54

    If I were younger, I’d have been up all night with a flashlight to finish this book. As it is, Ms. Franklin stole quite a lot of my sleep, but I had to take a break and finish it today. It’s a suitable book for teens, but adults will enjoy it, too. This is a super story that kept me on the edge of my seat. It’s going to be very hard to wait for the second book in the trilogy.I’ve been reading T.M. Franklin’s fiction since 2009, and it’s lovely to see her first foray into publishing. This novel happily presented everything I have grown to expect from T.’s stories. Not only does she put you inside the characters’ heads, she puts you right into their skins. You get beautiful prose, with convincing dialogue, and a thoroughly developed plot, settings and characters. I can’t tell you how much I love these characters; they’re subtly drawn, and very realistic.Ava is such a strong heroine, which is one of T.’s trademarks. Ava is an admirable person, the kind of young woman you’d want for a friend. And then, there’s Caleb: quiet, affectionate (and a bit clueless about it), protective and not above telling a white lie or three. The supporting characters are also very interesting individuals. For instance, the adversaries in the book are not black-and-white.Excellent construction and flow, an intriguing plot line, and characters one wants to know better. I give “More” five stars.

  • Janessa
    2019-04-08 15:14

    I absolutely loved loved loved this book! It is definitely one of the best young adult novels I have read in awhile. Now sadly for the rest of you kiddos this book does not come out until October I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy. I will say that as soon as October 4th hits buy this book! It was filled with adventure, romance, and a little mystery. T.M. Franklin really did an amazing job on this novel the writing was witty and she weaved a very captivating story of a young woman trying to discover herself. Ava believed most of her life that she was different from other people, special even. It wasn’t until she grew older that she started to realize she was living in a dream and that she was no different than any other person. Until her freshman year of college she started dreaming of a terrifying man with one blue eye and one green. She constantly feels like someone is watching her…could the man from her dreams actually be real? Or was she just experiencing the stress of a new town and adjusting to life as a college student? Caleb is just your average science geek. As he begins tutoring Ana she starts to notice things about him that couldn’t possibly be true. Or is there more to Ana’s tutor than meets the eye?

  • Linda
    2019-04-04 14:05

    I really liked this book and will definitely be reading book 2. I think this book will be interesting to all age groups - YA and above - so if you haven't read it, definitely worth your time. I did rate it 4 stars because it was a bit slow at first and took me awhile to really get into the story, but looking back, I can appreciate the build up. This is a work of fiction, but imagine the possibility of using more of your brain to do extraordinary things. Or having another species around you that can do this. Definitely not impossible, which is why this book was so good. Now I will say that the Race is a bit extreme and Caleb blindly following along with their rules had me siding with Ava when she calls him out on it. Then you meet the Rogues and realize things could actually be worse and there is a fine line between rebelling for the sake of Half-Breeds and outright war for dominance over humans in general.The sad thing is Ava is caught up in things through no fault of her own and yet she'll come out better for it. She has heart, and she tries to do the right thing...without dying of course. There is romance, but not immediately. There is betrayal, and there are secrets. What more can you ask for in a good book?