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When Sean Bradley gets an invitation to Dante’s, the most exclusive gay club in town, he doesn’t realise it will change his life for ever. This is no ordinary club, and its world of decadent delights is designed to pair wealthy dominant men with cute young submissives. The club’s owner, Dante Capello, is immediately taken with Sean, and sets about leading him into a worldWhen Sean Bradley gets an invitation to Dante’s, the most exclusive gay club in town, he doesn’t realise it will change his life for ever. This is no ordinary club, and its world of decadent delights is designed to pair wealthy dominant men with cute young submissives. The club’s owner, Dante Capello, is immediately taken with Sean, and sets about leading him into a world of BDSM pleasures, where he will learn how to receive the strictest of punishments and obey without question. But though Dante is a demanding master, he has a reputation for keeping his emotional distance from the boys who submit to him and discarding them after a weekend in his servitude. How far is Sean prepared to go to truly become his?...

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His Reviews

  • Betryal
    2019-02-27 15:25

    Get's a 3 star only because it's well written despite a few disturbing factors I've taken into consideration as you'll read.I just finished this book After having just finished this short read of about 45 pages I want to shoot myself in the foot for even finishing it. The story in itself is supposed to revolve around BDSM D/s, but as you'll learn to any of you who read this book it extreme and slips into slavery rather than D/s. Talk extreme.The Dom Dante who's the owner of the club is in my opinion a real dickhead and a prick. He wants his boy(s) to be like his own personal dog. Eating off the floor out of a bowl, lick their cum off of the floor; licking boots clean, sleep on the floor at the foot of his bed and have serve any other Dom that Dante so chooses and the sub in the story just takes in all in and serves Dante's every request and whim. Sorry, but needed to get that out to whom ever is interested to be in the know. I don't think I'd be reading another book from this author if this is the type of stories she writes. I want to read about love and affection between a Dom and his sub and not of a dominating man who owns a man as his own personal servant dog.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-14 15:33

    This wasn't poorly written, some of the subject matter may have just been a little extreme for me. I know that people do have 24/7 D/s relationships, but with respect to this I couldn't stop my inner monologue the whole time; "So is he really gonna sleep on the floor forever? Does he have to quit his job? Can he ever eat a full meal?". The excessive slave-iness just pushed it for me since this was in a realistic modern day setting as opposed to a more fantastical slave story, where I can suspend reality and just enjoy the ride. And for $3.99 I would want a longer story where I can actually follow the characters into a budding relationship. (view spoiler)[ And I was rolling my eyes and almost couldn't read it when Sean was telling Dante he was falling in love with him... The day after they met! It seemed to me that he loved the slave lifestyle and Dante just happened to be the one to give it to him. (hide spoiler)]. I just didn't feel an emotional connection.

  • D.H. Starr
    2019-03-03 20:29

    I remember when I was in my early twenties and exploring various aspects of being gay, finding my place in the scene, I had a group of friends that was about as eclectic as they come. One of our group wore rubber shirts and leather pants to clubs. The fact he had a hairy chest and sweat into a rubber was deeply troubling to me, but I digress. This friend introduced me to the book Mr. Benson by John Preston and it was my first real glimpse into the world of BDSM (dom/sub). I tore through that book in a day, fascinated by the culture that had been utterly foreign and unknown to me.Since then, I have read many books with BDSM aspects, but overall, these books have portrayed sexual situations in which one partner was submissive and the other dominant in action and behavior, but the true emotions and culture never quite shone through in the same way as my first exposure. I can now say that my wait is over.His by Elizabeth Coldwell was a brilliantly erotic and evocative story of dom and sub. The book opens and we meet Sean whose straight roommate wants him to get out on the scene and meet someone. He gets Sean an invitation to a BDSM club, Dante’s, and Sean’s life is irrevocable changed. At the club, Sean meets Dante and a life-altering series of events takes place. Since this is a novella, I’m going to leave my summary at that and get right into the review. First, the heat and the authenticity of the dom/sub relationship was wonderfully drawn out. Ms. Coldwell got deep inside Sean’s head, allowing the reader to experience the needs and fulfillment that comes from truly becoming submissive to another person. Along with the emotions, the heat index is off-the-charts hot. With unapologetic detail, the sex and pleasure/pain is described vividly, the sensations, colors, and smells coming off the page.What I liked best about this story is how both characters were so very real. The book itself was long enough to fully develop both characters and the plot and we really got to know the players and to want them to find the ending they so deserve. Keeping the culture of the dom/sub relationship and world in the forefront, this book delivers a true love story, one that may not be conventional by most standards, but one which is real, heartfelt, and true nonetheless.When a story can both tug at my heartstrings and get my juices flowing, I am satisfied. When a book also gets me to really think, ponder the possibilities, and appreciate something I wouldn’t try myself, the book has transcended from an enjoyable read, to a read I will carry with me.

  • Dark Haven
    2019-02-25 19:35

    Sean Bradley is a gay man who’s old fashion. He hates the meat market atmosphere of the gay club scene where he feels sized up and judge. He wants to get to know someone before intimacy. Sean’s friend thinks he just needs to step out of his comfort zone and try something different. An invitation to an exclusive private members clubs is just what his friend thinks he needs. The gauntlet thrown, Sean accepts the invitation and enters a world of wealth and decadence. The BDSM atmosphere is exciting and heady striking a chord within Sean that he easily succumbs to. Sean is immediately bowled over by the attention of the club’s owner Dante Capello who introduces him to a world of emotion, dominance and sexuality he’s never experienced. Sean wants more of these experiences and with Dante; but that’s not part of the deal. Dante lives his life without commitment to anyone. A weekend together is all Sean is promised. At the end of 3 days, Sean must walk away; but can he? His is not a story of love at first sight though it could have easily slipped into that familiar plot line. It’s more a story of a young man’s recognition and acceptance of his submissive nature and going for it in the arms of a Dom who touches him in more ways than one. There’s an exquisite dance between a Dom and a submissive that satisfies both parties and the author does a good job of choreographing that dance. I liked how Ms. Coldwell let the reader to know what Sean was thinking step by step. Initially overwhelmed by the seduction and on a emotional and sexual high, he soon begins to question and analyze his treatment by Dante and his response which leads him to a decision and subsequent action. I think Ms. Coldwell gave an accurate portrayal of the Dom and sub dynamic and less I forget the sex in this novel was sizzling and frequent. I wish His was a little longer because I really enjoyed both characters. This is my first story from Ms. Coldwell. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  • Sharon
    2019-03-10 16:22

    3 1/2 STARSOkay, when I was offered a chance to review this, I jumped! You should know by now I *love* m/m especially when there is a dominant/submissive relationship, and after reading the blurb I was excited.I have mixed feelings about this story. I will start with what I liked. The story is set in London and based on the prose I would think Coldwell is from the U.K. It added a surprising and fun element to the story once I wrapped my brain around the slang. I really liked the main characters. Dante is the owner of a very exclusive, what I would call hard core, BDSM club. The author is definitely knowledgeable about the Mater/Slave relationship. Sean is inexperienced and naïve when it comes to the BDSM scene, and had no idea what he was getting into when he accepted an invitation to the club. He is a natural submissive, but didn’t realize this until Dante decided to make him his slave for the weekend. The myriad of emotions Sean went through while being Dante’s slave were the rest of the review:

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    2019-02-27 14:17

    The deep, dark, and mysterious Dante is the exact opposite of young Sean, and it works on so many levels. Sean is so new to the BDSM scene; it is surprising how well he takes to Dante’s command. Sean may be a natural, but he also knows his own mind, and I really like that he tells Dante exactly how he feels, even if it means getting hurt. I was not ready for this to end, as it seems they are really just getting started, and I will certainly be looking for more from Ms. Coldwell.LototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

  • Carole-Ann
    2019-02-26 21:29

    This is a short story about Sean who knows what he wants, and Dante, a dark, mysterious Dom, who takes Sean home for a weekend of pleasure.I like that Sean is empowered enough to explain what he wants to experience; but I'm not sure about Dante who seems jaded and bored with life. Not a real 'love' story but a HFN which could perhaps have gone deeper into characterisations.

  • Clover
    2019-03-17 21:12

    good bdsl book. but too short for me. I was hoping to learn more about the training of Sean !

  • Don
    2019-02-19 18:24

    By the numbers.

  • Yvette
    2019-03-19 18:37

    3.5 stars nice little short story to wet your BDSM pleasure.

  • Elizabeth Coldwell
    2019-03-06 17:11