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The smash-hit Marvel Zombies saga is collected in one meaty, macabre tome! The dead walk - and leap, fly and climb walls - when Marvel's mightiest are transformed into flesh-eating monsters! After devouring every single person on Earth, the ravenous once-heroes set their sights higher - taking on Galactus, spreading into space, and breaking into new and delicious dimensionThe smash-hit Marvel Zombies saga is collected in one meaty, macabre tome! The dead walk - and leap, fly and climb walls - when Marvel's mightiest are transformed into flesh-eating monsters! After devouring every single person on Earth, the ravenous once-heroes set their sights higher - taking on Galactus, spreading into space, and breaking into new and delicious dimensions ... including our own! Lock your doors and board up your windows - the Marvel Zombies are coming for you! COLLECTING: MARVEL ZOMBIES: DEAD DAYS; MARVEL APES: PRIME EIGHT; MARVEL ZOMBIES: EVIL EVOLUTION; ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR 21-23, 30-32; MARVEL ZOMBIES 1-5; BLACK PANTHER (2005) 28-30; MARVEL ZOMBIES 2 1-5, MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN 1-5; MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 1-4; MARVEL ZOMBIES 4 1-4; MARVEL ZOMBIES 5 1-5; MARVEL ZOMBIES SUPREME 1-5...

Title : Marvel Zombies Zomnibus
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780785140269
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 1200 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Marvel Zombies Zomnibus Reviews

  • Dmshepherd
    2019-04-12 18:56

    Spotty, but, come on.

  • Dean Olson
    2019-03-21 12:58

    I loved the idea of the Zombie universe when introduced in Mark Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four. This book collects just about every Marvel Zombies storyline.The Original Ultimate Fantastic Four arcs - 4 starsI loved the original arc and even though Greg Land's art annoys me now this was when it was still new.Marvel Zombies "Dead Days" - 3 starsThis was written after the first Marvel Zombies storyline and shows the origins of the zombies.Marvel Zombies vs Apes - 1 starThis was just confusing and a mess.Marvel Zombies - 3 starsRobert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame wrote the first series. He didn't hold anything back and I love the use of Galactus.Black Panther Issues - 2 StarsYawnMarvel Zombies 2 - 3 starsThere was nothing really exciting or terrible about the sequel.Marvel Zombies "The Return" - 3 starsSome issues were better then others. The Spider-Man was was really disturbing. I loved the twist ending.Marvel Zombies 3 - 5 StarsNextwave era Machine Man fighting zombie fleshies. Amazing.Marvel Zombies 4 - 4 StarsMarvel Monsters vs Zombies. Fred Van Lente is amazing.Marvel Zombies 5 - 3 StarsI couldn't believe this was written by the same guy who did the amazing 3 and 4. Marvel Zombies Supreme - 2 StarsI don't even care.I am really disappointed that this didn't collect Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness.

  • Shane Perry
    2019-04-01 18:33

    Glad I borrowed this instead of paying for it. Best thing about this collection is that it puts the stories in chronological order of when they happen and not when they were released. The newer MZ collections go in order of release date, which must be confusing. Nevertheless here are some quick thoughts on each part:Dead Days - Nice, short prequel. Doesn't establish anything we didn't learn in later volumes.Marvel Apes - Decent story, but not anything remarkableUltimate Fantastic Four - Very good stuffMarvel Zombies - Also good stuff, solid readBlack Panther - Meh. It's okayMarvel Zombies 2 - Good story considering it feels like it had to grasp at straws to find a storyMarvel Zombies Return - Each chapter has different art and it's all beautiful. Great time travel story and wrap up of main MZ story.Marvel Zombies 3 - Probably SHOULDN'T have been done, but this one my be my favoriteMarvel Zombies 4 - Direct sequel to 3 starring Midnight Sons. Also very good.Marvel Zombies 5 - Jumps the shark...and alternate realities with Howard the Duck and Machine Man. Abysmal art.Marvel Zombies Supreme - Decent enough story, but it felt like Marvel was so out of ideas they just decided to do DC Zombies by using the Squadron Supreme

  • Michael
    2019-04-14 11:38

    A flash in the sky...and everyone starts dying!! In a alternate world, all of our favorite heroes become flesh eating super powered monsters!! AAAAAA! From the first time apperance discovered by The ultimate FF, to the spread of the Marvel zombie's plauge across universes, it's amazing;y gorey, funny, weird, action-packed and just a good time! Also starring the return of the midnight sons, and Aaron Stack the machine man, and HOWARD THE DUCK as a team who sets out to stop the zombies from spreading to other worlds!!! If you like this, check out "Marvel Zombies DESTROY!" and the even more amazing "Marvel Zombies/Army of darkness" books. And the latter has BRUCE FREAKING CAMPBELL KILLING ZOMBIE SUPER PEOPLE!!!!

  • Tamim Kashgari
    2019-04-07 16:48

    When I told my comic book reading friends that I had purchased this as my first ever comic book purchase they held their tongues and stayed quiet.When I finally got it and started going through it that is when I realised why they had stayed so quiet. Despite me being a massive fan of TWD, which Robert Kirkman created to bring the whole Zombie genre back to life again, I found Marvel Zombies really tedious to actually get through.There was no challenge in the conflict, the characters were for the most part super boring and even the art work couldn't save it since it wasn't consistent at all.

  • Jess
    2019-04-17 19:37

    It starts off quite amazing. Zombie avengers? awesome. Zombie X-Men? awesome. Magneto fighting to SAVE mankind? very awesome. zombie galactus ironman??? amaze! sadly, when the multiverse was expanded it got progressively worse, even when it went meta in MZ5. It has been a few years since i have had the time to read Marvel, and I quickly remembered how much i hate the fantastic 4 (though i loved them as a kid), but zombie reed richards was pretty damn awesome. I have always definitely preferred the villains, and antihero's... although, Zombie Spidey remains my fave. Rambling review. sorry.

  • Luc
    2019-04-14 13:52

    Oh me, oh my! What a wondrous, glorious piece of cultural trash!I mean, super-heroes aren't exactly an exalted art form and zombies hardly make for deep cultural conversation. So this book is a unabashed confluence of guilty pleasures. You won't brag about what you learned about reading this book but you will enjoy it. Mostly well written, the humor is very dark and tongue in rotting cheek. I didn't care for some of the artists on display but overall it's a fairly good read and should provide entertainment if you are either a zombie geek ora super-hero geek.

  • Ivan Leong
    2019-04-19 16:30

    This is a 1200 pages compilation of all the Zombie action going on in the Marvel universes. Only 200-300 pages were really entertaining the rest of the stories were mediocre and there isint any "real" conclusion to any of the stories. I am quite disappointing, luckily i got it for a cheap price. If you are paying anymore than $50 bucks you are better off with another book.The book is like any of the standard Marvel omnibus, well bounded and contains a LOT of ARTWORKS, and Zombie Covers. If you dig Arthur Suydam work than youll see plenty in this book.

  • Brian
    2019-04-05 18:55

    This heavy, enormous collection of all of the Marvel Zombies event comics is phenomenally ridiculous and fun. The writers played up superhero campiness and zombie campiness, depicting the exploits of infected heroes who eat everyone on earth and then try to get into alternate dimensions because they're still hungry. Zombified versions of classic covers are scattered throughout. It's lovely.

  • Richard
    2019-04-07 15:31

    Every now and then I need a switch up in the old zombie stories. Marvel Zombies is pretty much the tale of our favorite Heroes and Villains as they struggle with the infection and the unending hunger. Also what effects this outbreak has had on other Marvel universes.

  • Diego Sieiro
    2019-03-29 19:53

    This is a heavy, very heavy book. It contains lots of reading material. Uses Many characters from the Marvel universe, not only the most popular ones are given protagonist status, which is a win. Enjoyable as a mythology upon itself. A brilliant idea, a lengthy but fulfilling execution. Excelsior!

  • Mario Pimental
    2019-03-30 19:34

    Great collection and mammoth of a book. Highly entertaining, but could have benefitted from a conclusive ending.

  • Relstuart
    2019-04-13 19:46

    I've avoided this until they released the Omnibus edition. All the stories tie together. A portion is written by the same guy that wrote the Walking Dead books. It was ok.

  • El Neo
    2019-04-17 13:41

    I just HAD to have this on my shelf! Zombies and Super-Heroes. Two great tastes that tastes great together! Such a fun concept and series! ;.;