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A novelization of the Bela Lugosi film "The Devil Bat' (PRC, 1940)....

Title : Devil Bat Diary: The Journal of Johnny Layton
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ISBN : 9781461070924
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 232 Pages
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Devil Bat Diary: The Journal of Johnny Layton Reviews

  • C.V. Hunt
    2019-03-18 10:30

    Johnny Layton tried his hand at being a cop, then he fell back to being a PI, but in the end realized his calling was a reporter. His love of interviewing people led him to this position. The newspaper that he works for has a large advertising account with a leading cosmetics company. When one of the owner’s sons life ends in tragedy, Johnny, and the newspaper’s best photography, ‘one shot’ McGuire, are sent to cover the story.Johnny and ‘one shot’ are anything but friends. I found the jabs at each other comical in an otherwise somber situation. Both men slowly realize that if they want to make it home alive, and still employed, they are going to have to stick together. FROM THE BOOK:So there we were: two guys who couldn’t stand the sight of each other working together for their mutual survival. With Johnny’s detective background, he realizes that the death of the fortunes heir was more than just a random attack. The body count starts racking up, and everyone has their speculations to the true causes, besides the ever evident presence of a monstrous bat. The premise of this story was taken from the 1940’s movie “Devil Bat”. I found myself reliving the movie “Clue” instead with the variety of characters. The French maid with a thick accent, the older doctor with the piercing stare, and the wise talking photographer, are to name a few. All of them holed up in an extravagant mansion investigating the mysterious murders.The title of this book is the Devil Bat Diary: The Journal of Johnny Layton, and even though the book does not read like a diary or journal, it is equally entertaining. Peter H. Brothers does a fine job of retelling the movie, and I would recommend this is lovers of horror classics.

  • Nick Cato
    2019-03-09 06:24

    This mock journal tells the "true" story of what happened in a small American town during the summer of 1939. The 1940 Bela Lugosi film THE DEVIL BAT was a watered-down version of these events, giving this book a "found footage" type of feel.Chicago newspaper reporter Johnny Layton is sent to the small town of Heathville to get the scoop on the death of Ray Heath, an heir to a multi-million dollar cosmetics company. Johnny is partnered with ace photographer "One Shot" McGuire, a "big-mouthed weasel" who Johnny can't stand.It turns out someone is trying to kill off the Heath and Morton families with large killer bats. The two clans are co-owners of the company, and Johnny Layton eventually discovers the bats attack those who wear a particular new brand of the companies' skin lotion.Lugosi's character from the film, Mr. Carruthers, is here portrayed in a similar fashion, but some revelations on the "real" nature of other DEVIL BAT characters are quite funny.DEVIL BAT DIARY is interesting for fans of the classic Lugosi film, but those not familiar with the source material might be put off by some of the goofy-sounding dialogue and an abundance of distracting slang (McGuire, Carruthers, and a local sheriff speak in heavy accents which the author spells out phonetically, which at times makes the prose a chore to sift through).Flawed, but fun stuff for fans of classic monster movie fiction.